Another Story

Tale 26: The Grip of Sorrow


"You're up first for the physical, Crystal." Jonathan spoke, turning to the teenage girl who sat on a bench in the room, with her arms crossed. She nodded, getting up as she walked towards the older man, following him into a seperate room. "Alright, we need you to strip down for this. Don't worry, I won't do anything perverted." Crystal huffed as she removed her clothes, placing them in a pile on the ground beside her, taking a seat on the bench in the room. "Alright, we'll start with blood pressure..." Jonathan spoke, slipping the cuff around her arm, doing his best to avert his eyes from the young beauty.

"I can already tell this won't end well." Crys thought, her eyes falling to the floor as she shook her head, remembering a past she'd hoped to have forgotten years ago.

The young Crys sat happily with her mother, on the swing set in her yard, watching her brother Jet make a sand castle nearby. "Mommy, why's daddy gone away?"

"He's got important work, honey." Crys's mother explained. "He's an executive in the Red Ribbon Corporation, you know? He's on a business trip this week. A very important one."

"Red Ribbon Corporation?" Crys asked. "Isn't Grandpa a scientist there?"

"Yes, your grandfather also works for them." Crys's mother answered, with a smile. "Though grandpa's work is a bit different."

"Yeah, he makes robots, right?" Crys asked as she nodded, smiling.

It was that smiling face that hurt Crys so. The very person they'd been raised by, and the very one that had betrayed them...

"Crystal?" Jonathan spoke, bringing the teen back to reality. "We need to check your heartbeat now."

"Oh, right."

Across the world, Goku and Kuririn sat down around a campfire, eating the deer that Goku had managed to round up for breakfast. "So, Kuririn, what's your life been like? I mean, where did you train before you came to see Old Timer?" Goku asked, biting hard onto the meat.

"A place in the east, called the Oorin Temple." Kuririn replied. "I grew up there, all of my life, really. My dad was a great Martial Artist, who taught me a lot of what I know now, including the Kienzan, though I've still yet to totally perfect it. Dad and I lived alone for a few years, but then, he...he made the wrong people mad, I guess you could say. A group of people called the Red Ribbon Army. They...They got rid of dad, and then the Oorin Temple took me in. I trained there for a long time, working my hardest to become strong so I could avenge dad. However, when I heard of Kame'Sennin, I decided to take his training, to make me stronger."

"Oh, I see." Goku replied, with a smirk. "I'm sure you'll do fine, Kuririn. You'll definatley be strong, strong enough to take out those guys who hurt your dad."

"Thanks, Goku." Kuririn smiled, then stretched out a bit. "Well, I guess it's time to head after that rock, so...SMELL YA LATER, GOKU!" Kuririn laughed, dashing off as fast as he could.

"KURIRIN!" Goku shouted, chasing after the other pre-teen, rivaling his speed.

Yamcha yawned a bit, getting up from his bed as he noticed Mai beside him. "Morning, babe." Yamcha smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he went to get his clothes on. After the movie last night, the two had gone far farther than Yamcha had expected for someone he just recently met, though he wasn't complaining. It could be said that his fear of women was nonexistant, after the night before.

"M-morning." Mai yawned, getting up as well, and getting dressed. "You ready for some training, babe?"

"Yeah." Yamcha smirked. "Kami-sama, we're gonna be tired after all of this." Yamcha laughed as he walked outside, with Mai following. "Hm? Mai, did you see Puar anywhere?"

"Nope." Mai replied, shaking her head. "She must still be asleep."

"Yeah." Yamcha replied, doing some warm-ups before noticing something strange near him. A sword. Not just any sword, but his own...his own sword, drenched in blood. "What the hell?!" Yamcha said, running towards the sword, grabbing the hilt. "What happened here?! Did Puar take this? What's going on? Where's Puar?!"

"Jet, you're up." Jonathan called as the teen nodded, entering the examination room, and stripping down as Crys had done before him, taking a seat on the bench. "Why do hospital rooms always remind me of the past?" Jet thought to himself, remembering the past. "Oh...that's why."

The young Jet set quietly in the waiting room of a hospital, tightly clutching his twin's hand. Crys was in tears, and Jet was speechless as a doctor walked out to inform the two children of their mother's condition. "Jet, Crystal..." The doctor spoke, lowering his head. "I'm afraid your mother has passed on."

"What? No!" Crystal shouted, in tears. "Mommy! Mommy can't be gone! NO! This is just a nightmare!"

Jet didn't move, reflecting upon the scene Crystal had seen when the two had gotten home earlier that day. A few days prior to the events, Jet's father had lost his job as an executive at Red Ribbon Corp, as they'd been put out of business by Capsule Corporation's newest product, the Hoi-Poi capsule. His father, being a man of pride, couldn't bear to tell his family this, and took his own life. The twins's mother had been hurt deeply by this, which Crystal saw first hand that day, as she came home from school, running into her mother's room to show her her report card, only to find her mother hanging from the ceiling, dead.

Jet couldn't find the words to say. Crystal had always been more attatched to their parents, and now that they were gone, he had nothing to say, nothing to reflect upon, except death...


Next Time: Yamcha makes a desperate search for Puar, accompioned by Mai, but will they come across anything leading them to Puar, or will they be finding a corpse...? Meanwhile, Goku and Kuririn's search for the rock concludes, as the next part of the duo's training begins! Also...we take a look at Puar's situation...and her new master and classmates...! All this and more, in the next exciting tale of Another Story!

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