MMPR: In A Different Light



Have any of you wondered if the telling of the Power Rangers had been totally, well not totally, different? Face it; we all have at some point in time. I've taken some of my favorite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger episodes and added twists in each of them. The episodes are as followed: Day of the Dumpster, A Bad Reflection of You, Green With Evil, one through five, Blue Ranger Gone Bad, High Five, Crystal of Nightmares, Happy Birthday, Zack, Power Ranger Punks, Calamity Kimberly, Two For One, The Green Candle, one and two, When is A Ranger Not A Ranger, Storybook Rangers, one and two, Wild West Rangers, one and two, The Potion Notion, Changing of the Zords, one, two, and three, A Different Shade of Pink, one, two, and three, and I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger. Take note that the way the episodes are listed, are the way it's in the story. Sorry if it doesn't concur with you. This means that it mainly includes the original Rangers of Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Zack, and Tommy. But then again, I said twists, meaning that anything can happen with Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and Katherine. More for teens than kids, well, more towards the end. I just added Emily into the mix too.

For the setting of the first chapter in this narrative, it takes place at the Youth Center, which you know is the place where all the teens hung out. On this day, five lives would forever be changed. Jason Lee Scott, William, or Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Ann Hart, and Zachary, or Zack, Taylor, had been really good friends since middle school. Jason, brown hair and eyes, was a karate teacher at the Youth Center. Zack, black hair and brown eyes, was into hip-hop. Kimberly, brown hair and brown eyes, trained as a gymnast at the Youth Center. Trini, black hair and brown eyes, was into meditation. And Billy, dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes, even though the blue in his eyes couldn't be recognized when he wore his glasses, was into science. He was always coming up with inventions and crazy words that only Trini could understand. When the evil space sorceress, Rita Repulsa, escapes from her dumpster, she decides to attack Earth. Zordon teleports the five teens to his Command Center to become Earth's first Power Rangers.

Also, there will be some chapters that aren't even episodes from the show. They're more like episodes I would've like for them to have. I hope you like them. I believe there are four of them like that. For fun, I'm throwing in some what if chapters at the end telling you how they ended up.