Epilogue: South to Freedom

Not only had Aragorn and Legolas found a horse waiting for them in the stables, but Obren had gone so far as to leave their boots and cloaks and a pack of supplies.

Legolas was still weak, and even with Aragorn's help he had barely made it to the stables. Aragorn made his friend sit before him on the horse, so he could keep an eye on him should his condition change. The ranger noted with grim irony that the horse they were stealing was the one Dormian had been riding, and for the only time in his life he was glad to be taking a horse from its owner. This time, though, he had no intention of returning it or paying the owner back.

Ears attentive for danger, they rode silently out of the bandits' camp, the layout of the buildings hidden by the darkness.

As Obren had said, the road to the south was clear and they encountered no guards. Aragorn spurred the horse faster as soon as they were past the camp, making first for the inn where they had been captured. With any luck, their horses would still be safe at the livery, and they could be on their way to Rivendell in a day.

He smiled as Legolas' head lolled against his shoulder, the elf sleeping again completely unaware that Aragorn had drugged him so he would sleep through the journey rather than riding in discomfort.

May we meet again, Obren, Aragorn thought as they rode south to freedom. When you are away from this bad company.

The End

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AN: I know you all wanted to see Dormian die a most gruesome death but, well, I had to save something for the sequel. Seriously, though, I'm in the middle of Fear No Darkness right now, but as soon as I can I'm going to start work on An Impossible Choice, which picks up where this story left off (literally--it begins with Aragorn and Legolas back at the inn where it all started). That story will explain more about the bandits, and tie up many threads this story left hanging.

Anyway, short though it was I hope you enjoyed Bad Company. Thanks for reading!