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The man's face smiled down at the four year old girls face, but it was far from comforting. It was insincere and frightened her. Later Amy would understand her seemingly needless fear of the man. As her father turned to her mother she held tightly to her younger brother's hand.

They went home and her father began to play the piano and her mother sang while holding three year old Alexander. That moment was undeniably a happy one. Unfortunately that was the last time she would hear her mother's voice. There was a sudden flash of light and her world became chaos. Her father lay wounded on the floor and her mother was staring blankly at the man.

She suddenly realized it was the man from before and hid under the table. She and her father watched as the man fed Alex a potion and he cried and got little like mommy's pictures of when he first cam home. Mommy just held him in her arms and listened to the man. She couldn't understand what was said but she cried as her mommy walked away without another word.

The man walked over to her father and pointed his wand at him. There was flash and her daddy was ok again. He didn't look like her daddy anymore though. He looked mean and scary. Then he too left the house without a word and the man began looking around.

"Amy, Amy. Where are you?"

The man was looking for her and she just couldn't understand it. Then he found her.

"What are you doing under there Amy? I came here to help you." He smiled that smile at her again. "Come here and take this and it will be all better."

She reached out and took the bottle from the man and drank it quickly. Perhaps it was all a dream and this was really going to make it better. But then there was pain so much pain. She screamed and the man just laughed. She didn't understand. Why was this man doing this? Why wasn't he helping her? What happened to her parents?

It all became too much and she passed out.

A few moments later Albus Dumbledore exited the home of Severus Slytherin now Severus Snape. He carried a two year old girl in his arms. That night Amy Rowena Slytherin age four became Samantha Amma Silverleaf age 2.

The line of Slytherin was reported dead the next morning. The cause listed as a Death Eater attack. None of the bodies were ever found.

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