His eyes opened and the first thing he felt was power. A raw, burning sort of power that flickered through his entire body. And he had looked down and saw her-that annoying girl with the silly name of those annoying pink flowers that bloomed in the springtime. Someone had hurt her. Her face was scratched, and her hair had been chopped off. And although he had told himself time and time before that she was just plain annoying-just another one of his idiotic fan girls-he was angry. Angry that someone had hurt her, that even though he was considered a prodigy, a genius, a Uchiha, he hadn't been able to protect her. And the power overcame him, and all he could feel was blunt anger and power flickering through him, just like the black marks that were slowly appearing on his arms, on his body. He was going to kill whoever had hurt her. He would give them the slowest, most painful death they could dream up of.

And he would have. But in the end, she stopped him. Her arms had wrapped around his waist, and she had been crying. And he had stopped, feeling the power leaving his fingers. She had cry, and her tears had brought him back to earth.

Gravity-that invisible force that kept everything, everyone, tied to the earth. That kept everyone from falling off the face of the earth.

His life wasn't easy.

His family had been massacred before his very eyes, his world tainted by blood when he had only been a child.

His lifelong goal was to avenge his clan-kill his brother who had murdered all the Uchiha clan members, his brother, who was a genius, who was, possibly, one of the strongest people he had ever met.

The path before him had already been chosen for him-a dark, winding path that would most likely end in darkness.

Did he think about love? Did he wonder about the feeling called love?

And the answer was no. It was a stupid feeling, it was dumb. If anything, the thing his fan girls called "love" was the most idiotic thing he had ever heard of. If loving someone meant racing after someone, calling out his name repeatedly, and trying to assault them, then love was stupid.

No, he didn't think that much about love. But he thought about revenge, and occasionally about the people around him.

Naruto, who was his best friend, yet also his rival.

Kakashi- the perverted sensei who read perverted books, yet strangely, despite his odd habits, held power and strength beneath his black mask.

And Sakura. The one whose tears did not make him question his motives, yet made him feel like he had a reason to be guilty. The one whose tears could always bring him back to earth-like gravity. The one who always stood by him, no matter how cold he was to her. Was that love? If there had been time to spare, perhaps he would have pondered over it.

But the only road ahead of him was a dark road, filled with blackness. And how did someone like her-someone who had never even seen real darkness, someone who was light in comparison to his darkness-fit into this path that lay before him? No, she didn't belong with him.

She wasn't the most important thing in his life-like killing Itachi, or resurrecting his clan-but in the end, the only word he could use to describe her was gravity. She was his gravity. Gravity, that force that was always there, always keeping him tied down to earth.



Somewhere in this darkness

You will be the light

To finally bring me out.