Chapter One: Not what I imagined

Author's Note: Hello againeveryone! Ok so I've read some fantastic fics about what would happen if Jackie had Hyde's baby and returned years later to unleash the surprise, all of those being great by the way, and I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Jackie stayed right in Point Place for a pregnancy, akwardness be damned? I think there are signs of an inner strength in Jackie that rarely gets acknowledged, so even though this piece may be a little unlikely (I'm totally playing with the amount of time that's passed sinceshe left for Chicago)in plot, my hope is that the characters stay true. If you hate it, tell me and I'll post one of the gazillion other fics I have floating in my head. I hope you enjoy this first chapter though, it's fun to try and write first person Jackie. Review and you'll have my heart for eternity!

Disclaimer: Not mine.

I've been imagining my perfect future for as long as I can remember. And it was pretty much all the same. Granted some specifics changed. My dream husband went from the real life version of my Ken doll to Donny Osmond to Michael to Steven. The exact names of our children evolved with my tastes. But essentially it was the same timeline in all my fantasies. Fall in love, Get engaged, Fancy Wedding, Exotic Honeymoon, first adorable child, Second Honeymoon in Paris,another adorable child, summer homeon the beach, ski lodge in the mountains, membership to a country club, you get the idea.

Never in any of mydaydreams did the kid come firstor bya man married to another woman.

Butthat's the reality I'm getting. Isn't life a bitch?

"Jackie?" I hear Fez's voice,full of genuine concern,from on the other sideof the bathroom door. "Jackie, are you? I mean, well, did it...are you okay?"

I smile at how sweet he is when he isn't trying to oggle or grope."Yes, I'm okay. And it did. SoI am." There was a pause while he processed it.



"Hmmm." I can hear his worry still, but I also detectsome jealousy. Probably thinking Hyde's a lucky bastard having a stripper for a wife and beautiful me pregnant withhis child.However I don't think Steven will view this predicament as lucky. "Do you want me to call Donna?"

"That would be great, Fez. Thanks." I can hear him cross the small living room to our kitchen. While I continue to wait I look at the test, its blue strip worth a thousand multi-emotional words. Fez knocks softly at the door.

"Jackie, she is on her way. Are you hungry? I can make soup?"

I open the door, see my roommate and friend, and give him the most authentic smile I can summon. "I'll make it, you want grilled cheese too."

He nods enthusiastically. He always has liked cheese almost as much as chocolate.

I place the wand back on the counter. I'm not ready to throw it away just yet.

I make my way to the kitchen, wash my hands, and then proceed to grab items I'll need. Soup and Sandwiches. One of the two meals I can make. I should probably try those cooking lessons with Kitty again before the baby comes. I look down at my stomach, still flat and smooth, and take a deep, meaninful breath.

"Jackie, you have to tell him!" Donna's expression indicated she would tolerate no argument. That didn't mean she wouldn't get one.

"Donna, no. He's married. To someone else. I can't just be like, "Hey ex-boyfriend, before you broke my heart you knocked me up. Kinda funny, huh?""

"It's still his baby, too. You have to tell him."

"What if he doesn't believe me? What if he thinks it is some pathetic attempt to get him back? He apparently thinks very little of my ability to be honest."

"Jackie, once you start to show he'll have no choice to believe you. Everyone knows you would never pretend to be fatter than you are."

"Donna, I-," I stopped as I saw she was giving me her sternest stare. "Fine, you lumberjack, I'll tell him. But you owe me some free babysitting."

I've never been more nervous in my life. Each step closer to that basement is downright painful. Things between me and Steven have been tense at best. More like miserable when being truthful. And this was going to be the total opposite of pleasant.

I know Sam isn't here, thankgoodness. Mrs. Forman, in her efforts to teach me spaghetti, hadlet that piece of information relieve my troubled mind. So even though the basement is strangelyquietI have hope that he is home. I'm not sure how long it would take to get the courage to come down here again if he isn't.

I knock.

"What?" His voice is gruff, but not hostile. He probably thinks I'm Fez wanting to hang out.

"Steven, it's me. Can we talk for a second?" Is my voice really shaking that bad?


He finally answers the door, and nods for me to enter.

His room still looks the same, save for a little more clutter. Sam hadn't brought much, but there was a pink fuzzy alarm clock that just screamed stripper-tacky and there was a vinyl bright orange case in the corner.

I sit on the bed, at this point I'm just stalling. And I knowhe knows something serious is up because he's taken off his glasses. His look is almost gentle. Hugh. Here it goes...

"Steven, I'm pregnant." My tone is deliberate. I watch shock cross his face, confusion cloud his eyes, and finally he settles on that damn zen expression.

"Kelso's?" His eyes are cold and his face is blank. How fast his concern had vanished. Well I could play this game too. I set my stony exterior, rolling my eyes before I answer.


Briefly there is a flash in his eyes, and I relish even a second of hiswavering. It's satisfying to get some emotionout of him.

"Are you sure?"

"Well seeing as I haven't had sex with anyone else intwo years, yeah, I'm pretty damn positive."

He starts to protest.

"I never slept with Michael, I told you that. Maybe if this kid comes out with a'fro you will finally believe me."

He just stares atme.

"Look, I'm not asking for anything. Ieven considered leaving town, but I think I might need Donna and Fez and Mrs. Forman right now. And I thought aboutnot telling you but its bound to be pretty obvious in a month or so. Plus our friends tend to have big mouths.You're married, I get that, so really I expect nothing from you. But at least, now you know."

I search for any amount of dignity I can as I walk to the door, holding my head as high as possible.

"Jacks." I pause.No I will not cry. "What will you do, I mean, Where will you-"

"There's enoughroom in the apartment forthe baby, for a year or two at least. And I'mgoing to get ajob. I'll have to resort to plan B, though. No one wants a teenage unwed pregnant news anchor. I'm thinking about going toschool too. Design classes, I think I'd begood at that. Put my natural good taste and attention to detail to work." Iturn back and give him a small smile. Then I leave as quickly as my legs will take me. I'm suddenly very, very tired.