OK, endgame. Will they or won't they? It all ends here, one way or another.

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Rant VII - Endgame

The pharoh watched in numb amazement as Kaiba's face edged closer to his own. Queer little tremors ran through him. Was Seto Kaiba actually offering what he seemed to be? Would he really ... kiss him? And what the hell did he mean, 'I thought it was just me'? Oh gods. Kaiba ...

Seto halted, his lips bare millimetres from Yami's own. 'Pharoh,' the glacial CEO whispered. A gentle shudder passed through his ... victim? 'Pharoh, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. Before ... well. Before we continue.' He smiled, and Yami's knees weakened again. Damn the man, no-one who looked so good should be allowed to smile. It wasn't good for the constitution. Of the admirers, that is. Yami swallowed. 'Y..yes?' he managed. He was barely conscious of the rather horrified face of his counterpart over his shoulder.

Seto's angular frame rumbled with another laugh. A hand reached up to gently caress a cheek. 'Yami, I've always wondered ...' 'Yes?' 'Have you always been this guilible, or was it just in the last 5000 years?' This was uttered in the same smooth, cultured, sexy tone as the rest, so it took him a few moments to actually realise what had been said.

'What?' he exclaimed, all warm fantasies evaporating. Gods, now he looked the bloody fool, alright. Kaiba towered over him, a sly laugh on his lips. 'Oh, Pharoh. Did you honestly think ...? You poor fool.' Then his expression turned serious. 'As if I'd do that to the poor boy whose body you're wearing.' Yami, on the point of a vicious rejoinder, paused in horror. Yugi! Shit! Why the hell did Kaiba always have to be right! 'Yugi ...' he whispered.

Kaiba stood back. 'I'll leave you to explain, then. Mokuba! We're leaving!' He turned to stride off, then paused. 'Pharoh?' Yami looked at him warily. Swiftly, Seto leant in and brushed his lips over the stunned Pharoh's cheek. Seto stood back and smiled gently into a face like a gasping fish. 'For the both of you,' he murmured, and walked off with a dumbstruck brother in tow.

'Well ... that was interesting,' Yugi commented dryly. Yami couldn't quite work up the strength to answer.

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