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Chapter Seventeen: Lets Say Hello

Jinx was seated in the living room. She found herself examining the Titans Tower. A huge television greeted her, along with a game system. A window larger than Kid Flash's was set into the wall, and the view was phenomenal. The ocean wavered right under their doorstep. The sun beamed out at the Tower in the distance, its red disc burning brightly. A kitchen was attached to the living room. A long hallway with numerous doorways must have led to the bedrooms.

Kid Flash and Robin were talking fervently in that hallway. Jinx could hear the undertone of their muttering.

Starfire was pacing in the kitchen, a bowl set in her arm. She was stirring the contents, which were a bluish-purple color, with a long wooden spoon. A look of confusion was engraved in her bright eyes, and her lips made a stiff pink line.

The young, green adolescent named Beast Boy sat in a chair in the corner, staring at Jinx with what looked like curiosity. He blinked at her, opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Jinx shot him a confident pink glare, her eyes flashing brightly. He gaped before turning to stare out the window.

The man made from machinery parts was tinkering down in a garage. Jinx could hear an engine revving. She remembered him from the time he had infiltrated Hive Academy. She also remembered the way he had looked at her. She didn't anticipate seeing Cyborg again, though he didn't seem to bother her as much as Robin, or the others.

Raven, on the other hand, she looked forward to seeing. The demon-child was in her room, meditating. At least, that is what Starfire had said after introducing herself and Beast Boy. Jinx could practically see her now, enclosed in a dark bubble, or hovering mid-air with her hands on her knees.

A loud shout made Jinx turn her head. Starfire flinched. "They don't change, Flash!"

"She did!"

Just at that moment, Raven came regally into the room.

Impeccable timing.

Her hood was up, and her violet eyes shone in the dark confines of the cloth. She turned to say something to Starfire, but caught sight of Jinx before she made a sound. She stared, and then said coolly, "What are you doing here?"

Jinx stood to answer her. "I've changed my ways. I'm an angel now." She smiled sweetly, her eyes glowing pink and then dimming once more.

Raven rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Angel? More like sorceress."

Jinx placed her hands on her hips. "Goth."



"Whoa, ladies!" Beast Boy jumped up, placing himself between the two girls. Jinx's eyes had lit up again, burning brightly. She held two spheres of pink in her hands. Raven's eyes had turned red, splitting into four. Long fingers of black laced the ground around the hem of her cloak. "No need to get hasty."

They stared at each other for a moment more before Raven turned and stalked back into the hallway she had come from. Jinx sat back on the couch, her head tilted to listen to Kid Flash's and Robin's conversation.

There were hushed words. Jinx had to strain to hear. "I'm not going to trust her." It was Robin. "We'll put her through a training simulation. See if she's Titan material. If she is, then I'll give her a communicator. But I won't trust her."

"Well, I do. That will be enough for the both of us." Kid Flash's quiet reply.

After a long silence, Robin walked, with an air of command following, into the room. He wore the usual red, black and green uniform, his mask attached faithfully to his brow. Kid Flash entered the room after him, looking a bit irked. Robin approached Jinx, and she stood. The room seemed to freeze.

"To determine if you're fit for our team, I've set up a simulation for you to try." Robin spoke with cold words. "You're not guaranteed a spot in our organization. You're going to have to work because of your history. Of course, you understand?"

"Yes." Jinx nodded solemnly.

Robin glanced around the room, taking in the faces of his comrades, Jinx, and Flash. "Alright. Lets begin."


Jinx somersaulted, flipped and twisted. This was more of a challenge than she had ever come across. Boulders and rocks were shot out at her, and she had to maneuver around them and then destroy them before they came around for a second chance. Arrows and small tracking missiles were fired at random. Jinx was exhausted, but it didn't stop.

She performed numerous acrobatics to avoid gunfire and bombs. She had already landed on a small mine, and it had thrown her across the room. She learned to watch where she stepped after that.

There was a faint clicking, and then a sound like something was charging up behind her. Jinx turned to see a red dot beaming out at her. She looked down to see the same dot on her stomach. She cursed under her breath before flipping to the side. A line of red shot just after she moved. It sizzled against a wall before burning out. Jinx crouched, shot a hex, and rolled. The laser fried before sliding back into the cold metallic floor.

Pillars exploded out of the ground, and Jinx back flipped before jumping up and landing on the top of one. She leaned down to watch as the five pillars stretched to almost the top of the facility. Then, small circles opened in the side and heat tracking missiles shot out. All were aimed for Jinx. She rolled, falling off the high shaft before sliding and dropping gracefully to land on her feet. Before the missiles could lock onto her again, she charged her energy as best she could and placed her hands on the pillar nearest to her. It fizzed with pink energy before shutting down and sliding back into the floor.

Trying to distract and avoid the missiles as best she could proved to be quite a challenge. She had to disable each pillar and stay out of the way of the missiles, but it was possible. She repeated this operation with the four remaining before sliding to a stop. Everything became quiet once more. Nothing was jumping out at her, nothing was trying to kill her.

She looked up, to a black strip of wall that served as the observation booth. "Am I done?" Nothing else was happening, so Jinx assumed...

A loud voice echoed through the spacious arena. "Yes. Stay where you are."

A doorway opened to her right. The same she had used to enter. "Exit." The same voice instructed her. Jinx sighed, leaving the room at a hurried clip. That had to be the hardest workout she had ever encountered.

Robin had probably set her into a high standard because he expected more out of her.

...Or was it because he wanted her to fail?

Jinx waited in the hallway. She leaned over, her hands on her knees. Jinx's breath came in quick pants, her cheeks red and sweat rolling down the side of her face. Kid Flash was by her side in a rush of wind. "You did fantastic!"

Jinx rubbed the back of her neck wearily. "Thanks."

They heard Robin before they could see him. His shoes knocked against the stairways noisily. He beckoned to the both of them to follow him. Jinx and Kid Flash exchanged glances, and then went after him.

Robin stopped in the living room. Everyone was there now. They had all watched her during the simulation. Cyborg shot Jinx a huge smile.

Robin gestured to the couch. "You two can wait here while the team and I talk about this." With a brisk nod, the team rose. He led them down the hallway to talk. Beast Boy sullenly trudged after. Raven made her exit with poise and grace. Starfire glided out silently, and Cyborg followed, giving Jinx a thumbs-up before turning the corner.

Kid Flash turned to Jinx as she sat. "You did really well!"

"It was difficult, but I think I did alright." She touched a burn mark on her leg from when the mine had blown her across the room. Soot and dirt were smudged along her cheekbones and hairlines, where sweat was still drying. "I think Robin put me on a really high difficulty level."

Kid Flash nodded. "He did."

"He doesn't trust me."

Kid Flash shook his head, agreeing. "I know."

"Well, he'll learn." She smiled, and then ran a hand over her eyes. "Ugh."

They waited the rest of the time in silence. Jinx remained in her slouched position, Kid Flash paced restlessly. Jinx could see that he was nervous, unlike the confident man he had seemed to be not too long ago.

Twenty minutes later, the Teen Titans filed back into the room. "We've reached a decision." Robin said when Jinx stood. He examined her briefly, taking in her tired appearance. Jinx squared her shoulders and set her jaw, lifting her chin into a confident look. "Jinx."

"Yes?" Jinx replied to his statement with a strong demeanor.

"Welcome to the Teen Titans."


Jinx smiled as the team cracked up again. Beast Boy and Kid Flash were competing in jokes, and Flash was winning. Though BB had killer impressions when he imitated both people and animals, Kid Flash had an insane amount of wit to go with his boyish charm.

Jinx and Kid Flash had returned to their apartment to let Jinx clean up, and then they went out for pizza. Robin told Jinx he had contacted the police department and had given them the information needed to declare Jinx a hero instead of a villain. All charges against Jinx had been dismissed.

Now the sat, bunched around one of the tables. This was their tradition, Starfire explained to her. They came here often sometimes to celebrate, sometimes just because. Now was a celebration.

Raven sat opposite of Jinx, sitting by Robin. Starfire ate happily on his other side. Kid Flash sat by Raven, and Jinx by Kid Flash. Beast Boy sat between Starfire and Cyborg. Cyborg sat beside Jinx. The seven of them filled the round table completely.

Raven glared at Jinx over her slice of pizza. She chewed quietly, keeping both eyes, unblinkingly, on Jinx. Jinx kept her neon eyes bright, staring back with a confident smirk on her face.

Robin looked to be contemplating Jinx's unexpected arrival. This had to be the last thing he was expecting. How often does an enemy walk up and swear she's turned around? Not often, that was for sure. He set down his pizza crust just as Beast Boy opened his mouth to retaliate a remark from Flash.

"Jinx," he addressed her with formality. "you are a member of the Titans, but you can't stay with us. The Teen Titans is a specific group of us five" he glanced around the table. "and there is no room. Since you have been with Kid Flash for the past few months," Robin shot a slight glare to Flash, who smiled cheekily back. "you could stay with him. You can join Titans East, or you can go off on your own. Whatever you choose, you are with us now. The heroes, the good side." He gave her an accusing look. "And that's permanent."

Jinx grinned. "I know. And I'm glad you've accepted me." She fingered the new communicator attached to her belt.

There was a short silence, and then Cyborg bellowed out laughter and clapped Jinx on the shoulder. She almost made a face-plant in her pizza before grinning. "Thanks." The table exploded into friendly talk. Except for Raven and Robin. They were both silent, though Robin sported a grin.

Jinx could tell they both didn't trust her.


It was late when they got home. Jinx stumbled into the apartment and collapsed on the couch. "Long day."

Kid Flash locked the door behind him, then zipped over to sit beside Jinx. "How does it feel? To be good?"

"Nice, I guess." She leaned her head on Kid Flash's shoulder. "I didn't think it would be this easy."

He looped an arm over her shoulders. "Well, it was. Welcome to the Titans, kid. Welcome to the good side."

Jinx grinned. "Welcome. I haven't heard that in a long time."

Kid Flash chuckled. "Well, get used to it, because people will love you wherever you go, now."

Jinx looked up at him, then out the window to the city. Titans Tower gleamed in the distance. It stood proudly, a symbol of protection over the city. For the first time, Jinx looked on it not with hatred or loathing, but with respect, and with a glad feeling in her. She knew what others knew now.

"I would like that."


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