So I just saw "Stop Team Go" for the first time, and I couldn't help noticing about Shego's keeping the picture from one of her friend-dates with Kim...

Woohoo for new inspiration! I'm very tempted to watch the series and movies over again from just this little thing ;

Anyway, on to the start of a new chapter!


Shego yawned, and sat up. Scratching herself very unladylike, her bosom hanging loosely in her bed robe, she smacked her lips a few times. Searching her room through half-lidded eyes, she spotted the mirror, shuffling over to sit in the chair in front of it. Staring at her reflection, she started to grimace. She knew she just moved into the new lair, but she wasn't comfy with the place yet. Her matted hair showed it. Picking up her hand and running the fingers through her hair, she shrugged. She'd get used to this new place in a couple days, she always did, but for now she'd just have to deal with the restless sleep.

Snapping her body into a long stretch, she heaved her back into a twist, her legs stretching out in front of her. Shego was definitely forgetting something, but she couldn't figure out what in her half-awake state. Turning to head to her new, "flashy" bathroom (they were the whole reason Drakken rented this dump), eyes still closed from that great-feeling stretch, she felt herself stopped. Slowly opening her eyes, she start feeling a fuzzy warmth creeping all over her body, seeing pools of blue, outlines of freckles and blonde hair tracing the outer edge of her vision. Confused, she blinked a few times, before realizing the warmth all over her body was coming from her lips. A couple more blinks, and enjoyable moments later, the face in front of her was very familiar; and soon to be very dead.

"Stoppable... You have to the count of five seconds ago to have never been in my room." Shego's voice was perfectly clear, even through the kiss she was obviously giving him. She noticed he wasn't moving, his eyes locked in fear. "All right, morning time snappy." With that, she pinched the skin under his chin, igniting her clawed hand, causing some bleeding. Pulling back quickly, Ron's face went red, almost flying back into the open duct, a green rose dropping to the floor behind him. As she listened to his retreat through half a mile of ventilation in a matter of seconds, she looked down at the rose. It took her a few moments, but she bent down, picking it up. "Yeah yeah, I gotta go pick up your sisters from the old place."

After a good hour of showering, Shego was dressed, and as perky as Shego ever gets. Drakken was snoring on a pile of half-assembled devices, drooling on a villain-monthly detailing the latest death-ray specs. The good doctor was trying to build another one, bigger and better than the best thing on the market. Never did like being one-upped, did he? Strolling past him, after leaving a few decorations on his face of course, she found a used hover car. Fresh with fuel, she started it up, taking it out the narrow glassless window over the main corridor. Snickering as she knew the noise would rattle her partner in crime awake, she kicked into its full speed of... an amazing twenty miles an hour. This always took a while, but since this trip was mostly over the southern Pacific Ocean, Shego stripped out of her jumpsuit. She never did like tan lines, and flying over an empty ocean with nothing but sunshine watching her for a couple hours seemed like the perfect time to bronze her green skin.

After an hour, there were some strange sounds coming from the hull of the craft. Glancing down at the gear panel, nothing was blinking red, and the sound had stopped. Nothing had happened, so she laid back down, figuring nothing was wrong. Soon though, she feels vibrations, water splashing up over the edge, causing the driver to grunt. Sitting up, eyes scanning the control panel, she notices the problem; the fuel tank is empty. Throwing her outfit back on, she starts frantically playing at buttons, eventually grunting with a smack to the panel. As if on cue, a spurt of black smoke blurts out from the back of the craft, spurting shortly as it falls into the water. "Great... I hope you're listening in doc, I don't know how long this radio will last."

Punching a button, the screen on the panel turns to snow, Shego picking up the multi-purpose microphone. "Doctor D, you there? Shego here, I need some help." A few moments, and nothing. "Doctor D, I'm gonna rip the hairs on your head out one by one, starting with that ponytail if you don't pick up!" A few more moments, and still nothing. "All right Doctor D, I'm stranded in the middle of the ocean, and I swear, swimming back to the lair's just going to pi..." Cut off as the screen started distorting, a voice picking up.

"Shego, you're where?!?" Grunting as the familiar face popped up, each freckle now burned to memory due to unfortunate accident.

"Yeah Ronnie, I'm a bit busy though, so if you could hang up so Drakken can pick up, I'd appreciate it." With that, she pressed a button, hanging up on the boy teen hero. Sending out a message to Drakken's villainous answering machine, she sat back, hoping he'd actually check the damn thing.

Two hours past now... That damn doctor had better not be sleeping the day away. She'd no idea how far she drifted, but the sun was setting. She sighed, knowing she'd crossed a few time zones, and was probably several hours south of India by now. She'd been watching the north, hoping the doctor would cross into her vision soon. As the sun fell into the horizon, the sea falling into gradual darkness, a small glimmer of light caught her eye off to the west. Turning to face it, she watched it get closer, turning into a boat with a light on the front. The closer it got, the more she hoped this was some sort of sick joke. It was a row-boat, and one man was rowing it. Drakken, you'd better not have had nothing better to rescue me in than a two-seater dingy.

Pulling up aside her, the light blinding her, she huffed, turning away from her would-be rescuer. "I don't care what old lady you stole that from, I'm not riding in it. I hope you brought something to fix the hovercraft with."

Actually, even if I brought tools, I don't think I'd do anything but make it worse." Shocking her out of her annoyance, she turned, the face of Ron Stoppable greeting her... albeit red.

"Hmph. So Drakken ignored my call, and the sidekick gets to rescue me? Whoopee."

Frowning, he drops an oar into its resting position, Rufus popping out from behind him with a star-chart, checking the night sky. "You know, you're a sidekick too, the least you can do is accept some help."

Flicking the paper out of Rufus's hands, who just growls at her, chasing it before it flies off the boat, her lips turn into a sneer. "Its your fault I'm out here in the first place, why would I want your help?"

Looking at her confused, he scratches his head. After a few moments of thought, he looked to his best friend Rufus, who simply offered a shrug to his owner as to what he'd done. After leaving his little buddy to read the map to get them back to Hawaii, he turned back at his female cohort for this trip, "I don't really understand. Was it something I said, or maybe... Oh no!" Turning pale, then beet red, the boy started panicing, "I kissed you, and now you came out to sea to find something to kill me with! You were headed to Africa to get monkeys, weren't you? Weren't you?!"

Growling in response, she gave only a palm to his face in answer. After letting him catch his breath, she turned to him, grasping his face roughly between her fingertips, pressing his cheeks in like they were an orange to be squeezed. "No you buffoon, I was going back to the lair you and Princess chased us out of last night to recover those roses you've been giving me."

His eyes opening in understanding, then contorting back into confusion, he wonders aloud, "But if you don't want me bringing them to you, why do you keep them?"

Angrily turning away, Shego's voice dropped. "Just because some idiot wants to keep giving me flowers doesn't mean I should treat the flowers like crap." Ron, stunned, picks up his oars, tossing them next to Shego. "What are you doing Ron?"

Shrugging, he picks up Rufus, putting him over into the hover craft. "Well you said you didn't want to ride in the love boat over there, so I thought I'd bring the love boat to you. Its all about what the ladies want."

Turning red, Shego faced away from him, closing her eyes. "Fine, whatever, just get us to the old lair. And make it snappy. At leas there I can contact Drakken to come fix the hover car." Nodding, the boy started rowing, following Rufus's directions. After a few moments of silence, and the villainess regaining her composure, she couldn't help but ask. "So what was that about monkeys? I should tell you now, big hairy ape men do it for me." Feeling him shiver, she laughs, laying back against his legs, closing her eyes. "Not a word stoppable, your legs are softer pillows than broken electronic panels. You say anything and I'm going to use your intestines instead."

Gulping, Ron nodded. He simply kept rowing, ignoring the sleeping beauty in his lap.


Yeah, I'mma split this into two chapters.

And no, no idea when I'll get back on any kind of schedule.

Also, I wrote half a sentence after watching the "Stop Team Go" episode, and have since seen the rest of the last season. I'm very disappointed with how the writers went with it... Or should I say, how Disney forced the writers to go with it. I understand that maybe we shouldn't have been so demanding about another season, but they basically redid the season before it, just more... final. In "So the Drama", they took Drakken out as a villain by having his ultimate plan completely destroyed, and they give Kim a super-suit. There should be no more fun fight scenes, Kim's just superpowered now, and they had to find a way around that... So they make Dementor conveniently come up with a counter. In one of the secret episodes on the "So the Drama" DVD, later released on TV, Monkey Fist is removed as a villain by being preoccupied in a comedical relationship with another villainess, DNAmy. They also show off the power of the Yamanouchi school in that episode, tying up loose ends with Yori and Sensei. The last movie, "Graduation", finalized the Yamanouchi storyline by giving Ron super fucking monkey master powers. Seriously, they're just looking for a reason for fans to be happy by giving them what they want here. How many of the stories here on center on Ron becoming an all-powerdful monkey master? In one of the earlier episodes, Monkey Fist unlocks some serious monkey power, and that power's defeated by a plot device (which honestly, I love the crap out of Ron's little sister... She's not the complaint here, look past that), and turned to stone. Ron's now the undisputed monkey master, which means no more confrontation there. Kim's now also saved the world from alien invasion... which means there's nothing on OR off earth Kim can't protect us from. Drakken? Turns out he's a good guy, and is dating Shego. More of exactly what the fans want, just to hope they'll keep quiet. So while certain aspects of season 4 I respect, like Hanna, and the way Shego acted in "Stop Team Go"

... Way too much to rant about. I was simply not happy with how season four dealt with things. Honestly, I don't blame the writers for wanting to leave.

Anyway, enjoy the new chapter. Crazyness, and possibly flashbacks next time!