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Plus just a warning: Everyone is a bit OOC. Granted they break down and stuff but you get the point. Read anyway.



Danny ignored them and made his way to where his intuition was telling him to go: the North Mercy Hospital

Danny's parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, chose this particular time to make a rather loud entry. They looked at their tracker and looked up to see their son leaning against the window of the ER. (Danny has since changed to human mode.) They walked up to get a better view of what he was looking at.

"Jazzerincess?" Jack gasped. The Fenton's dumped their stuff and established themselves by the window. Danny looked at the doctors and how they were struggling. Her heart beat was rapidly dropping and an important artery was suspected to have burst. He closed his eyes and leant his head on the window.

He suddenly opened his eyes and ran down the hall.

"Daniel Jack Fenton! Where are you going at a time like this." Unfortunately she got no answer for Danny was around the corner and in his Ghost mode before anyone could say 'boo'.

He phased himself into the ER (Emergency Room if you don't know this already.) and into Jazz. He forced her heart to beat faster. He could feel all the pain that she was in.

"If you going to do anything I suggest you do it now while I've got her overshadowed." The doctors gasped as he said this but went on their way. Danny willed Jazz's eyes shut but tried to keep her in a conscious state.


'Danny? Is that you? What's going on? I feel funny' Jazz said randomly.

'Yes it's me.' The figure that was Danny fell in pain.

'Danny what's wrong. How come you're hurting and I'm not.'

'Like I said Jazz. I'm overshadowing you.'

'Danny you get out of me this second. It's unfair for me you to feel the pain.'

'Nah. I deserve it.'

'What you deserve is people that are more grateful, a large tub of ice cream and A's all over your report card.'

'Those things are all great but… I really don't deserve it.'

'Stop thinking like that Danny. You're undervalued and you need recognition.'

'I know what I deserve and what I don't!' Danny saw Jazz lower her head and sigh.

'I'm sorry Jazz. I didn't mean it.'

'No need to apologise you're already doing enough for me as it is. When I get back I'll help you with your studying and buy you a big tub of ice cream.'

'Thanks Jazz. I'm feeling better already.' Danny got up slowly as he was still in pain and said to Jazz.

'Looks like you're all done. If you ever need help again I'll help you. So call me when you're in too much pain'

'I'll try not to.'


Danny forced Jazz to sleep and phased out of her body. He looked at the doctors who were grinning and laughing at how unconventional this operation had been. He was still in pain from the operation as he was feeling everything that Jazz was meant to be feeling. He gripped his head. I feel like I've been shocked by the Spectre Deflector only this feels a lot worse. A lot like when I was shocked by that bracelet earlier.

He tried to grab a hold of a ledge or a bench but his arm went intangible and he fell to the floor. He braced himself for the impact because he was in so much pain that he knew he wouldn't be able to catch himself. He closed his eyes to find that he fell through the floor and into a bathroom. He floated down to the floor and found himself inside the men's toilets.

"What luck." Danny exclaimed as he reverted to human mode and into a stall. That was where Jack found him…throwing up.


"Are you alright now sweetie?" Maddie asked Danny after he was presumably finished throwing up. Danny nodded and walked out the stall only to run back and throw up again. (Jack had told her where Danny is.)

This time Danny grabbed a towel from his mother and wiped his face clear and stared at his mother.

"I still don't feel comfortable with you in here." Danny motioned towards the sign that showed that this was definitely a men's bathroom. She smiled at him as he ran back into the stall to throw up once again. She followed him in and stroked his hair.

"You're my son and this is a hospital bathroom. It isn't used much anyway. You think that we can somehow get to a doctor or something?" Danny lifted his head and looked at his mother.

"No doctor's. I'm not that sick. Jazz is sicker." Maddie was shocked but she answered Danny anyway.

"Danny… You look very sick and I know that you don't really mind doctors. Is there something you aren't telling me?" Danny looked at his mother.

"If it makes you happy I'll see a doctor." She helped him out of the bathroom and asked a doctor for an examination.

"Don't worry about your sister. Phantom took care of that. She's resting fine."


Danny managed to get to the doctors office without throwing up. As soon as he got there he threw up in the small toilet that was in the room. The doctor looked at Danny and watched as he threw up.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Fenton. I really don't know what is wrong with him." At this moment another doctor and Jack rushed in.

"Ah. There you are Maddie!"

"We wanted to inform you about Jazmine. We will need to have a blood transfusion. As we said before she lost a lot of blood. Do you know anyone who might have the same blood as her.

"Danny has the same blood type as Jazz." Danny looked down. His blood was no longer the same because of the ectoplasm.

"Not anymore." Danny mumbled. His parents turned to him.

"What do you mean Danny?"

"What I mean is..." Danny sighed and looked up. He gave up trying to avoid telling them. "I give up! My blood is different okay!" Danny stopped shouting and stared at his parents.

"That doesn't answer the question. What's wrong Danny?"

Danny ignored them and grabbed some pain killers off the doctor. He swallowed them and walked out.

"Those are too strong for…" Danny heard the doctor saying but ignored him. The stronger they are the better after all he had technically been through an operation without anaesthetic or pain killers.


Somewhere in the ghost zone…

"That ghost kid is starting to get the humans to trust him."

"The whelp hasn't learnt to stay out of our business."

"That stupid dipstick. Always ruining everything."

"I say we all get rid of him once and for all"

"All in favor say Aye!"


"It's settled then. We attack him tomorrow."




I know they usually have blood banks but I needed this to make the plot go forward.


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