I had so much fun with the friendship between movieverse Remy and Scott in Prodigals that I hitched it up a notch. Of course, you can't say "Summers brothers" without bringing Alex/Havok along. By the time I starting sketching out the relationships between those three, Adam-X/the X-treme threw himself into the plot and wouldn't let go.

Thus, "Elemental"

The novel tie-in to X1 first presented Scott Summers having some girl-trouble at prom (Incidentally, the novel also spells this section "prolog" which makes me twitch as much as the word "tyre). Nothing about being orphaned or living in the streets. Of course, it didn't say anything about brothers either and pretty much lambasted the Jean-Scott age difference with "1986" printed clearly before the prom scene, but I claim my right as a fanficcer to pick and choose details. ;)

"Elemental" begins early in the summer of 2005 (thanks for the tip about Senate hearings, Minisinoo!), three months after Jean Grey's death ((cough)). I've chosen to ignore Hurricane Katrina, not because I want to forget it happen, but because I feel it's too soon to write about it. I will admit to thinking "Oh! Plot point!" but mashed the temptation down. Also, I would like to emphasize that the portrayal of Christopher Summers is not meant to represent all those who work for the air force/military/navy.

Much thanks to my betas, E and fyrechilde, as well as everyone who said that writing a Big Story With Premeditated Plot isn't as scary as it sounded. Another ten frillion thanks to all the readers who've hung on this long. Here's to finally getting sleep! Maybe...