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The loud bell lingered through the empty hallways. Then in a split second, the once empty hallways were now full of eager teens. For it was finally Christmas Break!

Liz finally made her way to her locker. Todd was already there waiting for her. "Hey. Ready for Christmas break?" he asked, and then leaned in and kissed her. "Yeah, of course! It's going to be great!" Then Jess approached. "Hi Lizzie!" she said sweetly. "What do you want, Jess?" "Well, actually… I need to use the car tonight, ya know to go shooping for Christmas? Well anyway, Todd, be a dear and take Lizzie home for me. Okay… buh bye!" And with that she was off.

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins. They have the same color golden blonde hair, and identical blue-green eyes (the same color as the Pacific Ocean.) They are both juniors and a perfect size 6. They are both 5'6. Elizabeth has been dating Todd for a long time now. Jessica has had many, many off and on relationships. She has a new crush every week.

Elizabeth is exactly 4 minutes older than Jessica. She is also the more responsible twin. She does the "eyes and ears" column in the Oracle. The Oracle is Sweet Valley High's high school paper.

Jessica is the more outgoing, spontaneous twin. She is always educated on the changes of fashion, so she always wears the right clothing. A family joke between the Wakefield's is Liz was born on time… and Jess was born 4 minutes late. That is pretty much the way Jessica is. She believes a party doesn't start until she gets there.

"Well I guess I am taking you home! Are you ready?" Todd asked her. "Yeah, just let me stop at the Oracle office.

The girls felt they had a perfect life. I mean… what was wrong in their lives?

As soon as Liz got home, there was a note from their mother, Alice. It said' "family meeting at 6." Hmm… I wonder what this is about. Liz thought. Oh well, I'll guess I'll find out in a couple hours. And with that Liz went into her room and started on her homework.

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