I will make only one disclaimer in this story. I wrote it a while back, didn't own any of the characters then, still don't! No copyright infringement intended. Most of my readers know I am an AU girl all the way. This was written before DH, so please read accordingly and remember; I have kidnapped the characters from JKR and placed them into my own little world, to do with as I please! Dance My Puppets, Dance!

Platform 9 3/4 was crowded as the kids all rushed to get a seat on the bright red train. Ron and Harry were on the lookout for Hermione. Harry had spent the summer with the Weasley's and had finally gotten back together with Ginny. Even though Voldemort wasn't defeated yet, Harry had come to the conclusion that he would be able to protect Ginny better if she was with him.


The whole Weasley family was at Grimmauld Place along with the rest of the Order; Remus had just brought news that Voldemort was trying to gather the giants to his side. They had wanted Hermione to join them, but she was vacationing with her parents in Southern France. This may be the last time she would get to spend with her parents, so they figured they would just see her on the train.

From outside they heard a commotion. The twins ran to the window and called the rest of the boys over. Outside stood their sister facing her current boyfriend. He was a questionable bloke from Durmstrang, at least in her brothers opinion; then again no one was going to be good enough for the only female Weasley, no one but Harry that is, and well, he was a little preoccupied at the time with Voldemort and all. They could hear Ginny using a few choice words and pointing her finger at the boy. They could never remember his name; Tomas, or some such name. He was another one on her trail of boyfriends. The one thing all of the Weasley boys hated, but could not deny was their little sister had quite the head turning body and was drop dead gorgeous. This fact only made their jobs harder at protecting her from all the men that were interested in her and men were interested left, right, and center. There were even men Remus' age that tried to approach the teenage girl. They watched as Tomas stepped closer to Ginny and leaned down to say something to her. She shook her head and put her hand on her hip. They saw her look up to the sky and roll her eyes. The next thing, Tomas had grabbed Ginny's arm and pulled her body against his. It looked he was going to kiss her, but he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. From where they watched, they could see the tears starting to form in Ginny's eyes. All of them wanted to react, but it was almost as if they were frozen in place. Ginny brought her knee up between his legs and Tomas let go of her and grabbed his crotch.

Inside a feeling of pride swelled up in all the boys witnessing this. Tomas staightened himself and the next instant he brought his fist around and made contact with Ginny's face. This unfroze the boys and they all made a mad rush to the door. Out of the house piled a group of red heads and a black haired wizard. Harry was shocked that a guy would punch a girl, angry at what he had just watched and concerned for Ginny. On the ground was Tomas, howling in pain, with Ginny standing over top of him, her wand pointed at his groin. Ginny's next words made all of the males in listening distance grab themselves in pseudo-pain.

"If I ever catch even the slightlest whisper of you hitting a girl again I will severe your dick off with a rusty, dull butter knife and then I will shove it down your throat. By the way, in case you didn't just figure it out, we are through." Ginny turned and noticed all of her brothers standing outside. Stomping towards them, she growled at them to move out of her way. They all complied immediately and she marched through the middle of the group.

Ron, concerned for his sister, asked if she was alright.

"I am fine, Ron. I can more than take care of myself. One wizard isn't any threat, after all most people forget I survived a year at the hands of Voldemort when I was 11!" At Voldemorts name many in the group cringed. They hadn't forgotten what had happened to their sister, they couldn't, the guilt ate away at them. What they came to realize, was just how strong their sister really was.

After that, Harry wouldn't let Ginny out of his sight and finally one night after Ginny nearly taking his head off for following her everywhere and him doing some impressive groveling, they decided to give the dating thing one more shot.

end falshback

The three heading back to Hogwarts were saying goodbye to their parents when Malfoy walked past them wearing of all things a Head Boy badge. The trio groaned and prayed that Hermione had gotten Head Girl, at least this way the year would be more manageable. The Weasley's disappeared back through the barrier and the trio turned to board the train.

Fred and George were discussing a new product and Bill was listening in. A young woman had her back turned and was waving at a departing car. She crashed into Bill who caught her before she hit the ground, however he didn't save her bag in time and it spilled all over the pavement.

"Damn it!" the girl cried and quickly bent down to retrieve all of her belongings. She was on the ground on her hands and knees gathering up books, her butt was stuck up in the air. The three Weasley boys were admiring the view very much. She was wearing a pair of 1970's tight shorts that hugged across her bottom all too nicely. She had smooth dark tanned legs and she was wearing platform Converses. Her spaghetti strap tank top had ridden up her back and her belly chain could be seen as well as her thong string peeking up over the top of her shorts band. On her left shoulder blade they could make out part of a tattoo and they had noticed another one on her right ankle. Snapping out of their trance they bent down to help the girl out. Man, there were a lot of gorgeous muggles out there.

The girl quickly shoved everything back into her bag, murmured her thanks and stood back up. If they thought her back looked impressive, it was nothing compared to her front. She had a pierced belly button and a small ring in her upper right ear as well as the other three in each ear. If Fred had to guess he would say her measurements were about 38-24-36. She had the perfect hour glass figure and, well, to be blunt she had huge knockers. Her face was exoctically beautiful. She had fine eyebrows that arched over large chocolate brown eyes, high cheek bones and full lush lips; her neck was slender too. Her hair hung to the middle of her back in soft brown curls with blonde highlights.

Bill was trying to take the beauty in without making it look like he was gaping, unlike his younger siblings, who were standing there with their mouths open and drool coming out.

"I have to apologize, miss. Is there any way we can help you find your train?"

Hermione smirked to herself and realized that the Weasley boys did not recognize her. This should be fun. You see, over the summer Hermione had learned how to party and fix herself up.

"No, thank you, I know exactly where I am going, but if you wouldn't mind to carry my trunk for me it would be greatly appreciated!" Her voice was slightly husky.

All of the Weasley boys ran to the trunk and heaved it up. If she had a trunk, that meant she was probably a witch. Bill braved the question.

"Um, miss, are you by any chance a witch?"

"If I wasn't I might take offence to you calling me a witch!" Hermione gave them a dazzling white, perfectly straight toothed smile over her shoulder. She continued heading to 9 3/4 and walked right through. They followed and now knew for sure she was a witch. What luck, a girl this gorgeous and a witch, too. They loaded her trunk onto the train.

The girl in question was looking for someone. Fred thought she may be looking for a teacher or someone who would guide her to where she should go since that is what they did with all new students. George wanted to make conversation with the beauty.

"So I assume you are going to Hogwarts. What year will you be in?"


"You'll be in my brother's year. He has red hair like us. Really tall bloke, not hard to miss."

Hermione decided to really play this one up.

"Is he as good looking as the three of you?"

Fred and George coughed and Bill stepped in letting his experience with women take over for him.

"He's alright looking, but if you want a little experience I can help you out."

Hermione walked up to him, so she stood against his chest. She wasn't nearly as tall as Bill, most people weren't, only Ron reached his height, but she did come up to his chin. He guessed her to be around 5'9", 5'10". Her body felt so good against his chest

"I'll just have to tell him and Harry that when I see them!" she breathed out.

He caught something in her last statement and so did the twins, who were watching the exchange.

"Hey, you know Harry and Ron?"

"Of course I do. I have been their best friend for 7 years now!" She blew a kiss to the twins and then to Bill and walked away to the train, her hips swaying back and forth. She was just about to step on the train when she heard a shout of realization.

"Blimey, Hermione?"

She turned and laughed at the boys standing on the platform and gave them a little wave before heading in to find her friends.

On the platform the three boys were still shaking their heads in disbelief. Their little brothers female best friend had gone from bushy haired annoying book worm to ultimate sex kitten in 2 months flat.

"Ron is going to be kicking himself. He broke up with her last year to go out with Lavender because Lavender was prettier," one of the twins informed their older brother.

"If Lavender is prettier than Hermione, I will shave my head and take out my earring forever," Bill laughed, thinking how Ron was going to react when he realized what his ex looked like.

On the train Hermione was searching up and down the corridor looking for her friends. She opened a compartment door and was greeted by Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy and Zabini.

"Well hello, welcome to the Hogwarts Express. If you like, we could give you a personal tour!" Blaise purred out. He really was as gorgeous as everyone claimed he was, in a dark way. Draco was gorgeous too, but was the opposite of Blaise. Where Blaise had dark hair, dark skin and dark blue eyes, Draco had almost white blonde hair, translucent skin and silvery eyes.

"Crabbe, Goyle get out and keep everyone away from here!" The two hulking boys obeyed Draco's comands instantly.

Oh, Hermione was going to have fun with this. She entered the compartment and sat opposite the two boys. When she crossed her legs she knew it made her already short shorts ride up even higher. Both boys were licking their lips.

"So, boys, do you want to play a game?"

"What did you have in mind, kitten?"

"How about a game of truth or dare?"

"I'm game!"

"Me too!"

"Since I'm the only female here, can I go first?" Hermione pouted out her already full lips.


"Blaise, truth or dare?"

"Hang on, how did you know my name?"

"The same way I know his is Draco." With that, she pointed up to the shelf above the boys heads, where their bags were stored. Both bags had their names monogrammed on them.

Both boys nodded their heads in understanding and the game resumed.


"If you could do anything you wanted with me, what would you do?"


"Absolutely anything!"

"Wow, I would probably take you to my room and make love to you all night long. I would bring you to your climax so many times, your throat would be raw from screaming my name." Blaise sat back and smirked at his best friend, who looked quite impressed.

Hermione just sat on the other side and smiled.

"Draco, t or d?"


"So, Draco, now that you've heard what I would do with our new friend here, what about you?"

Draco chuckled out. "I like your line of thinking, but I think it would be so much better in one of the halls, where you could get caught at any moment. I am Head Boy, so I have the authority to take you out of class; once you were out, I would lift up your school skirt and slam into you, right there in the hall while classes were going on, so if you made any noises people would hear. I would slam into you over and over until you clenched around me. Then I would lower your skirt and send you back into your classroom." Blaise whistled his approval.

"Now it's your turn!"

"Let's keep going with the truth."

"Same question for you, but with Blaise and I"

Hermione stood up and walked over to the boys. She pulled out her wand and locked the door, pulled the curtains and silenced the room. She straddled Draco's lap and his erection instantly sprang to life. She pulled Blaise, so he was behind her and she started to rub her ass in his crotch, while rubbing against Draco. Blaise grabbed her hips and started to grind himself into her. Her breasts were rubbing in Draco's face and he was sweating trying to keep his hands off of them. Hermione reached up and wrapped her hands around Blasie's neck. With her back arched, it pushed her breasts out even more and it gave Blaise a perfect view down her top. Draco lost his fight and reached for her. Her breasts more than filled his hands and they felt exquisite. Behind, Blaise already had his pants and underwear around his ankles and was rubbing his erection into her ass. She quickly stood and pulled off her clothes. She was stunning and Draco hurried to catch up with the other two.

Hermione straddled his lap again and pushed him down on the seat. She raised herself above his erection and brought herself back down on it. Draco groaned in ecstasy and Blaise started to roll her nipples between his fingers as she bounced up and down on Draco. He gently pushed her forward and slid a finger into her. When she responded with a moan, he continued and added another finger, scissoring them back in forth to loosen her. Each time he was greeted with a low moan. He finally placed himself at her back entrance and slowly slid in. Once he was all the way in, he slid out slowly, then back in again. He wanted to go slow, most girls were uncomfortable with this and it hurt. It could be said that Blaise was a considerate lover. Hermione turned her head and ordered him to go harder and faster. She had done this before, but never both holes at once. It felt so good, she felt so full. Draco and Blaise got into a rythym and Draco reached down to rub her clit. Soon Hermione was seeing stars and exploding, pulling both boys with her. She stood and cast a cleansing spell on herself and quickly dressed and unlocked the door. As she started out Blaise asked her her name.

She simply turned to him and said, "You probably know my best by the nickname Draco gave me!"

"I never gave you a nickname other than when I called you kitten, but how would I know your real name!"

"No, I'm talking about the other nickname!"

"What one is that?"

"Mudblood!" Hermione turned and walked out the door.

Both Blaise and Draco sat, hardly breathing. Was she saying that they had just had probably the best sex of their lives with Hermione Mudblood Granger? No; couldn't be. She was just trying to trick them. They would find out who she really was.

This year was off to a great start for Hermione as she looked for her friends. Yes, she was going to leave her mark at Hogwarts this year. No one would soon forget Hermione Granger.