A/N: Hi guys. I tried. I really tried, but… I just couldn't quit. The fact is, I can be a very impulsive person, and, because… well, don't ask me why, I decided to quit writing this story. Then I decided that I should quit the site. And I couldn't for even one day. I kept reading stories and would've definitely put this up ages ago, if it weren't for my bloody bastard fucks of teachers giving me homework right next to the holidays (1 term). Although I have discontinued this story, I have decided to write one that involves high school. It's a comedy (what did you expect?) and possibly a parody, also crossed with romance (you know me). Thank you and goodbye. Well, not really, but shut up.

I just want to add one ting that's been bugging me for like 2 weeks. GAFFer, why did you read a story rated T if you wanted it to be cute? You should try only reading the K rated fics if that's how you feel. Now, I have a new story to start!