As I lie here bleeding amid shards of broken glass

I lament the future and all that's come to pass

I miss you as the cool night air hits me in the face

The wind around me swaying never moving from my place

I am a lonely sentry standing duty at your grave

Yet I am but a coward, you alone were brave

And as the seasons keep on turning, around my makeshift world

The anger rises within me now from where it once was curled

Why did you leave me alone, when your spirit touched the stars?

You are no longer earthen bound, stuck behind the bars

You are perhaps an angel far above my head

Is it so much better there?

Do you still miss me or are you laughter filled

You may find a better love up there

One who's more deserving of your heart and your soul

One that can afford to care

Yes maybe I am bitter, till you look beyond the mask

But can you really blame me just looking at my past

Maybe I'd be different if she was still alive

Maybe we'd have one or two or three or four or five

But maybe I'm a better man, for missing her this day

Maybe this is always right; will it always be the way?

You don't value what you have until it has long gone

But I know I'm not the only one.