"Wasted." Shadow slid the pistol back into its holster and left Westopolis and all its dead

GUN soldiers and inhabitants behind. A twinge of guilt hit him and he turned back. He

surveyed the chaos and the crimson flames burning the damn city. He heard a baby cry.

He walked over, but Doom's Eye blocked him. "Never turn back, Shadow…" Shadow

felt a tear slide down his cheek. The black hedgehog left the city and went to the

outskirts, where he had ordered Doom's Eye not to attack.

He left his weapons in the shed outside. Shadow opened the door of his house and heard a

fire crackling. He slid into the armchair. What have I done… he thought. He had

murdered countless, innocent men, fighting to stop him and his injustice.

Shadow felt another hedgehog slide into the chair next to him. She's not dead yet? He

turned around, only for his lips to meet Amy's. "I missed you." Shadow could see the

crystal tears illuminated by the fire.

And I, you. The two intertwined, kissing, and enjoying the embrace. Amy fingered his

white tuft of hair. "I love you…" Amy whispered into his ear. "You had been gone for a

fortnight, and had not returned. I was…scared." Her tender lips met Shadow's. She

pulled off his blood and dirt-stained shirt.

"I'm sorry for not returning, but Doo- my client had business elsewhere." He placed his

hand on Amy's arm. She sat down next to him and placed her hand on his chest.

"I was just scared. I'm glad your back. How many Black Arms did you kill this time?"

Shadow smiled. It was a game they played.

"Don't you mean GUN soldiers?"

"No. I mean Black Arms." Amy was puzzled.

"Ah yes. Um, forty five." He felt her lips brush his cheek. "You saved them all, didn't

you?" It was a rhetorical question: the answer was always yes.

"Must be going to bed now. I- "he faked a yawn. "-have business tomorrow as well.

Good night." He got up, pecked her on the cheek, and went upstairs.

How much longer can I keep this up? I think she's getting suspicious. Duty or Love? I am

so mixed up. On ARK, I was sure of myself, but that was the ARK. She is my world. Her

heartbeat is my music. Her eyes are mine, guiding me through what I don't understand.

So why am I so lost. Why-

Doom's Eye smashed into the room. "I have a propostion for you. You come with me, to

ARK, where the remain humans are. Their Artificial Chaos will be no match. Easily

Taken out. Come along." A Black Volt appeared for him. "Come on!" Black Doom

Roared. "I'll be waiting for you." He vanished in a flash of green light.

Shadow rushed downstairs. He grabbed Amy and met her eye to eye. "You must stay

Here, understand? Black Doom has agreed to not attack this area. I am going to ARK

With my client to eliminate these damn aliens."

Amy trembled. "O-okay." Shadow picked her up and wrapped his arms around her: one

Final embrace before the Ultimate Life Form's power began its inevitable descent,

Carrying the apocalypse with it…