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Dedication: Rosa Cotton and TimeMage0955

Rating: T

Summary: When Colin Pevensie returns from war, things are not as he left them, particularly not between his two sons...(Brotherfic) (Book and Moviebased) (NO Slash)


/Personal Thoughts/

Nighttime Demons

By Sentimental Star

Chapter One: Midnight Musings

(Present Time, Peter's P.O.V.)

The dimly lit clock-face on your night-stand reads 1:00 A.M. You toss and turn in your bed, caught in the throes of a nightmare. The far-off explosions of fireworks over the Thames River can still be heard, announcing that the War is over, and the Allies have won.

We would have been out along the Thames's banks, too, watching them set those crackers off. But Lu's gotten sick, and we didn't want to leave her, even though Mum said we could.

I think Su's off with her latest beau, though. She alone of the three of us went out tonight. You and I, we stayed inside with Lucy, talking about Narnia.

So maybe it's just as well Susan isn't here. She doesn't talk with us anymore, and I can see it in your face and in Lucy's tears. It hurts you.

It hurts me, too.

Mum's not told us yet, but I can see it in her eyes. Dad's coming home soon. He doesn't have to fight anymore, now that V-E Day has arrived.

What will he think when he sees us, I wonder? We've all grown so much, and in such different ways. Different, even, from our friends. Eustace and Jill feel it a little, too, I know.

Because that's what Narnia does to you.

We aren't the same frightened children that he left behind when he was drafted to fight in the war. We went through a wardrobe and found ourselves saviors to a magical world on the other side. And we became kings and queens there.

That's what he'll find: two kings and a queen. I'm not sure if Susan counts anymore—she seems to have forgotten Narnia, though I hope not.

I bet you two pounds Dad won't figure out why, though. He would never believe us even if we told him. Mum didn't, just smiled and said she was glad we had found a way to amuse ourselves.

At least he won't be away fighting. But I bet he'll be surprised when we talk to him about battle plans and strategic maneuvers, like we know exactly what we're talking about.

Because we do, Ed. I know I don't have to tell you that.

And maybe he'll be woken up one night by you shouting in your sleep, like he used to be when we were little. But he won't understand this time, because he doesn't know that demons of a very different sort haunt your sleep.

Remember? He always used to laugh when he found us in the same bed the next morning…