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Author's Note: Sorry for the extremely long delay. I lost everything to a computer virus, depressed me a little bit. But I got my list of the drable prompts put back together so I'll be updating this again :)

It was another typical day in the life of one Usagi Tsukino. She'd woken up (late of course) to the sound of her mother screaming at her from the bottom of the stairs that she had better get a move on because she was going to miss breakfast. She grabbed a piece of toast and took off for school at a dead run.

As usual, she made it just after the bell had rung. This in turn that she was once again sent out into the hall for the first 10 minutes and then berated publicly by the teacher for her tardiness. Ms. Haruna believed that one day the humiliation would encourage her to be on time. Ha! Not likely.

After class, the usual meeting at Rei's temple followed by Luna running in to tell the group about a youma attack happening in the park two blocks down the street. Everyone transformed and took off towards the disturbance. Of course, she ended up being the weak link and had to be saved by Tuxedo Mask. Usagi wanted to pull her out in frustration from the sheer monotony of it.

Just as she was considering if it would be less painful yanking it out by the handful or strand by strand, something different happened. Tuxedo Kamen didn't set her down in front of the other senshi and then disappear off into the night. This time, he disappeared off into the night still clutching her to his chest.

Later that night as she snuggled under her covers, and thought back to the wonderful conversation followed by the best kiss of her life (it was her only kiss so far but she just knew that it was the best) she could only hope that this day could become her routine. When Luna asked how her day went, she airily replied, "Oh you know, just the same old song and dance."