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Ch.5 The Order: Part 2

After a pleasant dinner, everyone once again settled into their seats and turned to Dumbledore. Before he could say anything however, a flash of green from the fireplace interrupted him. Emerys turned to the fireplace in time to see a girl fall out. She quickly scrambled up and dusted herself off. She was rather plain looking with mousy brown hair a round face, and slightly dull brown eyes. Emerys observed her carefully and noticed a slight resemblance between her and Neville.

She must be his sister Harry thought.

"Ah, Miss Longbottom, what brings you here?" Dumbledore questioned, thus confirming Emerys' thoughts.

"I was called here sir. You left me a note", the girl answered.

"Oh, of course. Well then first off, meet Emerys", Dumbledore said. The young girl turned towards Emerys and gave him a flirtatious smile, or at least what she thought was one.

"Hello, my name is Illiana Longbottom"

Emerys nodded to her and gave her a polite smile before looking away to show that he wasn't interested. Her plain features instantly morphed into fury. No one seemed to notice as Dumbledore did a quick recap of what had happened so far. While Albus gave the explanation, Emerys chose to observe Illiana, who was glaring at the headmaster with hate. Curious, he decided to search her mind.

When Emerys did, he encountered occlumency walls. They were rather weak and he could have easily broken through them, but he decided to retreat before she noticed anything. Just before he left her mind he caught a few words. Master…interested…rewarded. Harry narrowed is eyes and made a mental note to keep an eye on the girl. He then turned his attention back to Dumbledore.

"Now then, I believe that it is time for the children to leave so that we can discuss some things. Several protests were heard (mainly form Neville and Harry), but they were soon ushered out by their parents.

"What about Emerys?" Neville asked, just before he exited the room.

"Emerys will be staying", Dumbledore answered. Neville's protests died away as the door was shut and silenced.

"Well then, let's start. Remus, tell us your report first", Dumbledore said.

"Of course sir. I talked to some of the werewolf clans and very few have agreed to join us I'm afraid"

"So are most of the clans siding with Voldemort?" Harry asked.

"No. A majority of them have decided to remain neutral, however, Voldemort definitely has more werewolf supporters than we do", Remus answered.

"Very well then. Remus, see if you can get more werewolves to support our side. Sirius, I believe that you had gone to talk to the vampires. What is your report?"

"Ummm, well, I talked to the prince of the vampires, Leander, and he wishes to meet with some of us. He said that the meeting will determine whether or not he'll take us to see the king", Sirius stated.

"Very well then. Did he say when he wants the meeting to take place?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, He wants to meet tomorrow".

"Ok, in that case, Sirius, you will attend the meeting as will I. Severus and Remus, I want you two to come as well", Dumbledore said.

"Sir", Harry interrupted, "I was hoping that I could attend the meeting. I think it might be beneficial".

"A bit arrogant don't you think Potter", Snape sneered.

James opened his mouth to reply, but before he could do so, Dumbledore spoke up.

"Very well Harry, I don't see any harm in you attending bu-", before Albus could continue, Mrs. Weasley spoke up.

"ALBUS! You can't let him go. You'll be meeting with a VAMPIRE for Merlin's sake. You cannot endanger him like that. I will not allow it", she argued and Lily and James nodded their heads in agreement. Harry looked quite offended but before he could say anything, Dumbledore spoke up once again. (A/N: people keep getting interrupted a lot don't they?)

"Now Molly, I'm sure that Harry here will be able to handle himself just fine, but if it will make you feel better, Lily and James will attend the meeting as well, if they agree to it that is"

The two in question simply nodded in agreement. Mrs. Weasley humphed, but didn't comment further.

"Excellent! I believe that is enough for today. Whoever is attending the meeting tomorrow will stay here tonight. Harry, I believe that Sirius will be able to show you to your room", Dumbledore said and everyone got up and began filing out of the room.

Once the room was empty, Harry said "Good night" to his parents and Remus and then followed Sirius out of the room. They went upstairs and Sirius showed Harry to one of the guest rooms. Harry looked around and then got ready for bed, looking forward to the next day.

When Harry woke up the next morning, he went through his usual routine and then headed downstairs. No one was up so he decided to start breakfast. After a while, the delicious aroma of the food called the occupants of the house downstairs, where Harry was sitting at the table, surrounded by just about every breakfast food imaginable, drinking a cup of coffee.

James cleared his throat, causing Harry to look up.

"Oh. Good morning. I woke up early so I decided to start breakfast", he replied.

"You made all of this", Lily exclaimed.

"Yeah. Why don't you all sit and start before the food gets cold", Harry said.

Everyone nodded and sat down, although Snape looked at the food suspiciously, after all, how many teenage boys could actually cook. Everyone seemed just as uncertain (much to Harry's amusement), until Sirius finally became impatient and took a bite. He chewed slowly and then his eyes widened. He quickly grabbed a bit of everything and started shoving it all into his mouth. Everyone else took that as their cue to begin and they found it magically delicious (A/N: sorry, couldn't resist).

When everyone was done, Lily turned to Harry and said, "Harry, that was really good. Even better than my cooking!" There were sounds of agreement from the rest of the people surrounding the table and even Snape agreed, reluctantly of course.

"Thank you. Now, what time are we supposed to meet Prince Leander?" Harry asked.

"He said he would be here at about 9 o'clock", Sirius answered.

"Very well"

It was finally time to meet with Leander, and the ones who were going to attend the meeting were anxiously waiting in one of the many rooms of the old house. Dumbledore and everyone except Harry sat at the table that was situated in the middle of the room. Harry simply leaned against the wall, hidden by the shadows. At exactly 9 o'clock, the doorbell rang and Mrs. Black began screeching. Sirius rushed to answer the door while James and Remus went to deal with Mrs. Black.

Seconds later, James and Remus returned shortly followed by Sirius and a pale and sinister looking man, who could only be Prince Leander. He was thin, but not unhealthily so. His skin was a pasty white, which only enhanced his menacing presence. He looked young, and quite handsome despite his pale looks. He had blue-black shoulder length hair that provided a sharp contrast to his skin.

The order members waited with bated breath as the vampire before them assessed each of them. His gaze stopped at Remus and he sneered.

"Werewolf," he snarled. Remus' eyes narrowed.

"Vampire," he spat back with just as much venom. Leander glared and opened his mouth to give a scathing comment, but when he tried to speak, he realized that he couldn't. His look changed from one of surprise to outrage. The rest of the order members looked panicked. Even Dumbledore was looking panicked. This was not the way he expected the meeting to go. Quickly trying to salvage the rest of the meeting, he turned to Remus.

"Remus, would you be so kind as to remove the silencing charm from Prince Leander," he ground out.

"But", Remus began, "I didn't place it on him".

"Well then who did?" Dumbledore asked, bewildered.

"That would be me professor"

Everyone turned to see who had spoken and they saw Harry leaning against the wall and grinning in a self-satisfied manner. He gave a flick of his wand and released the surprised vampire from the silencing charm.

Great, thought Severus, this is just what we needed. I knew Potter shouldn't have been allowed to the meeting. Now he's gone and ruined everything. Oh well, at least I'll get the chance to see him get mauled by the vampire and then the order.

Dumbledore seemed to be thinking the same thing as he turned to Leander to apologize and make some sort of excuse on Harry's behalf. However, when he turned towards Leander, he saw the vampire standing there and staring at Harry in shock. Everyone waited to see what the vampire would do while Harry simply raised an eyebrow.

"Ha-Harry?" the vampire finally managed to stutter out. Everyone except Harry looked surprised. As a matter of fact, Harry only gave a snort of disbelief.

"Obviously. Who else would actually throw a silencing charm at you and still be alive right now?" Harry asked rhetorically. Suddenly, Leander was directly in front of Harry and he pulled the emerald-eyed boy into a tight hug. By now, everyone's jaws had just about hit the floor as they watched the interaction taking place between Harry and Leander.

"Bloody Hell Harry! How have you been!" Leander cried.

"I've been doing well but we can catch up later. Right now I believe we are here for a meeting", Harry stated.

"Ummm, yes. We had been hoping that you would agree to take us to your father so we could discuss and alliance against Voldemort?" Dumbledore said, still trying to get over his shock. This was definitely shaping up to be one of the strangest days of his life, and that was really saying something considering how old he was and how much he had already seen in his life.

"Well of course. As a matter of fact, we can all go right now!" Leander said. The others were shocked by his sudden acceptance but decided not just go along with it.

"Very well, let's go", Dumbledore said.


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