Another fight, another battle ends.
Another argument comes to a close.
The courts come to another decision.
One more debate over the Truth concludes.
One more way the Truth is forbidden.
The protest against the Truth continues.

The victors celebrate, rejoice, and boast,
but because you won, you have truly lost.

You can't afford to let us spread the Word.
You only prove the power of the Truth.
Once the Truth behind creation was heard,
it would prove evolution a true ruse.
So you forbid the truth, teach the absurd.
Too bad facts are not something you can choose.

You can't change 4 billion year old events,
only hide behind the First Amendment.

Go ahead. Laugh at the Truth. Have your fun.
Lawsuits, school boards- the Truth will endure it.
You have banned the Truth, but you haven't won.
You can refuse to see it and hear it,
you can silence us, you can say we're wrong,
you can ignore the Truth, you can fear it,

you can deny the Truth, you can hate it,
you can hide the Truth, but you can't change it.