A/N: Ok, when I wrote this back in the day, (April) I had originally planned on taking this story a whole other way. Maddy was going to die in the first three or four chapters, and it was going to be Logan's fault, and Max was going to end up having a nervous breakdown and ending up institutionalized, and Logan was going to probably kill himself. It was supposed to be really dark and agnsty, but I fell in love with Maddy, and I am now toying with the idea of doing a sequel with her at 17 years old. If you are at all interested in reading something like that (It would be quite dark, since this one wasnt), please mention it in a review (hint hint). Anyways...the story took a mind of its own when I fell in love with Maddy's character, and by the time I got to the last chapter, I really wasnt into writing it anymore. So when I posted a message saying I didnt want to force myself into something I really didnt want to do, and end up ruining the story. I ended up whipping up this sugar coated happy ending when people started complaining about the abrupt ending, so I hope this makes all you shippers happy. End of the road, adios, leave a review if you hadnt already.

Logan awoke with a start, blinking rapidly as his eyes adjusted to the dark. Glancing over at the bedside clock, he found it to be close to four AM. Sighing at the sound that had intruded his slumber, her rolled over and nudged Max.
"Max." He whispered, nudging her again. "Max, Ben's crying."
Max kicked him in the shin none to lightly before rolling over till her back was to him. "Go…to…hell." She muttered before pulling the blanket over her head.
Logan smiled as he pulled back the blanket to whisper in Max's ear. "You owe me." He said before kissing her lightly on the neck. She muttered something unintelligible under her breath as Logan sat up in bed. Grabbing a tee shirt off the floor, he pulled it on as he glanced at the pictures on the nightstand. The old picture of just Maddy that used to be sitting there had long ago been replaced by a picture of Maddy wearing a white dress with a basket of flowers in her hand, and her face covered in white cake frosting.
Logan stood and stretched his arms overhead looking out the bedroom window over the Seattle skyline, the lights of distant buildings lighting the night sky. They had moved back to Seattle shortly after Maddy's fifth birthday, and the child had adjusted quite well to the new city, enjoying the small private school she was now enrolled it.
Logan moved quietly to the door, his wedding ring clicking softly against the doorknob as he walked into the hallway to go comfort his youngest son. He walked across the short hallway to Ben's room.
Logan smiled as he thought of the interesting twist and turns his life had taken since the day he had met Max, over ten years ago. Before he was lonely, sitting in this very penthouse, hating his life even as he tried to convince himself he was happy being the rich, single Savior that was Eyes-Only. Now that he was happily married, with two children, he fully realized how much he had been missing.
When he reached the door to his son's room, he stopped short as he absorbed the scene in front of him. A nine-year-old Maddy was whispering to the wailing Ben as she lifted him expertly out of his crib.
"Shhhh…" Maddy whispered as she carried Ben over the rocking chair that was sitting next to the window. "Mommy and Daddy are asleep." Maddy said as she began to rock Ben, mimicking how Max rocked Ben to sleep every night.
Logan smiled, leaning on the doorframe, watching as Maddy crooned to Ben until his wails had lessened into small whimpers.
When arms snaked around his waist, he jumped, startled for a moment, and then relaxed as Max laid her head on his shoulder.
They stood together, watching their children together, wondering if it was possible for their lives to get and better than the masterpiece it had turned out to be.