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Things between Kyo and Reno Mizusaki were coming along smoothly, they could always be found having lunch together either made by herself or Tohru. Kyo made it a habit never to force Reno into something she would find uncomfortable. And not only was she good at cooking like Tohru, she was also great at gymnastics. He even went to cheer her on at one of her competitions where she won second place. Kyo repeatedly asked Reno what her costume would be but she said he would have to wait until the night of the party. She and Tohru really enjoyed each other's company, as did Arisa and Hanajima as well as the rest of the Sohmas.

"So what are you guys going to be dressed as tomorrow, Tohru?" Arisa asked leaning back in her chair.

"I wish I could tell you but Yuki said he'd punish me if he finds out I told you two," Tohru giggled, remembering Yuki telling her exactly how he'd punish her.

"Punish you? Me thinks the prince has an evil side to him," Hana smirked happily.

This made Tohru giggle even harder. "Part of me wants to tell you. The things we do sometimes are really dirty I wouldn't be surprised if we made love right here in the classroom,"

"Do you have to put that image back in my head!" Kyo shouted sitting at his desk. "I mean its bad enough that Shigure and his editor girlfriend go at it nearly every night!"

"Tohru, please tell me you and the prince are using protection," Arisa pressed.

"You have nothing to worry about, Arisa. I would never risk getting Tohru pregnant unless we were ready to have children," Yuki reassured, joining the conversation. "That's one of things I talked to Hatori about when I went to the main house last month,"

"That's a relief, Tohru you are way too young to be having children just yet," Arisa sighed.

"Can we stop talking about sex!" Kyo shouted storming out of class to find Reno.

"For once he's right. All this talking about sex is making me horny," Yuki added his finger's running up and down Tohru's neck. "And he is exaggerating a bit. Tohru and I have only made love twice. We have all the time in the world and simply being close to you my princess is more than enough,"

Tohru just smiled more and leaned into his hand while her cheeks took on a slight shade of pink. "Yuki," she sighed.



"Shigure! Shigure are you home?" Mii called knocking on Shigure's front door.

"Well if it isn't my favourite little bunny. I've kept up with my deadlines so what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" he asked coming up to her from the path.

"Hey, you promised you wouldn't tease me anymore! If you don't apologise right now I won't show you what's under my pants," she pouted fiddling with the button of the front of her jeans.

"All right. Please forgive me, my dear, I didn't mean to tease you. I just love you so much I couldn't help myself," Shigure wailed dropping to his knees at her feet. "Will you take your jeans off now?"

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I think I will," she answered seductively, undoing the button above the zipper. "I hope you like surprises,"

Taking the zipper between her thumb and forefinger Mii pulled it down agonisingly slow. Shigure watched like a dog waiting for its dinner as she pushed her jeans low enough for him to see the black lace crotch-less panties she was wearing.

"This is all I'll be wearing under my dress tonight. Come to my house at 5:30 and make sure you bring a change of clothes with you," Mii explained, swaying her hips in front of his face.

"As you wish, my dear. But before you go I need you to help put out this fire you've started in my pants," Shigure replied yanking her jeans down to her ankles.

xxxxxx Lemon Alert! xxxxxx Lemon Alert! xxxxxx

Pushing her up against the outside of the house, Shigure pulled her jeans away from her feet before spreading her legs slightly, exposing her sex to him. he kneeled in front of her to get a better position in front of her womanhood before he gently licked, nipped and sucked at the soft skin. Mii's hands grabbed Shigure's head and pushed it harder against her lower regions, he smirked at her impatience and slipped his tongue deep into her passage.

"Oh, god... Shigure!" she moaned, clenching her eyes shut.

By her feverish strokes of his hair he knew she was close to coming and increase the tempo. Her sweet juices coated his lips and chin as she came in small bucking thrusts. Lapping up the rest of her nectar Shigure stood to his full length and sealed his lips over hers, letting Mii taste her arousal. She whimpered as his tongue played with hers and squeezed her butt cheeks in both hands. Parting for much needed air Shigure smile as Mii's hands worked on his pants, releasing his erection from its confinement.

"No sex until tonight, Shigure. But I do know another way to put out that fire of yours," she whispered, sucking on his earlobe.

"Would you please put in out already," he groaned as her fingers closed around his length and slowly stroked him.

"As you wish, my dear," she replied copying his line.

Dropping to her knees Mii licked the tip of his length before taking it in her hot mouth. He gasped as she moved her head back and forward over his length, teasing the head with her tongue each time she brought her head back. Two hands rest atop her head as she slowly increased her pace. With one final and loud groan he threw his head back as he shot his load in her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed.

xxxxxx Lemon Alert over! xxxxxx Lemon Alert over! xxxxxx

"You have a very talented mouth, my dear," he panted leaning against the front door.

"So do you, Shigure," Mii replied pulling her jeans back on. "Remember, my house at 5:30 wear a suit or something and bring a change of clothes,"

"Don't worry, I won't be late. But just remember, I am going to screw you to exhaustion tonight," he smiled seeing a shade of pink on her cheeks.

"Down boy," she giggled.

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