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Impossible Love – Chapter 16

King James Possible looked down from the window out into the garden. He could see his daughter clearly, holding hands with young Ronald, could see the smile on her face. There was nothing overt in their gestures, Kimberly was well trained in being a lady, even as she fought against that nature, and Ronald knew enough as well to school his actions within the palace walls. Anyone else seeing them would have only seen two friends, but James knew otherwise.

He had watched them in that struggle against Lipsky, he knew how they felt. He had feared that very thing not too long ago, watching them as the two grew up. He had even sent a few men to keep watch over them at their spot by the river on occasion, knowing well what the idea of being alone could do to two young people such as them, but they had never displayed anything untoward in the past.

But now, it was different. Recent events had brought them together. He knew the tale, had listened to it well from all involved. He even suspected his daughter's virtue was not quite as intact as he would have liked in relation to that young man, though not one person he had spoken to had said anything. It was just a feeling he had, and he had come to trust his feelings, even if he had forgotten that these last few weeks.

He turned from the window now, heading down the hallways. He passed by the guards securing Susan's room, locked as per his orders. They bowed slightly in his presence, and he nodded in return. He had originally wanted to deal with her as he had Killigan, by executing her, but the words of the others had stayed his hand.

"Father, you can't."

James' eyes flashed with annoyance for but a moment, before softening. "I know you have been close to her. She has been with you many years, but you must understand..."

Kimberly just shook her head. "Father, it is not her fault. Lipsky has beguiled her with his magicks. She is not to blame."

James frowned, turning to the old man named Sensei. "Is this true?"

Sensei nodded. "It is so your Majesty. Magic most foul has been cast on this young woman."

"Can you remove it? Restore her to herself?"

Sensei hestitated, taking a deep breath. "I know not. The magicks that Lipsky used are most powerful indeed. I can help her, but I am not certain as to how much."

James cast his gaze back to his daughter, could see the pleading in her eyes. Even after all that the woman had done to her, Kimberly still defended her. "Do what you can for her. If she will not pose a threat to the kingdom, she will be spared. That is all I can promise."

Indeed, Sensei had been able to help, somewhat at least. Her mind was her own again, though she would never be the sweet, demure young woman she had once been. She was harder, almost petulant, and quite often rude, but Sensei himself had said she would not pose a danger. Of course, she was forever marked by her experience. The green fire that Lipsky had cursed her with remained, as did the pale green tinge to her skin. Neither could be removed safely, and would stay with her all her days. For now, she had leave to exit her room, so long as she was accompanied. He trusted Sensei's judgment, but he also was not one to take chances.

James passed now the new quarters of the palace's newest resident. With the need of a mage, and with Sensei returning to his school to teach, the old man had brought forth the young techno-mage Wade to serve. The young man who had helped his daughter and her friend had almost eagerly agreed.

Of course, as James looked in on the young man, he saw that five days had not yet been enough for the young man to fully unpack. James marveled at the strange contraptions and mystical bobbles that filled the rather large room, and it took him a moment to spot the young man, even with his dark complexion. "Are you settling in well?"

Wade spun, startled, but he recovered quickly. "Majesty, yes, I am. Thank you."

James nodded, taking one last look around the room. "If you need anything, just ask."

"I will Highness, thank you."

James smiled at the boy, who looked so nervous, and back out again. He headed for the front door, looking to get out in the sun and fresh air, hoping to clear his mind. So much had happened, all of it running through his mind. About how Fiske had betrayed all of them, from stealing the taxes to the uprising. At least now the kingdom's financial worries were solved, now that they knew what had happened. Fiske's vaults were still full when he had sent men to scout the former Lord's keep. It wasn't everything that had been taken, but in capturing many of Fiske's mercenaries, and the amount recovered, it would be enough to stabilize the kingdom until proper taxes and trade resumed. James just wished the Lord had lived, so that he could deal with him personally.

But Fiske had just been a noble, one from a family of power and influence. He could understand betrayal from that angle. What hurt had been Lipsky. The two of them had grown up together, even schooled together, before Lipsky had gone on to study the mystic arts. James had had no reservations about bringing his friend in when he had returned from his studies. And for the life of him, he could not understand where he had gone wrong.

As for the rest of the nobles who had supported him, most were in exile now. Some remained, those he knew had been forced to help by a more powerful family member that supported the mage, but most were now gone, with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, escorted to the border with promises of execution if they ever returned. Knowing them to be a cowardly lot, he knew none of them would be back.

But ten of the noble houses has joined with the mage, and that was disconcerting. Oh sure, there were over fifty noble houses in the kingdom, all with land and influence, but the sheer fact that many had joined with the mage... it made him think about the state of his rule. Still, dividing up the confiscated properties among the loyal houses should help prevent anything like this from happening again. As well, Lady Bonnie Rockwaller, new head of the Rockwaller estates, was quite firmly on the side of the royalty, and she would be a stabilizing influence in the interesting days ahead.

James sighed as he opened the door, looking out on the courtyard. Sword Captain John Tee was drilling a squad as Captain Barkin looked on. The Captain had been especially hard on drilling his men the last few days, preparing for the worst. But it was Barkin himself who took on the blame for his men's failings in first failing to protect the Princess, and then in the capture of the royal family. James had had to refuse the man's resignation once already. Still, once the man knew that he would be kept on, he worked harder then any of them to try and restore the royal family's trust in him, even if James had never lost it in the first place.

But there was one other situation that demanded his attention. As James passed the men sparring, making his way to the staircase that led up to the walls, he thought on the final point two days ago that was making this decision so easy and so difficult at the same time.

James had been told of their arrival well in advance, his men relaying the message of their coming. Now, he and his family stood ready at the front door to the palace, young Joshua beside them.

While most of his men remained in the field, it was still a good sized force. They had probably started marching before Lipsky had been defeated, and though word had obviously reached them, King Mankey still brought a sizable force, just in case.

King Mankey dismounted his horse and strode up to the royal family, where he grasped his son into a tight hug. "I am pleased to see that you are well my son."

Joshua returned the hug, a little embarrassed, but relieved just the same. "I would not be if it were not for my friends."

It was Queen Andrea who spoke first. "You are too modest Prince Joshua. If it were not for your heroic actions, we might not be here today."

King Mankey pulled back slightly to take a good look at his son, as if seeing him for the first time. "Is this true?"

Joshua nodded slowly. "Yes Father, though all I really did was assist."

But King Mankey just smiled. His son, always so quiet and contemplative, spending time in his room painting or with that artist of his, had fought, and fought well. Even now, despite the humbleness on his face, he could see the strength that was now showing through. "My son, you have done me proud. And your actions in helping to save their kingdom bode well for your union with Princess Kimberly. What a fine match this will be indeed."

King Mankey caught the look of trepidation that crossed his son's face, as he glanced back towards the princess. For a moment, he was confused, taking in the bowed posture of the princess, one almost of defeat, before glancing back to his son. "What troubles you my son? Surely you and the Princess have spoken and find the match suitable."

"I do indeed Father. I foresee a great union between our kingdoms." Joshua cast a glance back at Kimberly before steeling himself. "But there shall be no wedding between the Princess and I."

King Mankey's eyes widened in shock, even as Princess Kimberly's head shot up in surprise. The rest of the royal family was equally stunned.

Taking advantage of the shock, Joshua pushed on. "Father, I will be marrying Tara when we return to the kingdom."

King Mankey gaped openly for a few moments. "Absolutely not." His voice was filled almost with rage, his hands clenching beside him. "No son of mine will marry a commoner."

In the past, seeing his father's fury, Joshua would have backed down quickly, acquiescing to his father's demands. But the last week had indeed filled Joshua with a strength, a strength that he drew from what he had seen and done, things he never would have dreamed himself capable of before coming to meet the princess. "Then I shall not be wed at all, not in your lifetime." King Mankey seemed taken aback by his son's refusal to back down, and even more so by the threat. Joshua pushed on. "There is no law in our kingdom that says I must marry from nobility. If you refuse my choice, then I shall remain unwed until such time as you pass, and then marry Tara anyways."

"Joshua, you will not..." King Mankey trailed off, as he realized that they had an audience. "We will discuss these matters in private."

There had been much shouting in the Mankey quarters, and mealtimes were not much fun, but in the end, after two days, they had left, the wedding canceled. That didn't mean the end of ties though, as several new trade accords had been reached in those two days, between bouts of arguing, as well as an invitation for the entire family to attend his new wedding, once a date was set.

James sighed as he reached the top of the stairs and moved out along the wall. A few guards nodded in passing, though they kept their gaze outward as Barkin had trained them. Finally, he reached his destination, his whole point for coming out here.

Andrea smiled to her husband as he moved up behind her, holding her tightly about the waist. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder, as she continued looking out over the countryside, watching the small river meandering off into the distance. "Have you reached your decision then?"

He took a moment to breath deeply, catching the scent of her hair. "I have. It was not an easy decision to make."

"I know, but it's the right decision."

"I know... I know..." He held tightly to her, enjoying the faint breeze and the sun shining down on them as they held each other, no longer needing words to express how they felt.


James held his wife's hand as they made their way into the garden, smiling slightly as Kimberly and Ronald jumped at their sudden presence. He could see the conflict in her eyes, whether it would be proper to release Ron's hand, even as she never wanted to let go. "Father, Mother, you startled me."

James smiled briefly before setting a frown upon his face. "I apologize, but there is something that we must discuss."

Kimberly frowned now as well, casting a wary eye to Ron before looking back. "Yes Father?"

James cast a look to his wife, who just nodded serenely before continuing. "While Joshua has decided to cancel the wedding, you must still find yourself a husband. You are far too old now to not be considering that. After all, the good of the kingdom demands that the bloodline be preserved. That is why I have arranged for anouther, a young noble who shall marry you, one that hopefully you will agree with."

Kimberly's face showed all the horror that statement implied as she clutched Ron's hand tightly. The young man himself looked like he would almost be sick, defeat etched in his features. Kimberly was almost gasping for breath as she managed to find the words to speak. "But Father..."

James shook his head quickly. "I am sorry Kimberly, this is the way it has to be. Unlike in young Joshua's kingdom, the rules here are quite explicit. You must marry into nobility, I cannot change that." He watched his daughter sink within herself, and gave a final sigh. "Of course, there is still one serious problem."

Kimberly lifted her gaze questioningly, even as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "Problem?"

James smiled brightly now. "Yes, of course it will be a problem. If I give the Stoppable family the Fiske holdings, wherever will I find anouther stable master as good as Gene."

Kimberly blinked as what her father said sank in, and then her eyes shot open wide. "Fiske... but... that would mean..."

Andrea was particularly radiant, as she no longer had to hide the smile. "I believe Ronald's father has already consented to the union."

Kimberly squealed with joy as she wrapped her arms around Ron. Ron though just looked stunned. "What..."

Kimberly pulled back and kissed him hotly, much to her parents bemusement and consternation. "Ron, WE are to be wed!"

Ron blinked as he caught on to what was being said. "We... you and I..." Kimberly nodded excitedly. With a yell, Ron lept to his feet, Kim held tight in his arms as he spun her around. "BOOYAH!"

When he set her down, Kimberly practically flew into her father's arms. "Oh thank you Daddy!"

James held his daughter close, stroking her hair gently. "Anything for you Kimmie-cub."

After hugging her mother, she flew back into Ron's arms, chattering excitedly, Ron doing the same. Andrea pulled her husband away, to leave the two of them alone. "I think those two will be very happy together."

James wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders, kissing her softly as they left the two teens alone. "I do believe you are right dear, I do believe you're right."


Four months later...

"That will be all Michelle."

Lady Bonnie Rockwaller smiled brightly as she looked in the mirror, putting down the brush. Life couldn't be better for the young noble. She controlled all the Rockwaller estates and properties, she was courted by the finest noble young men in the kingdom, and she had all the power she could ever want. Oh, she wished she could have snagged the young prince for herself, but all in all, things could not have been better.

She finished her preparations for bed, giving a soft sigh as she finished changing. She had anouther ball to attend a few days hence, and she wondered which of the young nobles she would allow to court her this time. Lord Flagg's son was quite strapping, a fine physical specimen, but Jason Morgan, son of the leading trade family, was also a prize catch. So many choices to make.

"Still as beautiful as ever Lady Rockwaller."

Bonnie spun at the strange male voice that came from behind her, and her hand shot to her chest as she recognized the man standing in the shadows. "L... Lord Fiske? How..."

Fiske's smile was bright in the candlelight as he stepped forward. "How did I survive? It was not easy. But that is not what is important."

Bonnie backed up until she felt the bed behind her, and she gave a strangled gasp. "I will summon my guards."

"I think not. You see, by the time they were to get here, we would already be gone."

Bonnie swallowed sharply, her voice dropping in fright. "Gone?"

"Oh yes my dear. You see, I realized where I made my mistake before. I trusted in others, when I should have trusted solely in myself. When I made my escape, I discovered what I had been missing, what I had needed to take what I had wanted. Magic."

Bonnie was still backing up as the larger man advanced. "Wha... what do you want with me?"

Fiske smiled, an evil grin. "Why my dear, you play a key role. You see, I did not have time to study, that would take too long, and I want my revenge. But you see, there is anouther type of magic, the kind given by the Gods themselves. I sought them out, and I pleaded with them to give me what I wanted, what I needed. They did of course, but there was a price. You see, the Goddess, she wants to re-enter the world, but to do that, she needs a host. A very... special host. You my dear."

Bonnie fell to the floor, and tried to crawl away, but she found herself pressed against the wall, no where left to run. "Stay... stay back. I'm warning you."

"My dear, don't be frightened. After all, soon you will be helping me to rule the world."

Lord Montgomery Fiske stepped fully into the light now, and as Bonnie took in his appearance, she screamed.


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