Raven turned over in her bed and sighed quietly. Why can't I sleep? I bet Beast Boy's…..I mean….everyone else is asleep…thought Raven as se turned over for what seemed like the umpteenth time. This is pathetic…maybe I need some tea or something. With that thought, Raven raised the thin blanket from herself and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She stood and walked to her closet and pulled out one of her cloaks and wrapped it around her shoulders.

Beast Boy turned off his CD player and removed the headphones from his head. Maybe I'll go play a quick game before falling asleep…thought Beast boy as he exited his hideously messy room. As he opened the doors to the main room of Titan's Tower he caught in a quick breath at the sight before him.

Raven was sitting at the table with a small cup of tea to her side. She had fallen asleep on the table. Her arm was folded under her head and her mouth was slightly open.

She's so pretty….WAIT where did that come from? I DO need a video game…thought Beast boy as his emerald eyes opened wide looking at Raven.

He smiled slightly and shook his head then went over to where Raven was resting and lifted her cup from the table and quietly rinsed it out at the sink then gently lifted Raven from her chair. He carried her bride style to her room, where he gently placed her in her bed. Her As Beast Boy placed her head on her pillow, she smiled in his general direction and woke up suddenly.

"Wha-what are you doing in my room Beast Boy!" said a very shocked Raven, her cheeks turning bright red.

"Darn, this far and I was doing so good…You fell asleep downstairs and I just carried you back here and then you woke up" said Beast Boy with a wide grin.

Raven blew out a breath and looked Beast Boy in the eye. That was sweet of him to do for me. Why am I so mean to him all the time? Why am I thinking about this? Raven shook her head free of the thoughts and gave a confused Beast Boy a small smile and reached out towards him and pulled him into a hug. Raven felt his arms go around her hugging her back, his quiet breathing by her ear. She felt herself relax in his arms as she closed her eyes, feeling his body begin to relax against her own.

Beast Boy closed his eyes and felt himself relax into Raven's hug. He smiled and sighed when suddenly Raven broke free and said "Oh er um…thank you…for…" He smiled and felt his heart lighten up a little bit as he answered with "It was no big deal. You were.." as he stopped himself suddenly from saying that she was gorgeous sleeping there.

"You should go to bed….you sleep in late enough ya know?" said Raven with a small sleepy smirk on her face.

Beast Boy rolled his eyes and left her room and entered his own with a smile of his own across his face.

The next morning, Starfire knocked on Raven's room, wanting to talk.

"Friend Raven, I must do the talking of girl with you!" Starfire said while still knocking on Raven's door.

A few moments later, the door opened to reveal a groggy and disheveled Raven. "What is it Star?"

Starfire squealed in glee and shoved Raven back into her room, floating in behind her.

"WHAT! I was asleep you know.." Raven said as grumpily as she could muster.

"I am truly sorry friend. I need advice…with why Robin will not do the hint taking. Have I not left enough of the clues for him? Does he not care for me affectionately?"

"First, you two are too into each other to notice how the other feels and trust me….you might want to amp down on the clues you leave…and again, he really likes you ok? Now can I go back to sleep?"

"Oh thank you friend Raven!" yelled Starfire enthusiastically as she threw her arms around Raven in a very tight hug. As the alien began floating to Raven's door, she thought of something else.

"Oh, and Star?" Raven said from the spot on her bed.


"You're welcome"

Starfire smiled a bright smile and left Ravens room, shutting the door quietly and floated humming down the hall.