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Sailor Hellblazer:
a John Constantine: Hellblazer /
Sailor Moon crossover

Writer's notes: Explaining John Constantine

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The family of Constantine is something of a legend in the
occult circles. The name and the bloodline have always been
linked to magic in one form or another, as far as man has
been keeping a history.

Kon-Sten-Tyn ruled England after the passing of King Arthur.
His was not a pleasant rule.

Harry Constantine was a soldier of fortune with Cromwell's
army as it marched across Ireland. He crossed paths with
the ribbon queen and was damned to live eternally as a
rotting corpse.

And in modern day there is John Constantine, trickster,
magus, and all-around bastard. Unlike other men of magic,
he comes off as more of a common man. He forever clashes
with authority, thumbing his nose at them whenever possible.

John knows about his family history, and he sees the magic
as a curse. It is a curse, in the sense that almost every
Constantine touched by magic has a tragic story. John
himself made many mistakes, and his actions have left behind
a bloody trail of casualties, both friends and foes.

He's had enough.

While not willing to give up on the magic entirely, he
doesn't care for the curse to continue, which is why he
constantly tells his niece, Gemma Masters, to never, ever
dabble with magic.

But Gemma has already had encounters with magic: first,
haunted by the spirit of her grandfather, and then nearly
killed by a member of the satanic Damnation Army.

And as the saying goes among those in the occult, once you
walk the path of magic, there's no turning back.

John hopes that Gemma will never take the path of magic, but
only time will tell. He also believes himself the last to
carry the name 'Constantine', and with his death, the curse
on his bloodline will end.


His deceased father had brothers, and they may have had
children of their own, and the legacy of Constantine may yet
march on...

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Sailor Hellblazer: A John Constantine: Hellblazer /
Sailor Moon crossover

Writer's notes: explaining Sailor Moon
beyond the schoolgirl outifts and the cute slogans

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25,000 years ago, there was a magic kingdom. It was a
unique kingdom for Earth, for there had never been one quite
like it, and there would not be for thousands of years to

This kingdom was as close to an utopia as Earth had ever
known, ruled by the royal house of Queen Serenity. The
kingdom spanned the planets of the solar system, with
colonies and ruling families on each one, and its capital
was established on the moon.

From each planet, a guardian was sent, to serve, protect,
and advise the royal family.

But nothing lasts forever.

Queen Beryl, using magic and energy from the
otherdimensional reality known as the Dark Kingdom, invaded
the palace on the moon, crushing the forces of the Silver
Millenium easily.

Left with no alternative, Queen Serenity used an incredibly
powerful artifact known as the Empyrean Silver Crystal to
send the souls of her people into the future, where they
would eventually be reborn. She also banished Queen Beryl
and her forces to the Dark Kingdom. All this had a price:
Queen Serenity died, and the moon was reduced to an empty
desolate satellite.

25,000 years later, the royal court of the Silver Millenium
were reborn. The daughter of the queen was reborn as Usagi
Tsukino, and took on the identity of Sailor Moon. A few of
the other guardians became aware of their past lives as
well, and took on the identities of Sailor Mercury, Venus,
Mars, and Jupiter. The moon prince, destined love of the
princess, was also reborn, and took on the identity of
Tuxedo Mask.

There's no explanation as to why they were all reborn as
Japanese. Probably the same reason why all aliens spoke
English in Star Trek.

Together, they fought and defeated the returning threat of
Queen Beryl and her Dark Kingdom forces.

As time passed, even more guardians revealed themselves.
There was Sailor Neptune and Uranus, who were partners in
combat and in life, Sailor Saturn, a little girl who had the
power to heal wounds or destroy the earth, and Sailor Pluto,
the enigmatic girl who was not reincarnated, but seems to be
immortal, guarding the gateways of time.

A thousand years into the future, the Kingdom of the Silver
Millenium was reborn with Sailor Moon as its queen. Much
like its previous incarnation, this kingdom was laid under
siege by rebellious forces, this time led by Prince Demando
and the entity that called itself Wiseman. Only the arrival
of Sailor Moon and her allies from modern day saved the
kingdom of the future.

And so it goes...

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John Constantine: Hellblazer was created by Alan Moore,
Steve Bissette, and John Totleben. All rights and
related characters are owned and published by DC Comics.

Ah! My Goddess was created and copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi.
Owned by Bandai.

This work of fan fiction is public domain and not intended
for profit.

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Rod M. & David Tai present...

John Constantine:


A 'Blame Mike Loader' Production

Eighteen years ago...

John Constantine, uncle.

That, to John, sounded about as right as The Best of The Sex
Pistols, as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

The stupid balloons and the teddy bear he was carrying were
also, he thought, painfully out of place. But then again,
what else do you bring to your newborn niece?

"Feel like a bloody idiot," he grumbled.

John hated kids. Nothing but small noisemakers that wreck
the neighborhood and grow up to wonder what you did to mess
up the planet.

The slight hangover he had wasn't helping either. A subtle,
but nagging headache loomed in his skull.

Oh well.

With a deep breath, he rang the doorbell. A moment later, a
young woman with short blond hair answered the door.

"John?" she asked, looking at him with some surprise.

He smiled crookedly. "Hi, Cheryl. Long time no see."

Her face immediately darkened. "John Constantine, of all
the nerve! Where have you BEEN for the last few years? Do
you have ANY idea how much I've been worrying?!"

Great. He set sis off on 'mother hen' mode. It was only
natural, he knew, since she helped raise him when their
mother died, but still...

"Aw, Cheryl, c'mon-"

"You don't call, you don't write, for all I know you were

"Jesus, Cheryl, I'm sorry! Okay?"

Her frown turned into a smile suddenly as she caught him by
surprise and gave him a hug. "Don't do it again, you stupid
little bastard."

"Okay sis, I won't," assured John, returning the hug,
greatly relieved that the pestering mode was over. "Now...
where's the little tyke?"

"C'mon, this way," she said as she lead him into the
modestly small house. "Really, though. It's been two
months since she was born. Where've you been?"

"Oh, here'n there," said John.

They came to a room painted in pristine white, highlighted
in pink. Lots of frilly... stuff... just lots of frilly
stuff dominated the room.

And in a little white crib, sleeping soundly, was the sprog.
It had little pink fingers, an' little pink toes, and a cute
little nose, and a cute little tuft of hair atop her head.

John looked at it with much fear. Demons, he could handle.
Babies were entirely a mystery. "Hallo there, kid. Oi,
Cheryl, what's her name?"

"Gemma. You like it?"

"Gemma, eh?" He shrugged. "Not bad."

"Well, I'll just put these balloons and the teddy bear over
here," he said, stepping away from the crib as quickly as

A slight hissing sound came from the doorway.

"Oh shite, the stove!" cried Cheryl. "I'll be right back!"

She left the room quickly, leaving John alone with Gemma.
Having nothing better to do, he hovered at the crib's edge
and peered down at Gemma curiously.

And then she opened her eyes.

And for a moment, they stared at each other.


"Oh shit! CHERYL! CHERYL!"

"Hold on, John!" yelled Cheryl from the kitchen.


"Cheryl, she's havin' the mother of all hissy fits here!"

"What did you do to her?!"


"It's not my fault!" yelled John. "I swear!"

"Hold on a moment! I'm almost done!"


Well, thought John, that wasn't fast enough. With the
crying driving him mad and making his headache even worse,
he had a few options.

Option one was to get the hell out, a reasonable idea.
Except that Cheryl might kill him for leaving the baby

Option two was to try to quiet the kid by himself.

He took one of her small hands in his and wiggled it.
"Heyheyheyhey, wossamatter, eh?"


"Shh, c'mon, mum's on her way, at's a good girl...."



His mind raced through a few things he'd heard of about
babies. It had either shat, pissed, or it was hungry. In
those cases, nothing he'd do would help. Though sometimes
they just liked to be carried, right?


"Heeey, easy now, shh, c'mon, come t'uncle John." He lifted
her slowly, carefully, then cradled her in his arms. She
squirmed about for a moment more, then began to settle down.
Her cries settled down until they were just gurgles and

"There, issat what ya wanted?"

The child's eyes looked blindly around the room, then
settled on his again.

He braced himself for the worst.

And she smiled.

There were very few moments in which cynical, hard-boiled,
don't-take-shit John Constantine was ever filled with

This was one of them.

He saw hope, promise, infinite possibilities, innocence
unspoiled, a million things he thought was gone from the
earth, all in her eyes.

For a moment, he forgot he was a mage, and thought of
himself as an uncle. Silently he swore that he'd protect
her, no matter what.

And then she spat up on his arm.


- e n d p r e l u d e -