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Today was a very cool day for early autumn. Yuki and Tohru were working at their secret base preparing the garden for some more strawberry plants. Yuki watched from behind as Tohru worked on the soil wearing her very short blue long sleeve dress. Three months after Akito's death the zodiac curse was lifted forever and all those under the curse could now leave normal lives. As Yuki watched he couldn't help but be captivated by Tohru's long smooth legs and how soft they'd feel under his fingers.

In the two years they'd known each other Yuki had fallen for Tohru, and not just because she was a cute and adorable young woman. He also enjoyed her intelligence and the way she would try to make things easier for him, even when she had her own problems to deal with. While he continued to watch Tohru leaned forward to pull out a weed, her dress travelled upward slight, exposing her light pink panties.

"I never realise until now, Miss Honda, but you have very pretty legs," Yuki said kindly.

"Oh uh, thank you very much but my legs aren't that special. I'm sure there are girls with prettier legs than mine," Tohru replied sheepishly, not realising her panties were still showing.

"Not at all, Miss Honda, your legs are quite beautiful. But you may want to wear a dress that's a few centimetres longer. That's if you don't mind others seeing the panties you're wearing," he elaborated, sending her into a panic fit.

"Oh no, you could see up my dress! How could I be so careless? This is totally inappropriate! Maybe I should go home and change clothes," she replied frantically, flailing her arms around wildly.

"There's no need to go that far, Miss Honda. It was a simple accident and no one has to know about it," he reassured her taking her hand.

"Oh well thank you, Yuki. It would be embarrassing if anyone else but you saw up my dress," she answered, blushing from his touch. "I guess I don't mind if you see my underwear,"

Yuki gave her one of his rare smiles that made her feel all warm inside and her legs suddenly turned to jelly. He was so handsome when he smiled she thought her heart would melt. Upon trying to get up to plant the seedlings Tohru's legs refused to hold her weight, toppling forward she expected to hit solid ground only to land in Yuki's arms. As he cradled her in his arms he couldn't ignore the depths of her diamond blue eyes. (A/N: If that's not the colour of her eyes don't burn me for it.) Slowly he leaned down to brush his lips against hers, teasing her ever so gently. The usually timid Tohru took Yuki completely by surprise when she wrapped her arm around his neck pulling him into their first kiss. The sensation of his lips touching hers was so overwhelming and pleasant Tohru thought she had died of happiness. The couple stayed like that long into the afternoon just sitting and holding each other, paying no attention to anything else around them.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here I wonder," came Shigure's idiotic voice from the path to the house. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you two were falling in love,"

"You can be so damn annoying sometimes, Shigure, you know that! Now shut your mouth before I punch your lights out!" Kyo shouted from behind.

"Now, now, Kyo, we don't want any violence in front of the new couple... unless Yuki's the one being violent," Shigure said cowering from Yuki's death glare.

"If you ever tell another living soul about what you saw, Shigure, Hatori will be forced to castrate you," Yuki threatened, grabbing a gardening pick.

With that out of the way Tohru packed up the remaining seedlings while the boys attempted to throttle Shigure. She couldn't help but giggle at the thought of a dog being afraid of a cat and rat, unless they were trained in the martial arts. Once that was done Yuki and Kyo along with the still cowering Shigure, carried the three boxes with new plants for the garden back to the house. Shigure was right though, she was falling in love with Yuki. The kiss they shared felt so nice she wanted it to continue for hours, Yuki was her knight in shining armour, it felt so natural to be in his arms.

"By the way, Tohru, have you given thought to what we'll be having for dinner?" Shigure asked.

"After working in the garden for hours with me, your asking what she'll be making us for dinner. You truly are a selfish idiot," Yuki retorted, fed up with editor's antics.

"For once I have to agree with that damn rat. I did manage to cook for Tohru when she was sick so I can do it again. Just tell me what you want and I'll try not to burn it," Kyo replied, resisting the erg to bury Shigure upside down in the ground.

"That's right, the leek soup he made me was really delicious. Maybe you should try doing a cooking class, Kyo," she said thoughtfully.



After eating Kyo's dinner of soba noodles with fried chicken Tohru sat in her room after a relaxing bath, brushing her hair. She and Yuki had been sneaking glances at each other when they thought Kyo and Shigure weren't looking. For some reason she wanted to take a bath with him and even sleep in his arms at night, she couldn't explain it. There were so many things she wanted to do with him, even take off her clothes for no other reason than to just be with him. But she couldn't understand why she wanted to do things intimate couples would do together.

'I still can't believe that Yuki and I have become a couple so quickly. We've been living under the same roof for two years now and I've always thought of him as a really handsome guy. I'm so lucky to have him as my boyfriend,' she thought giddily, as she removed her towel to changing into her pyjamas.

Just as she was about to change in to her pyjama pants there was a knock on her door, then Yuki's soothing voice. "Miss Honda, I hope I'm not interrupting anything but may I come in?"

Tohru though for a moment. 'What would Yuki say if he came in and saw me naked? I guess it's still a bit too early for that sort thing,' she quickly slipped into her pyjama pants tearing them in the process. "Just a minute!"

"Is anything the wrong, Miss Honda? I thought I heard something tearing in there," Yuki asked from the hallway.

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