Author's note: It was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine that I write an epilogue for Escort since the sequel will no longer be happening. The sequel that I had posted had begun with the birth of Erik and Christine's first child, Emma, but I decided to move ahead a few years into the future, so many of everyone's questions could be answered. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think!



Christine's ragged moan of pleasure erupted into the room. Body heavy with desire she pushed herself more firmly against her husband's larger body, feeling his own desire for her mount. Christine's back dug into the wall behind her as Erik ran one hand beneath her shirt while the other managed to slip up into her skirt. The sound of his labored breathing was like music to her ears as she ran her own hands along the front of his pants, wishing there was no clothing hindering her from her husband's wanting body. He groaned from her touch and roughly bit her neck, his fingers creeping along the band of her panties.

"Hurry..." she whispered against his ear. They had to hurry or neither of them would get the release they so desperately needed. Erik felt her urgency because it was as great as his own. His large hand yanked her skirt up until she felt cool air against the flesh of her thighs. Slim fingers found his belt and hastily undid it, the naughty digits slipping inside for their own little adventure.

"Christine..." he groaned, his movements against her stilling when she wrapped a warm, firm hand around his raging desire. The feeling of him throbbing against her caused her to bite her bottom lip to keep from exploding then and there. Erik seemed to be fighting for the same control, his jaw was tight and his entire body was tense. With all patience gone he nearly tore her skirt off of pliant legs, which prompted his wife to wrap them around his waist. Grounding his arousal against her he pleaded with her to free him from the confining material of his trousers. More than happy to oblige Christine yanked his trousers off, feeling them fall to his feet. He kicked them the rest of the way off and his hands went to her shirt, making quick work of the tiny buttons.

Through her haze of desire Christine heard a distinct sound erupt into the fog that clouded her mind. A sound that had her hands going to Erik's chest, trying to push him away hastily. Her husband, however, did not seem to hear the same sound she did, and his hands slipped inside her shirt to cup her breasts. She pounded that much harder against his broad chest.

"Erik! Erik, stop! Stop!!"

"Hmmm, sweetheart, we both know you do not want me to stop..." His mouth crashed down on hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth. Christine rolled her eyes in frustration and did the only thing she could think of to make him stop: she bit roughly on his lip. He growled in pain and yanked away from her. She felt bad when she saw some blood dribble onto his chin, but had no time to dwell on it. He stared at her, not knowing that she had wanted him to be rough with her.

"Fine, we can always do it like that-"

"The kids!!"

Erik froze, his eyes rounding.

"The kids?" he demanded. She nodded, hastily reaching for her skirt.

"Yes, the kids!"


When he tried to jump away from his wife his feet became entangled in the trousers that were still around his ankles and he landed ungraciously on his rear. Muttering several curses he managed to stand and yank his pants back on. Christine's hands were just as frantic, pulling her skirt up and trying to button her shirt back up. Down the hall the distinct sound of a door opening could be heard. Though she knew she shouldn't be, Christine began laughing, still trying to right her clothes. Erik glared at her, not finding anything funny as he tucked his shirt back into his trousers and buckled his belt. Finding his mask that had fallen off at one point, he put it into place and helped Christine finish up.

Not a moment too soon.


Both parents looked up, unable to hide the guilty flushes on either of their faces as their children raced into the room. They were not given a chance to dwell, however, because the kids threw themselves into their arms, very happy to be home. Erik caught seven year old Emma in his arms and swung her about. She giggled in delight and wrapped her tiny arm around his neck. Christine had her hands full with the squirming four year old Jaden, who was raining kisses on his mom's face.

"I'm glad to see that they enjoy staying at my house so much!"

Erik and Christine looked up to see Meg standing in the doorway, shaking her head. Christine could not help the smile that crossed her face at the sight of her good friend. Two years after her marriage to David the couple had thought it would be in their best interest to move to the states, and David had gotten a job here that paid him extremely well. The two friends now lived a few blocks from each other and often Emma and Jaden would go to their Aunt Meg's house to play with her son Ethan and daughters Felicia and Makayla. They had stayed there for a few hours today but obviously were happy to be home with their parents-who both children absolutely adored.

"Daddy!" Emma said, pulling on his pant trousers after he had set the little girl down. The masked man gazed down at his daughter with a loving smile. "I'm hungry," she announced. Jaden seemed to hear this and scrambled from Christine's arms.

"Me too! Me too!" All three adults laughed at how cute the little boy and girl were, and for a moment Erik could only stare at his two beautiful children. Emma was like a minature version of his wife with her chocolate curls and beautiful round, blue eyes. She wore an adorable blue summer dress that encased her tiny body and little sandals to match. Jaden...what could he say about his son? He was perfect, and Erik could not believe how much he looked like him. When he looked at his son he saw the same green eyes and midnight black hair he saw every time he looked in the mirror at his own reflection. The only difference was that Jaden was perfect, he had none of his father's deformity, and though he did not know it his father thanked God every night for that small blessing. He wore jean shorts and a shirt with a dinosaur on the front and all in all it was a sight that Erik never wanted to be without.

"Alright, lets go get something to eat, I think we might have fish crackers!"

The kids squealed and dashed toward the kitchen. Those fish crackers were something they were both addicted to, and they were always in ready supply at the house. Christine chuckled and shook her head as her husband took the kids and she was left with Meg.

"Sorry to interrupt."

Meg's statement caught her by surprise and she turned to look at her friend with startled eyes.

"W-what?" she stammered. Meg laughed.

"Ah, Christine, it was is so obvious what the two of you were doing!"

Christine blushed and glanced toward the kitchen. They were truly that obvious? Well, she loved her husband and was beyond attracted to him, even after almost eight years of marriage. She was not ashamed of that!

"In fact, I think I might go home and have my way with David," Meg chuckled, hugging her friend and turning to leave. Christine stared after her and laughed before heading toward the kitchen. She was not done having her own way with Erik, and that would have to wait until tonight when the kids were asleep. Not once in the nearly eight years of their marriage had they ever become bored or tired with one another. She was completely head over heels for her husband, and that had not changed even the slightest over the years. He was the father of her children and the love of her life.

When she made her way into the kitchen a small smile appeared. Jaden and Emma were sitting at the kitchen table, munching away on chicken nuggets, fish crackers, and juice. Erik was sitting with them, listening to them as they told him about their day at Meg's. Christine stared at her family for a time, content to simply watch them. Thinking back on the life she had shared with her husband so far, she could not help but think that it had been the best years of her life, and she knew it was only going to get better with each passing day.

Erik taught at the local university and she could tell every day he came home that he enjoyed his job. The students and the staff had been hesitant when they had met him the first time, but over time he had slowly been accepted. Many of his fellow professors now turned to him whenever they needed advice, and the students seemed to respond well to his teaching. It was a fulfilling job and had flexible enough hours that he was able to come home and spend time with his family. Christine was extremely proud of him, seeing the way he had accomplished so much in so short a time. He supported their family and seemed to love doing so. Without him she did not know what she would do, and she did not want to even comprehend such a thing. When it came to being a father Erik excelled in that field even more so than teaching.

Every night he would play with the children after dinner, and childish laughter could be heard for hours on end. Before going to sleep each night he would read them each a story of their choosing and then he would tuck them into bed. Emma had a problem with nightmares quite a bit and always believed that there was a monster under her bed. Erik would bravely fight that monster and stay with his daughter until she fell deeply to sleep. And of course he loved spending time teaching Jaden everything a young boy would wish to know. At least twice a month he would take his son camping and teach him how to fish...

Christine felt tears catch on her lashes as she thought about her wonderful husband. How had she ever been so lucky? She had learned not to waste a single moment because each one was too precious to lose.

"Mama! Can we bake cookies?"

Jaden's pleading voice caught her attention and she tried to hide her obvious tears. The kids did not seem to be aware of it but Erik frowned slightly. She smiled at him, her eyes telling him that everything was alright.

"Cookies? Well, I do believe we can do that!"

Emma and Jaden scrambled from their seats and helped Christine get the necessary supplies from the different cabinets and the fridge.

"My turn to mix them!" Emma said. Her brother, however, would not have this.

"No it isn't! You did it last time!"

Fighting quickly ensued over who would get to do what with the cookies.

Erik watched from his place at the kitchen as his wife gently stopped the fighting with a firm, yet gentle few words. Both children apologized and then hugged each other as their mother asked them to. He was forever fascinated, watching the way Christine acted around Emma and Jaden. A greater mother had never seen this world, he was sure of it. She was completely devoted to both of her children, and would give her last breath without a second thought to make sure that they were safe and happy.

When they had first married and around the time Emma was born Christine had been hoping to start a future in singing. But then, with much thought put into it, Christine had given up singing to raise their children. Something she had not regretted to this day. She planned on starting again once the children were a little older, but with her family more than willing to hear her sing she felt she didn't need any fame or records in her name. It had been her choice to be a mother full time and Erik had argued at first, telling her that he wanted her to be happy and do what she loved doing. He soon realized that she loved being a mom. Jaden and Emma were her greatest joys and he knew now that she did not regret giving up singing.

Then, about four years prior, she had come up with the crazy idea of opening a small cafe. It was nothing she had ever wanted to do before but the idea had come to her and she refused to push it to the side. Erik, of course, supported her in anything she wished to do and now Emma's had become quite a success. Christine loved the small shop, and both her children loved going to work with their mother.

Because of the woman standing in front of him, his life was at its joyous. He woke up every day thankful for everything he had. He would never give it up, not for anything.


"No, Daddy, Barbie is going on a date with Ken!"

Emma's laughter floated around the room even as Erik frowned. His eyes roamed to the scantily clad barbie doll to the boy doll he held in his hands. No, this girl was not going on a date if she was dressed like that! And it wasn't even the dolls he was worried about. It scared him to think that his seven year old daughter even knew what a date was! Or that a boy and a girl went on one together! He reached over and tugged affectionately at one of her bouncing curls.

"And how do you know about dates, honey?"

"You and Mommy go on them sometimes!" she said, as if it were obvious. He smiled and nodded. Jaden had fallen asleep in his lap, not wanting to play dolls, and all of their toys lay spread out around them. Christine had disappeared to take a shower and clean up the house, and Erik was content to play with his daughter so his wife could do what she needed to.

"How about we take a break and go get a snack?" he suggested, not very interested in seeing Barbie go on her date with Ken. Emma nodded and bounded to her feet, grabbing Erik's hand as he gathered Jaden into his arms and led the way to the kitchen.

"Peanut butter and jelly!" Emma said excitedly, climbing up onto one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Digging through the cabinets he cradled Jaden close and went about preparing the sandwich. As he did so Emma chatted about what had happened on her favorite cartoon and how Mommy had played with them all day the day prior even when all of them were not feeling good. Erik listened and the smile on his face never diminished. He never tired of hearing this little girl chatter away. Never would he have believed it possible, but he had come to love these two little kids with everything he was. They had his heart completely, and it amazed him how much you could truly love someone more each day.

He never had to question it, though, Christine reminded him every time she smiled. A few years prior they had renewed their wedding vows, for he wanted to prove to her that his love for her would never fade. It was funny, really, because he saw so many marriages that failed so quickly. This had troubled him as he saw some of his co-workers split with the spouse they claimed to love so passionately. But every night he came home he realized that he would never be like any of those men, and his and Christine's relationship would never be like the countless ones he saw every day. He loved her, and it was not a feeling that would ever leave him. She had given him two beautiful children and she gave herself to him without reservations. It amazed him that he craved her just as much as he did when they had first met.


Emma's soft voice interrupted his thoughts. She was holding a picture frame that Christine had just placed a picture in and had yet to put up.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Mommy is so pretty," she said, showing him a recent picture of him and his wife.

"I know. Your dad is not too bad either, is he?" he said, causing her to giggle.

"You're silly," she announced. Erik laughed.

Jaden woke up a few minutes later and asked in his small voice if he, too, could have a sandwich. When both of them began to eat Christine finally joined them. She smiled at her husband and gave both of the kids a hug. When she reached Erik she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him, smiling against his lips.

"Eww!" Both Emma and Jaden said in unison. Their parents laughed and Christine turned to face her children.

"Eww? I have found my next victims!"

Laughter echoed throughout the room as Christine snatched both children out of their chairs and carried them to the living room. She deposited them onto the couch and proceeded to tickle them, all the while smothering their faces with kisses. Erik watched and felt his heart grow tight in his chest. She was such a good mother. That woman playing so affectionately with Emma and Jaden would give her life to see that both of them were safe. Every day she spent every waking hour with them until he got home for work. She taught them how to make cookies and brownies, finger-painted and played dolls and dinosaurs with them. Whenever a nightmare took one of them she was the first to rush out of bed to go and comfort them back into peaceful dreams. Every time he saw her with them he fell a little more in love with her.

"Help us, Daddy!" Jaden cried, her laughter making it hard to speak. Grinning, Erik rushed to the couch and snatched Christine up into his arms, lifting her away from their kids. She squealed in surprise as he gave her the same types of kisses she had given Jaden and Emma.

"Mercy!" she pleaded, losing her breath from all of the shouts and laughter. Her husband let up but pulled her close in a hug so he could whisper into her ear.

"Moaning mercy will not get you out of what I plan on doing to you tonight," he murmured softly, so no one but her could hear. She pulled back so she could meet his gaze, her cheeks becoming flush.

"Who says it will be me pleading mercy?" she challenged, causing Erik's blood to boil. That was the Christine he couldn't resist! Who was he kidding? He had no plans of resisting...