All right boys and girls, its time for The Rose v 2.0. Same concept, except I'm going to go a completely new direction with it. I still thank Gothic Tiger for her inspiration, and for the entry for the first version (which you can email me for a copy of, if you really want to read the original that bad), but this new one is all mine.


Shego's eyes fluttered open slowly, the sunlight traipsing across her face. She grunted and rolled onto her side, covering her head with her pillow, contended for a few moments before her alarm went off. Groaning, the villainess poked a finger at the cursed device, and with a small shot of green the sound ceased. "... Not today," she mumbled, trying to get comfortable again. Her door squeaked for a moment, and the woman shot up and out of bed, hands flaring, glaring towards the door with a look that would scare the bravest of monsters back to their dens. The door shut again with a thud, the woman releasing her guard into a yawn. "Looks like I'm done sleeping anyway. Today feels crappy."

She stumbled over to her closet and pulled off her night shirt, looking at herself in her mirror. She had showered the night before, and it didn't look nor smell like she had sweated from the nightmare during her rest; not that she minded them, anyway, they were good training for her mind. She started slipping on one of her jumpsuits, donning the green and black garment slowly, watching the uniform cover each of her athletic parts. After that was done, she started her daily regimen of stretches, allowing the tight uniform to pull against the direction she was stretching, allowing herself a small workout. Drakken couldn't understand why her uniform was made of this material, and would ask every time he had to repair it why she didn't just get a nice nylon one instead. Kimmie didn't know why Shego was getting stronger with every fight if all the woman did was file her nails. No one knew that her uniform was designed to give the slightest resistance to every movement made, making every movement an exercise in endurance.

Finished with her loosening up, her arms pushed out in front of her hands merely an inch apart, Shego gracefully fell forward to the ground and letting her arms fold slightly as she landed, starting some slow pushups. Every twenty pushups she would move her arms a little further apart, until she was barely able to push herself an inch up at a time, and she began moving her hands back towards each other. This was great exercise for everything from her wrists to her shoulders, and since she had super-powers in her hands, she needed to make sure she could use them at their best.

Using her last pushup to flip over her back and land on her feet, she pulled her arms together in a muscleman pose, taking a deep breath. Walking over to her dresser, she pulled out two pairs of gloves, leaving the first pair lying on the dresser, while putting on the second, heavier pair. She got on her back by the dresser and lifted her legs off the floor, then started nicely lifting her body up towards them. Not allowing her legs to budge an inch, she continued her sit-ups for another hour before settling all the way into the floor again. After a few more deep breaths, she stood again, putting the weight gloves back into the dresser, donning the clawed gloves. Checking each finger for sharpness she pulled out a file and made sure they were ready to tear flesh, stone, or steel to shreds with hardly a slash. Shego looked into her simple mirror and smiled. "So what if today is crappy, I can take a bad day."

Stepping into the hall, she immediately groaned. "Shego! I need you to swipe something for my alphabetized chaos machine!" Drakken had been waiting for her.

"Alphabetic what?" She immediately covered her mouth; she knew that was an invitation to rant.

"Oh, my alphabetic chaos machine! You see, libraries use the..." She was not dealing with this today. Walking away while he went about his rant, she zoned out on her own thoughts while he daydreamed about ridiculous ways to rule the world.

'Lets see, first I need to take the hover car for a washing... I could always threaten the goons to do it, but they never get the wax done right. After that is breakfast, followed by a run up a mountain... Maybe I should take the hover car to wash after that, I never know what kind of mud I'll end up landing in. Maybe I should make the goons wash it after all..."

Noticing he hadn't finished with his rant after she had completed her day's checklist, she sighed and pulled out her contract. "Look, I get today off. It's in the contract. It also says you are not to bother me on this day, got it?"

The evil blue man blinked, and after looking at the contract carefully, he moved to a conveniently placed calendar on the wall, and traced his fingers along a line of X-ed out days, leading to one that had red circles around it. "Oh my, is that today? Well, uh, enjoy yourself today, I'll be... somewhere else entirely!" he said as he ran out of the room. Sighing, she walked out of another door.

Stepping outside, she stretched in the sun, and took a deep breath. She looked over to the hover car, which had been neatly washed by the goons earlier that day, about seventeen times. Not that that they hadn't gotten it clean the twelfth time, but Shego was feeling especially bad today. She was going to have to make sure she found that mud puddle today. Hopping in the jet, she took off, watching the beautiful far-off scenery, instead of the grim lair behind her.

After about an hour of cruising, she found a nice mountain that had just been rained on the night before, and made sure to land in a few good mud puddles. 'Those goons had better get it clean later', she thought. Smirking, she looked up at the mountain. This was going to be either a really fun climb, or a really crappy one. Looking at the clock in the car, she smacked her face lightly, 'All right girl, you have an hour to get up and then back down again.' Jumping up to the first ledge, she started up the mountain, every now and again looking to see how much further she had to go. Once at the top, she looked over the view. About thirty miles away was a plane, looking as if it were inching across the horizon. After a few minutes, she started hopping down the mountain, racing the forming avalanche forming behind her from the cliffs breaking at the weight of her landings.

At the bottom of the mountain, Shego hopped into the hover car and revved it up, speeding away from the coming avalanche. "Man, nothing beats a good race against mother nature to show the old hag who's boss," Shego yelled with a laugh.

Back at the base, the goons were grunting as she walked away from the hover car. She swore up and down that they had better wash the car thirty times this time, and if they didn't, there'd be more pain for them than they could imagine. Entering her room, she felt something was off without having to flick the lights on. She looked around the room after her eyes adjusted, and spotted a small form by her bed, slowly moving. She heard deep breathing, which meant whoever this idiot was, they were asleep. She was just going to have to wake them up so they could fully understand just how bad it was to invade Shego's bedroom, especially on today. She silently crept behind the sleeping figure, quickly grabbing them and throwing them against her wall. She heard a familiar grunt, followed by two coincided screams. She knew her room inside out, and light or no light, these people were getting their rears handed to them. Though she could still only make out the one person, she could faintly hear the second person's, and that was enough to know she could deal with them later. She kept her assault up, each time barely missing the mystery intruder. After wandering around the room, the person tripped and fell, their arm catching the light switch and turning the lights on.

Shego felt her blood start to boil when she saw who was in her room. Ron Stoppable, the buffoon sidekick of her arch nemesis, was laying sprawled out on her floor. She growled at him, snapping him out of his fear long enough to crawl away from the green energy that landed behind him. "Shego, wait! Aah!" This kid was just not getting the idea. He needed to be out of her room, and NOW. "Wait, please, Sheg-uh," he said, her slamming her arm against his throat and into the wall.

Holding her clawed hand above her, Shego made sure to give her menacing look to the frightened boy, "You have until the count of two to tell me where your little girlfriend is, one..."

"Kim's not... here..." the boy managed to gasp out before the woman's lips could even form the first letter of the next number.

Shego narrowed her eyes at him, then looked around the room. Nothing was out of place, and there was nowhere for someone to hide. Finally focusing on her bed, she couldn't quite place it, but something was wrong with it. Grabbing the boy by his collar, she dragged him over to her bed, making sure her grip didn't falter. Finally noticing what was on her pillow, she picked him up again.

"What's the meaning of that," she demanded, pointing her finger at a black-stemmed green rose lying on the pillow.

Ron laughed a little, then turned away, "Well, happy birthday."


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