The Black Volt left the ground, and Shadow took one last look behind him; concentrating on his house. This might be his last time staying here, and he thought What am I doing? He pulled on the horns of the Black Volt, which caused it to turn around.

The Ultimate Life Form ran into his house and grasped Amy, for one last kiss… Amy felt all the love that he could muster within him rise into his mouth. His tongue felt the edge of her pearly whites. He took her to their bedroom. "Amy…I know this might be our last night together. I have decided to stay with you tonight. I need to-" Before he finished, he felt his shirt rise up and Amy's hand on his chest. She held him, and the two slid into bed, hugging and kissing. Shadow closed his eyes and let the love wash over him, as well as the rosy smell he would never forget. The two stopped only to catch their breath. Shadow got up. "Good-bye Amy…" He pulled his shirt back on and left the house, with Doom's words ringing through his head, Never turn back Shadow… He had fully committed himself to Black Doom, and the only ones left alive would be Doom, Amy, and him…

"OW!" A GUN soldier keeled over and screamed as Shadow poured shot after shot from his handy-dandy pistol. He swung around and smacked a soldier on the head. "Well done, Shadow…" Shadow felt his power rising through him, and unleashed a crimson flame of energy. "Chaos Blast!" Instant death. Shadow got back up, feeling his evil aura going up to insane heights. "Feel the power…Sonic is scared of it, and he tries to contain it, as well as the professor. I do not fear it: I embrace it. To become the real Ultimate Life Form, you must learn to embrace all sides of the world, not just the narrow minded one Gerald gave to you."

Another Chaos Blast followed the first one, and he used Chaos Control to zip away and aid the aliens in sector 51.

Amy booked a flight up to ARK. She could feel something wrong up there, and it concerned her husband. As she was on the shuttle, she felt her baby kicking: the one that she had kept a secret for so long, she thought that Shadow might leave her if she didn't tell him.

Shadow walked into the ARK's control room. "There it is, Shadow. Take it, and use it to taint this cursed world with evil!" Shadow took the Nebula Blade from its niche in the Room, and felt ready and evil enough for a Chaos Blast. He smirked. "Just what I needed to finish these damn humans off!"

Amy finally, finally finished her flight, and ran up, easily dodging the shots from the aliens, as she had learned from watching Sonic so much.

As Shadow rushed up to the Eclipse Cannon, Black Doom laughed. "That hedgehog really needs to go back to kindergarten: does he think I, the Immortal Life Form, would give up the CHAOS EMERALDS? But, he does have a insanely big evil aura within himself: maybe after he finishes his duty, he can be of further use…" Doom watched the Chaos outside, and left.

Shadow met Sonic outside on the Eclipse Cannon. "You're going straight to hell, blue hedgehog!" Shadow drew his sword. Luckily, Professor Gerald had planted the skills of the greatest swordfighters in the world into him. Sonic drew his: the Hero Scythe. Shadow grimaced and charged.