Jess woke up about two hours later. She peeked in her sisters room, only to find the bed unoccupied and made up. Ugh. She thought. Just like her. I mean come on! It's Christmas Break! I'm surprised I'm up this early. She quickly jumped in the shower. She was down in the kitchen within a mere 45 minutes. A record for her. "Morning." She mumbled to anyone who may be listening. Her father replied, "Good AFTERNOON, Jess." He emphasized the afternoon, because it was already noon. "Whatever, same thing." Jess mumbled before grabbing a glass of orange juice. "So dad? Um... why can't mom start a design firm here? I mean, why in Florida?" she asked her father. His answer got her curious. "Jess--, there's a lot you don't know about this. Please, it is not my place to tell you. Your mother will, when she's ready."

By the look of pain on her fathers face, she dropped the issue. For now. She thought. Of course I'll look into it. I wonder what he meant. Hmm… Only one way to find out. "Where's Liz?" she asked her father abruptly. "She is with Todd. She went out to breakfast. I think she'll be home any minute." Her father informed her. As if on cue, Liz walked in the front door. "Lizzie! I NEED you. Come here!" Jess dragged her sister into her room, not giving her sister much chance to decline.

"Jess, what's going on?" Liz asked her twin. "Lizzie, dad told me something interesting." She quickly informed her sister about her previous conversation with their father. "So Liz, what do you think he meant? What does mom want to tell us?" She asked, curiosity filling her voice. "Well, I don't know, Jess. I was thinking something was up too. I mean, it's perfectly possible for mom to get a firm here. I mean, she is talented enough. What is driving her to Florida?" Liz wondered aloud. "Or- WHO is driving her to Florida?" Jess added. "Well, Liz. We can't just sit back. We must do something. Please help me, Liz. I have a plan." Jess said, her eyes sparkling mischievously. Her eyes always looked like that, when she had something planned. Liz knew this look well. For it was unlike Jess to do something mischievous or dramatic.

"Oh, alright Jess. You're right. So, enlighten me on your plan." Jess gave her sister a brief hug, and then explained.

"Ok, so dad said mom had to run to "work" later, right?" Liz nodded. "Well, there's only one way to find this out. We will follow her." Jess said. Liz looked suspiciously at her twin. "Jess, do you really think this will work?" "Of COURSE Liz! And even if it doesn't, what do we have to lose?" Knowing her sister was right, she agreed. They were to leave shortly after their mother left, to see what their mother was up too.


A few hours later the twins took off after their mother. They told their father they were going to the Dari Burger, and they would be back later.

"Liz! Hurry it up! Moms way ahead of us!" Jess yelled to her sister. "I know Jess! I'm going!" she yelled back. "Um... Liz! Isn't her firm that way? She's not going to work!" Jess accused her mother. She was angry that she lied to her. "Jess, don't always assume the worst... maybe…." Liz's voice trailed off, as her mother got out of the car. The building they were in front of, it was definitely not her mothers firm. They were standing right in front of the hospital.

"Um…Liz? What's mom doing at the hospital?" Jess asked. "I'm not too sure, Jess. I guess we can follow her? Or should we just go home?" Liz asked, predicting Jess's answer before it left her lips. "Duh, Liz. Of course we're going in." Jessica said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. The girls took off into the building, trying to go unnoticed by their mother. As they followed, the twins noticed their mother walked into the baby wing of the hospital. Being curious, as always, the girls followed. "Liz, who do we know that had a baby?" Jess whispered to her sister. "I don't know." Liz replied.


Alice walked into the baby wing, nervously glancing around her. She was worried that someone might see her. Being paranoid, she looked around for the man that had been blackmailing her. She was afraid, so she went to the one person who made her feel better. As she approached his office, she quickly wiped the tears off her face. She ten knocked at his door, and walked in.


Liz and Jess watched their mother walk into an office. They went to the door, and it read Dr. Smith. The sisters then put their ears to the door.


Alice walked over to Jim, and he immediately knew something was wrong. He came to hug her, and asked what happened. "Well…. We've been found out." She sobbed.

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