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Summary: Jinx flipped the blanket over head and looked up quickly… only to bump noses with the Kid Flash…

Jinx twirled the rose idly between her long fingers, stroking the green stem softly. She was lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling quietly. She looked at the rose, pressing it to her lips softly, nibbling on the stained petals. She closed her pink eyes, thinking to herself.

It was many days after the encounter with Rouge and the boy, Flash. And yet, she still hung onto the single rose he had left behind for her. Why, she did not know. The petals were beginning to droop lifelessly, even though she kept the flower in a glass vase of fresh water each day. But she handled it so much that the poor thing was beginning to wilt.

Jinx sighed and sat up, placing the flower on her bedside table. She stared at the red colors and touched it carefully, gently. She pulled her hand back with a low sigh though, and stood, ready to roam the streets once more, plundering as she pleased and hurting without a care.


Jinx walked, a small smile etched on her face. She did not care to walk the streets, but rather preferred the rooftops, where she would not be bothered. She scratched her arm and leaned down on a balcony, right outside a bedroom window.

This was the good part of town, the place where little kids were snob and parents bought them whatever they wanted in a heartbeat. The balcony she was on was lovely, and, as she gazed behind her through the glass doors, it seemed to be right outside a little girl's room. Jinx merely shrugged the thought away and placed both elbows on the railing, enjoying the view.

She had been there a while when a rustle of curtains and scramble of a doorknob caught her ears. She whipped around, just in time to see a little girl step out on the cold floor of the balcony. Jinx observed the girl quickly.

She seemed to be very young, as she was hugging a stuffed rabbit to her side. Her hair was pulled back in a very loose ponytail, and the ends of the light brown hair curled wistfully. She was in a nightgown, the little dress billowing around her ankles in the light breeze. The little girl stared up at Jinx with pale blue eyes.

Jinx stared right back, a confident look covering her face. The pair remained silent. Jinx turned back to the view of housetops and trees swaying gently, and the girl spoke.

"You have pink hair."

Jinx eyes widened in surprise. Many children would raise their voices to the sky, scream for daddy and the shotgun, and Jinx would have to climb up the rooftops once more, looking for a new spot to gaze quietly at the paved streets and fresh leaves. Jinx soon regained her composure though, and nodded. "Yep."

The little girl padded over to stand by Jinx, and Jinx looked down on her little curls. The girl gazed back up at her. "Your eyes are pink, too."

"Yep." Jinx placed a hand on her cheek, propping up her slim elbows. The girl dropped her gaze from Jinx and looked off the balcony, her eyes barely skirting the top of the railing. The two stood there for many a moment, and then the little girl interrupted the silence once more.

"It's my bedtime." Jinx nodded and stood up, stretching her arms. It was getting late; the sun was setting quickly under the horizon. She prepared to leap over the balcony railing and out of sight, but the little girl stopped her. "Wait." The little girl pulled her limp rabbit higher, squeezing it under her armpit. "Will you tuck me in?"

Jinx eyes widened once more, the cat slits expanding. No harm in it. Jinx nodded her head and crept away from the balcony's edge. The little girl placed her hand on the doorknob of the glass doors and twisted, opening the entrance wide. She pranced in, beckoned Jinx to follow, and pulled herself onto the tall, blue bed. Jinx paused in the doorway.

There were stuffed animals everywhere. Drawings of scribbles and weirdly drawn people were scattered over the floor and hung, pinned, to a large bulletin board. Jinx walked over to the girl, who had hastily pulled herself under the covers. The girl giggled, pulling the pale yellow rabbit tighter to her side. Jinx sat on the edge of the bed, picked up the covers in both hands and tucked them around the little girl's neck.

The child yawned and looked at Jinx sleepily. Jinx patted the girls head, and, with a final tug of the soft covers, was poised by the balcony doors once more. The little girl turned over in bed as Jinx stepped out onto the balcony. She yawned again as Jinx was about to close the doors, and said quietly, "My name is Katherine. But you can call me Kat."

Jinx looked back at the girl, able to hear her final words before she drifted off to dreamland. "I'm Jinx." Jinx shut the door quietly, hearing the click of the lock, and jumped from the balcony, spinning gracefully in the air.


Jinx entered the door to the place where she and her evil buddies hung out. High-tech gear was scattered all over the floor, and Jinx stepped over it quickly, picking out the clear spots in the mangled battlefield of metal and wires. She made her way to a swivel chair, one that spun and moved on wheels. She sat down on it, looking up at the many screens that monitored her home.

The first screen was empty; it showed a hallway to the control room. The corridor was empty and forlorn. Jinx skipped the next screen; Gizmo could be seen clearly working on some stupid device. She moved over to the next, which showed the giant, Mammoth, making a sandwich of gigantic proportions. Jinx rolled her eyes, skipping over the next screen. See-more was out, scanning the city, and the Kid Wicked was also of unknown whereabouts. Billy Numerous was playing tennis with himself.

Jinx continued scanning the many screens until her eyes came to a rest upon her own doorway. Suddenly, a blur of red and yellow caught her eye. It flashed past her room a couple of times, and then paused, and the owner of the blur made himself known.

Jinx leaned forward in her seat quickly, a frown etching itself over the pretty features of her face. She jumped up, both hands on the control board. She growled as the Kid Flash leaned down, dropped something, and then zoomed away again. She ran to the stair doorway and pounded down the steps, quickly making her way to her room.

As she came to a stop by the sliding metal doors, she looked left, right, and left again. No sign of him was anywhere near. She looked down at her boots. She gasped, her mouth opening slightly in surprise.

A single, pale rose lay on the floor outside her doorway. As Jinx knelt to pick the little flower up, a note fluttered from the petals to the floor. She picked that up gently, and examined the card.

It was messily put together. Just a slip of white paper folded in two. It had her name on the front scrawled in hasty letters. She flipped open the card and read the contents quickly.

Jinx- Thought your first rose was getting old. Dropped you a new one.

There was a lightning bolt scribbled as a signature mark. Jinx opened her room door and stepped inside. She skimmed the note again, rolled her eyes and tossed it into the trash. Jinx twirled the rose between her long, gray fingers, and jumped onto her bed.

Crossing her legs over one another, she looked at the flower. It was a paler pink then the last, and looked as if it had been freshly trimmed from a bush. Jinx grinned slightly to herself and, pulling the old, wilted rose from the vase, dropped the new one inside.

Jinx sighed, propped her back up against her headboard and thought about all that had happened today. She had met someone who, for once, did not judge her upon her appearance. Someone who only wanted to be friends. Jinx smiled. She could get used to that.

And then, Flash had stopped by again. How he got past the security in the first place, Jinx would never know. They had turned it up a notch since Flash had wreaked havoc upon their home a week ago.

Jinx sat up on her bed. She pulled her feet up to her and unzipped the long boots, flinging them off. Her dark striped stockings clung to her legs tightly. She curled her toes, smiling a bit. Jinx stepped off the bed and peeled off her skirt, then her black and purple tights. She unbuttoned her top and folded everything neatly. She moved to her dresser, shivering, and pulled out her pajamas. It was a simple t-shirt and shorts. That was something she was most comfortable in.

After slipping into them, she pulled off the black bands that held her pink hair into its horn-like position. The thick mass of hair fell about her shoulders. She picked up a brush, and, sitting at her mirror, brushed through it. As she finished, she jumped back onto the bed, slipping under the covers quietly.

She shivered in the darkness as she flipped off the light, and pulled the thin blanket material around her neck tighter. She laid her head upon her pillow and closed her eyes, unaware of the surprises soon to come.

Not to mention the danger, too.

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