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Titans L.A.

Chapter 3

Matt and Gar made their way back onto the dance floor, eyes wide open and mouths gaping open. The atmosphere was amazing! Hundreds of bodies swayed back and forth in rhythm, moving in time with the dancing lights around them.

Eurohouse switched over onto the deafening speakers, and some people on the floor cheered. The beat was incredibly catchy and Gar found himself moving to it, his body following suit to other dancers around him.

As he danced next to a group of stragglers, he saw his cousin making a move with a blonde-haired beauty. A moment later, the blonde's hand traveled to Matt's cheek, his face turning to the side. Gar sighed then laughed, looking at his cousin watch the blonde go with a look of sorrow.

Matt then looked over and spotted Gar, speed-walking up to him. "That chick was feisty as hell!"

Gar shook his head. "What did you say to her?"

"Nice rack," Matt blushed, looking around nervously.

"Dude, I should slap you too! You're too much," Gar laughed again at his poor cousin.

The duo left the floor and headed over to the bar upstairs, just as the music changed again; Gar grinned when he recognized it to be Panic! At the Disco.

Sit tight, I'm going to need you to keep time,

come on just snap snap snap your fingers for me
Good good, now we're making some progress

come on just tap tap tap your toes to the beat

The cousins took a seat next to a gorgeous woman with dirty blonde hair, which included some noticeable red-orange highlights. "Hey boys, great scene here, huh?" she asked, smiling. Gar's glaze met her's, and it that split second he was mesmerized.

And I believe, that this may call for a proper introduction
And well, don't you see? I'm the narrator, and this just the prologue

"Definitely. My name's Gar Logan…very nice to met ya," the changeling said, returning the smile and offering a hand. "Bette Kane, and the pleasure's all mine," Bette answered, taking his hand gently.

"Hey, what about me?" Matt interrupted.

"Oh, sorry…this is my cousin, Matt Logan," Gar said, rolling his eyes. "And it's VERY nice to meet YOU, my dear," Matt spoke slyly, taking Bette's hand and kissing it in affection. Bette laughed and pulled away. "Pleased to meet you…I think."

Swear to shake it up if you swear to listen
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention
I aim to be your eyes
Trophy boys, trophy wives

"So, what brings you boys here?" she asked, interested. "I don't think I've seen you two around here before."

"Well, I'm not new in town, but I haven't lived in Hollywood for about four years. I'm just returning to start a new game on an old playground, if you know what I mean," Gar commented, chuckling.

"Ah, so you sound like the kind of guy who likes a good dose of excitement. Not that we ever have enough in this two-bit town," Bette commented back, comically sarcastic.

"Well, our pad's a couple blocks away…I've been in Tinsel Town longer than I've wanted to be." Matt chimed in, winking at Bette.

Bette yawned, then covered her mouth quickly, embarrassed. "I'm sorry…long day."

"Understandable. Buy you a drink?" Gar asked politely.

"Wow, that's really sweet of you! I'll take an I.Q., if you don't mind," Bette indulged.

Gar ordered Bette's I.Q. and ordered a martini for himself and Matt.

The trio sat and chatted for a while, stopping to take sips of their drinks. Apparently, Bette was studying to be fashion designer and played tennis and listened to dance/techno music in her spare time.

"This girl is a real knock-out," Gar thought to himself, gazing into her pretty, smiling face.

Soon, Bette began to stand up. "Well, boys, I have to get home now. I have an interview downtown tomorrow morning." She then gave Gar a napkin, folded two times. "Call me sometime, greenie," she said seductively, then laughed, winking.

While the cousins watched Bette walk downstairs, Matt whistled. "Man, Gar, you bagged yourself a beauty."

Gar just punched his cousin in the arm, but couldn't help wondering…

"Why did the girl seem so familiar?"

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