1(Beast Boys POV)

It had been at least two years since Trigon. I went into the bathroom, we had just beat Billy Numerous for the umpteenth time this week and I had worked up a sweat.I started to think about the past two years which brings me to Blizzard (a.k.a: Calvin Tramdon).

1 year ago

I walked down the hall thinking about pranks and how to make Raven smile. The main room was busy as usual. Cyborg was working on who knows what, Robin was talking to Star and Raven was reading her book.

I skipped in, went to the fridge and got some tofu cake, my own special creation. I then walked over to Raven, who must have eyes in the back of her head (though Ive yet to find them) because she told me to go away before I had a chance to say anything.

"Come on Raven! Im not that bad!" I said.

"You sure fooled me." She said in the usual depressing way.

I made a big frown and got to eating my tofu creation. I wondered why she hated me so much. I decided to mellow out a little and stop being so hyper. My thoughts were cut short because the alarm sounded. It was Mad Mod.

He turned around. "Oh, hello my duckies."

"You're coming with us." Robin Said cooly.

"Don't think so governor." He said.

Only to get nailed by a giant ball of water. He crashed into the nearest wall. Water came out of thin air rapped itself around him like a cage, and then froze into solid ice.

I looked to where the ball had come from and was shocked at who I saw.

Cyborg saw my expression and asked. "BB, do you know this guy?"

"Ya." I said still, staring at him. "He's my cousin!"

I stared at him and he stared back. The cousin that had left the Doom Patrol, my cousin. We said our greetings. He stayed with us and soon became the official sixth Teen Titan on our team. Blizzard is my age and we get along pretty well. I am one week older than him. He gets along with the rest of the team too and soon earned their trust (even Raven's!).

Present Time

I washed my hair and lathered myself up with soap (personal hygiene was a virtue I had discovered about eight months ago). I finished got out and wrapped a towel around my waste.

I stood in front of the mirror and gazed at my reflection. I had grown the most out of all the titans. I was about 5'8", Robin 5'9", Cyborg at least 6'2" Blizzard was my height, Raven was about 5'4" and Starfire 5'6".

(Raven's POV)

Beast Boy was playing video games with his cousin, Robin was chatting with Starfire and Cyborg was updating the tower.

I sat and read my book for a while

"Damn it!" Beast Boy yelled

"Dont be a sore loser BB! said Blizzard.

"Shut Up!"


Beast Boy stood and walked over to the fridge where I happened to be standing. He reached over me with ease. He grabbed some tofu.

"Morning Raven!" The changeling said with a smile.

'He's looking right at you!' said one of my emotions.

'Quiet!' I said in my mind.

It was then that I realized I was starting to blush.

"Morning." I replied.

He looked at me with those green eyes of his and made another smile then joined his cousin, stuffing the tofu in his mouth.

He came back a few minutes later to get more food and noticed the book I was reading.

"I didnt know you liked books of romance." He said

"Uh, ya." I replied.

At that moment I stood up and went up to the roof. He was so different then he was two years ago. He used to be a goofy, annoying, skinny, short, weak, little prankster. Now he was almost the exact opposite, a dreamy, charming, much more heavily muscled, tall, strong and hot guy. Wait, what was I thinking? It was Beast Boy. Ya, I liked him a little more than I showed, but LOVE?

Me and LOVE didnt mix. He was probably really popular and wouldn't want me anyway, right?

'Have you seen how he looks at you some times? said Lust, one of my more annoying emotions.

'Tell me about it!' said Love. 'He is so hot, and in good shape too!'

All of my emotions started talking at once and it was getting very irritating

"Shut up!" I yelled

"But I didnt say anything!"

I turned around to see Beast Boy standing behind me. He had a very intimidating grin on. I turned around and blushed out of embarrassment.

"Watch Doin?" He asked

'Ask him out!' Said Charming.

'Shut it!' I said in my mind.

"Im just watching the scenery." I told him.

(Beast Boys POV)

There I was standing next to her, she was even more beautiful then she was last week.

Well here it goes. I thought.

"Well, I was wondering.Uh...if ...you would like to go to the pool later today?"

(Ravens POV)

Did he just ask me out? No he is probably just trying to be nice or was he?

"Ya, I would like that." I told him.

(Beast Boys POV)

'Yes!' I was screaming in my mind but kept cool on the outside.

"How about at twelve?" I asked.

"Okay." Raven said.

"Okay see you then."

"See you."

I hopped down the stairs; I was so happy that she has said yes. I went to the mall since it was only ten and I bought a pair of green and yellow trunks that went down to my knees. We walked to the pool at eleven-thirty and got there by twelve.