Another Story

An Introduction!

Welcome to Another Story, a Goku/Bulma romance fic by Chaos Saiyajin. This is gonna be one wild ride, so let me give you a few pieces of information:

1) This story is rated M (16+) for Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, and Language.

2) The pairings in this story include: Goku/Bulma, Yamcha/Mai, Tenshinhan/Lunch, and Broli/Snow

3) This story is AU (Alternate Universe). Changes to the original storyline include: Broli not being the Legendary Super Saiyajin and growing up on Earth with Goku, Bulma and Goku falling in love, and some characters will appear earlier than in the original, or not at all.

4) I'll be using Japanese words and terms in this story.

4) Update Policy: I'll update once a week, but I'll try to update more than that if I've got time.

5) Reviews: Please? Just no flaming.

And without further aideu, I give you...

Another Story

Dragonball Saga: Prologue
A blue-haired, teenage girl pressed her foot down hard on the gas pedal of her car, making it accelerate down the dusty, dirt road. Ahead lay Mt. Paozu, a mountain notorius for it's legends of demons and monsters that inhibited it. The sixteen year-old paid no heed to these legends, brushing them off as superstition as she grabbed a small, radar-like device. "I'm close, but I might need to go a little further west..." She trailed off as she sat the radar device back down and shifted gears.

Further down the same dirt road, a young boy laughed as he pulled a large fish along the road. "This one's great! It's just too bad I couldn't find a bear or a tiger..." He began to lose his train of thought as he noticed something approaching him fast. "Huh?" His eyes widened as the car slammed right into him.

"Hey! Watch where the hell you're going!" the blue haired girl screamed as she pressed hard on the horn. The young boy got right up, unfazed by being hit head on by a car.

"You aren't gonna steal my fish!" the pre-teen yelled back as he grabbed the bottom of the car and lifted it over his head and procceded to throw it towards the ground below. The car went into a roll, with the teen screaming at the top of her lungs the entire time. Finally, the car stopped tumbling and the girl was able to regain her composure.

The teenage girl rolled down her window and emerged with a small handgun. "Go to hell!" she yelled as she began to fire the handgun rapidly at the boy. The bullets hit their mark, then bounced off, leaving the boy unfazed.

"Damn mosqutios!" he cursed as he brushed off the bullets. "Take this you goblin!" he yelled as he ran towards the now over-turned car and punched it, full force. The door flew off, leaving the girl shocked and horrified.

"Oh my god! Please d-don't hurt me! I'm a human, not a goblin!" the girl stuttered in disbelief as she got out of the car and stood up.

"Human?" The young boy blinked as he looked at her.

"Yeah, take a look," she said in a calm tone. The boy encircled her, enticed by what he saw.

"I've never seen another human besides grandpa before. You're a lot like me, except softer and curvier," he said as he circled her once more.

"Well, duh. I'm a girl and you're a boy!" she said in a smart, sassy tone. The boy circled her again, stopping at her pink skirt and staring into it deeply.

"What's this?" the boy asked as he began to lift up her skirt and poke at her panties.

"YOU PERVERT!" she screamed as she slapped him hard in the face. The boy flew back a few feet, landing on the ground.

He got back up and rubbed his cheek, eyeing her oddly. "I guess girls don't have tails." he muttered as the girl's eyes widened.

"A tail? What the hell is this kid!" she thought as the boy began to speak again.

"Grandpa said to be nice to girls. C'mon, I'll give you shelter." he beamed as his tail began to wiggle. "I'm Son Goku by the way!"

"Thanks. Lead the way! My name's Brief Bulma." she replied.

"Bulma?" Goku laughed, "That means Bloomers!"

"Shut up!" Bulma said, red in the face.