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Danny Phantom trudged into the main office up to the receptionist. He was getting sick and tired of all the Invisobil merchandise and cartoons they made. He fumed at how the movie made his romantic interest a girl similar to Paulina. The cartoons made him the evil guy or else he was a good guy gone bad. They made up a stupid story on how he died. AHhh!

Danny wasn't as tired lately. He convinced his parents to close the portal. There were still ghosts but there wasn't as many as before. This gave him a little more time for himself.

He finally stopped at the desk. The receptionist obviously wasn't looking. Danny cleared his throat.

"My name is Daisy. How may I help yooou…? AH!" The receptionist screamed at the sight of Danny.

"I need a lawyer." Danny said bluntly.

"The next appointment open is in an hour. You can take a seat in the waiting room if you want." Daisy had obviously gotten over her previous shock. Danny smiled and took a seat. He's got a whole hour to waste! But before he could think of a way to fill it his eyelids drooped and slowly shut.


"Mummy, why do we need a lawyer?" a young girl asked her mother as they traipsed into an office. The mother smiled and evaded an answer. She walked up to the secretary and was ushered into the waiting room.

"Look Mum there's a large Invisobil doll in this chair!" The mother smiled as her daughter dragged her over to the rather large, life-sized, realistic looking doll. She smiled as her daughter clambered into its lap and gave it a hug. She watched as her daughter slowly fell asleep. She grabbed a magazine on a counter and sat next to her sleeping daughter. Why are they selling all this Invisobil stuff? He's an evil ghost! The lady turned to her magazine and started reading.


Danny's hour was almost up when he woke up. He looked down and saw a tiny girl sleeping in his lap. He smiled and was about to drift back to sleep when he saw a clock on the wall. He slowly shifted his weight so as not to wake the sleeping girl. He slowly stood up carrying the tiny girl and walked over to the only other person in the room, a young lady with curly, honey coloured hair. She had her back faced to him as she was looking through a pile of magazines. He tapped her on the shoulder and watched her shocked reaction.

"Please don't hurt my darling baby." She pleaded. Now it was Danny's turn to be shocked. Then he remembered! He was the bad guy in her eyes. He was Public Enemy #1. He was 'Invisobil'.

"I'm not going to hurt her!" Danny protested "Why does everyone think I'm evil!" The tiny girl squirmed as he held her out to the lady. She took the girl and hugged her tight. Danny smiled and started to turn around but was stopped.

"Thank you." The lady smiled through teary eyes graciously. "Her father is quite abusive and I'm a bit overprotective."

"Is that why you're here?" Danny asked. She nodded and her face dropped. "She looks a lot like you." Danny pointed out and she smiled.

"You don't sound evil at all."

"Tell that to the rest of the town." Danny turned and walked up to the receptionist's desk as she called his name.


"All you do is go up those steps to the next floor and Mr. Jacobs office is the 5th door on the right." Danny looked confused for a second.

"Can't you just point in the remote direction of the office so I can phase through the roof." The receptionist blinked. She was sure that this was just a prank some kid is trying to pull. She pointed up in the direction of the office and watched as he flew through the roof. Her expression was shocked when she realized it was the real ghost.

Danny phased into the office and straight into a chair. The lawyer smiled as he noticed that this indeed was the real 'Invisobil'.

"So what have you come to see me for?"

"I want to sue InvisoCorp!"

"Then you came to the right place!" Mr. Jacobs explained all the legal procedures and costs. Danny nodded and smiled. Mr. Jacobs knew what he was doing! Danny corrected Mr. Jacobs a couple of times on his name but other than that Danny was pleased. He thanked Mr. Jacobs and shook his hand heartily after making another appointment. Before he left Mr. Jacobs stopped him.

"The fact that you're a ghost might not be welcome in the world of law. Just remember that if this commences you will be open to people suing you!" Danny nodded sadly. It was all for the best wasn't it.


The next day at school:

"So you were serious when you said you wanted to get a lawyer." Sam questioned Danny.

"Yeah and now I need my rich best friend to offer to lend me money."

"I know that isn't me." Tucker exclaimed as he dug into a pile of meat. Sam made a gagging sound at Tucker and then turned to Danny.

"I won't lend you the money." Sam watched as Danny's face drooped "I'll give you the money though." She watched as he brightened up. She smiled at him and reached for her backpack. She pulled Danny out of the cafeteria and looked around. When she saw no one was there she gave him some of the money in her backpack.

"Isn't your allowance rather large?" Danny asked as she glared at him. He gave her a hug and then blushed. "Thanks."


On the way to his appointment with Mr. Jacobs Danny ran into a bunch of Fire fighters trying to hose down an unstable building.

"My son is in there! You've got to do something!"

"We're trying Miss! The building is structurally unsound and it would be a risk to send someone in!" Danny paled. (A.N. if that is even possible in ghost mode.) He phased into the building and searched it from top to bottom. In a corner at the back of the house was a young child around the age of seven. Danny didn't even think. He grabbed the boy and phased them out. As soon as he had phased out of the building it collapsed and fell straight to the ground.. He stared at the young boy in his hands and handed him to a couple.

"I don't know how I could repay you Invisobil!" the woman cried as her husband hugged her tighter.

"You can start by calling me Danny Phantom."

"You know what Danny Phantom? You're not such a bad guy after all."


Danny looked at his lawyer in interest while he counted the money.

"That is enough isn't it?"

"It's more than enough. May I ask you where you got the money?"

"My best friend gave…" Danny put his hand in front of his mouth.

"Who is this best friend?"

"I… uh… I can't tell you." Danny informed Mr. Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs smiled and changed the subject. He told Danny that they will know the set date for the court hearing the next day. Danny just listened and nodded paying attention carefully to what his lawyer had to say. He laughed at himself as he left. 'I might not be a C student if I paid that much attention in class.'


Danny was flying on the way home when he heard a scream. He rushed towards the sound and gasped. On the ground was an old lady and leaning over her was a middle aged women. He could see she was crying. He looked at the cause of the accident. A couple of teenagers sped away from the scene knowing full well what would happen if they were caught.

"Somebody call an ambulance!" The middle aged lady screamed. She let out a large sob. Danny flew to the ladies and picked them up. He flew at top speed to the hospital. The hospital was nearing and he flew to the emergencies door.

"Please help my mother!" sobbed the middle aged lady to the hospital doctors "don't let her die." The lady turned to Danny and watched as a single tear ran down his cheek.

"Thank you" the lady sobbed as she gave Danny a hug. Danny pulled back and disappeared into the night.


The next morning:

"You saved a little boy from a burning building and delivered a car crash victim to the hospital!"

"Well Yeah…"

"I don't think you need a lawyer!"

"Yeah I do! My parents are opening the portal again." Danny looked at his friends. There shocked expressions showing it all.

"Can't you convince them to close it again?" Danny shook his head and sighed.


Danny flew to his next appointment with Mr. Jacobs when he saw the box-ghost picking on some guy in the park. Danny swooped down and sucked him into a thermos. Danny saluted the guy and went off to his next appointment. The man looked dumb-founded as Danny flew away.


"You want the good news or the bad news?" Mr. Jacobs asked Danny. Danny shrugged and Mr. Jacobs went on talking.

"The good news is that the government will allow you to have a lawyer!" Danny was about to jump in the air when he remembered that there was bad news too. "The bad news is that you can't sue Invisocorp."

"What? Why?" Danny looked astounded. He had gone through all that trouble and it wasn't even worth it.

"The government got in first. They're putting you up in front of a jury to decide whether to stick you in that Ghost Zone for good. The Fenton's will be there to help with the judgment." Danny groaned and stood up. He was handed a legal document concerning the case.

"You've got to be kidding me?" Danny gasped. "This says that the court hearing is tomorrow!"



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