Bad Girl (Lyrics by Madonna) -------------------------

Something's missing and I don't know why

I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you

Is it me or you that I'm afraid of

I tell myself I'll show you what I'm made of

Can't bring myself to let you go

I don't want to cause you any pain

But I love you just the same

And you'll always be my baby

In my heart I know we've come apart

And I don't know where to start

What can I do, I don't wanna feel blue

Bad girl drunk by six

Kissing someone else's lips

Smoked too many cigarettes today

I'm not happy when I act this way

Bad girl drunk by six

Kissing some kind stranger's lips

Smoked too many cigarettes today

I'm not happy, I'm not happy

Something's happened and I can't go back

I fall apart every time you hand your heart out to me

What happens now, I know I don't deserve you

I wonder how I'm ever gonna hurt you

Can't bring myself to let you go

This way

I'm not happy this way

This way

I'm not happy this way

Kissing some kind stranger's lips


"Mother, for the last time…"

"Ah, come on Olivia," Serena pleaded, rolling her eyes. "Everybody's going to be there, and they don't believe I really have a daughter."

"Now, why would they think that?" Olivia asked sweetly.

"You and that smart lip," Serena said, just as sugary. "Can't you show your face just once? It's not like it's gonna kill you."

"Mom, listen carefully: This is me, telling you, not a chance. For the last time."

Serena stared at Olivia, frustrated. Unsteadily, she did an about face and stormed off to her room. Olivia sighed wearily. Having her mother as a roommate was proving more and more tiresome, she thought unhappily. Once again, her mother had fallen to some hard times and pleaded with Olivia to let her stay until she could get on her feet. And for some reason "getting on her feet" required getting so wasted she couldn't stay on them.

Glancing at her watch, Olivia realized she was going to be late for work if she didn't get a move on. She searched frantically for her jacket. Lately, she couldn't seem to keep track of her belongings.

"Mom? Have you seen my jacket?"

Her question was answered with a loud smack of an object hitting the bedroom door.

"Whatever," she muttered to herself. Dammit, she thought. She couldn't find it anywhere and she loved that jacket. It was suede too. Dammit.

"Shouldn't you be leaving now?" Serena bellowed from behind the shut door. "Isn't there a world out there to be saved?"

Ignoring her mother, she took one last cursory look around the apartment before throwing her hands up in defeat.

"See you tonight," she called half-heartedly, exiting the apartment.


"Hey, let's get started," Captain Cragen called, waving his hands for quiet. The detectives of the 16th precinct took their seats. Cragen quickly scanned a copy of the announcements.

"Okay, we've had another body pop up last night," he said as the room groaned collectively. Havoc was wreaking all over the city. It was the sixth murder in eight weeks in their precinct. Three of the victims were females, white, between the ages of 55 and 70. The other three victims were white males, between the ages of 22 and 65. While the method of killing varied, each body was found completely naked except for duct tape in the shape of an "x" taped across their mouths and genital areas. The cops and detectives of the 16th had been scrambling around, desperately trying to drum up clues as to who was responsible for the horrific killings, if in fact they were truly connected or if a copycat killer was at play.

"I may be old, but a least I'm not an old woman," Detective John Munch quipped to the assembled group. Everyone groaned on key.

"The paper is hinting towards a serial killer," Detective Elliot Stabler supplied. "Is that officially the case?"

Cragen hesitated. "Officially, no."


"But, I would be extra careful if I fit the description of the victims," Cragen said carefully.

"What description?" Elliot ground out, frustrated. "There doesn't seem to be much of a commonality between any of the victims, especially the male victims."

"Hide your mothers," Munch suggested. "I hear Florida is good this time of year."

"Well, ain't you helpful," said Detective Odafin Tutuola, Munch's partner. "I hear Florida is a good place for paranoid's this time of year."

"You mother has nothing to worry about Fin."

Elliot and Olivia chuckled at the familiar banter between Fin and Munch. About as different as night and day, the twosome fed off each other seamlessly. Almost like Olivia and Elliot. Almost

"Alright, alright, eyes and ears open out their people," Cragen said, closing out the meeting. He turned to his four top detectives. "What have you got for me?"

"We have a potential witness to the third murder that popped up on the canvas," said Elliot. "Olivia and are going to head out to Rockaway for an interview."

"Good, see if anything new pops up," said Cragen. "In the meantime, I have a date with the police commissioner and the mayor. Let's try to get a handle on this one, okay?"

Fin and Munch shared a few more jabs before parting ways. Outside in the sedan, Elliot turned to Olivia. "Hel-lo. Earth to Benson, come in."

Olivia glanced at her partner. "What El?"

"You've said about two words since you came into the house."

Olivia shrugged. "I lost my jacket, I'm a little pissed."

"The brown suede one? I like that one on you. Didn't you lose, like, some pair of earrings the other day?" He asked absently, unlocking the car door.

Olivia shook her head wearily. "I'm losing my mind Elliot."

"No, you're just getting old!" Elliot chimed in cheerfully.

Olivia shot him the death look as they pulled out into the city.