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Chapter 1. New Hero In Town


It had only been a couple of months since the Homecoming dance. But to Layla it seemed like years. Ever since the 'fabulous' Will Stronghold defeated Gwen and her goons, every girl in school wanted to hear the story. Even if it was for the millionth time. And each time it was the same version, the side-kick free version.

Ever since that night, none of his former friends had hardly seen him. The only person who got even remotely close was Larry, and that was only cause he was on the hero track. Even though it hurt everyone to see their friend dump them like that, they were especially worried about Layla. She was hurt more than anyone. For Will had been what she though was her boyfriend. But even with his behavior, she still continued to be his date for parties whenever he needed her. Only to be left standing in the corner while he went upstairs to lip lock with some other girl. All her friends suggested that she break up with him and get on with her life, but she refused to. Now it was a week before graduation and she was feeling like her life was waisting away.


"I'll bet everyone wants to know why I called you here." Coach Boomer said in his usual loud voice. "Well I'd like to introduce to you a very special guest that will be helping perform the graduation ceremony."

"I guess it's not the Commander. I don't see Will bragging." Magenta whispered to Layla.

"I think he'd be bragging no matter what!" Zack threw in.

"Here is a true hero that has past all obstacles and climbed to the top rung! A hero that is the best graduate we've had since the Commander! Please give a warm welcome to Chris Peace!"

"I wonder if he has a girlfriend." a brunette whispered behind Layla.

But she was soon shut up when everyone saw who Chris was. A girl of about 18 walked out onto the court and shacked coach firmly by the hand. There was no doubt about who's sister she was. She looked almost identical to Warren. Only taller and with longer hair. She wore dusty jeans and a beat up denim jacket. And instead of red stripes in her hair, she had blue.

"Warren, I didn't know you had a sister!" Layla whispered to Warren why was sitting not to far from her.

"I didn't think it was important." Warren shrugged.

"Chris, maybe you'd like to show all of the students you powers." Coach Boomer said still beaming.

"Sure coach. I'm a shape-shifter of sorts. I can shift fully into any animal." At that she morphed into an eagle and flew around the room. "Or just one part of my body." And at that she held a hand up and morphed it into a tiger's paw. "I can also take on only the ability of an animal. Such as breathing underwater."

"Now it's time for class. Everyone go back to your classrooms except for those who have P.E. now! Chris will be helping me teach today." Coach Boomer shouted.

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