Okay, this fic is kinda post-series, I guess. I haven't seen the end, so I can only guess what happens, not that it matters. Here's a warning for you guys, I don't explain how Sessh and Kikyo have gotten together and they're just married, call it a day.

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Chapter 1

Sesshomaru woke up as the sun began to make its presence known and announcing the arrival of a new day. Oh, he did not want the day to come. The day was going to be much too annoying. He just did not desire to deal with one item that he had on his schedule.

Sesshomaru knew he should be thankful just to be alive another day because he had so much to live for now. His provinces were peaceful and he had a beautiful, intelligent wife lying next to him and she was flesh and blood once again. She had him to thank for that. There was so much to be thankful for and he was willing to be grateful, if only he did not have a meeting today. He had to meet with quite possibly the most irksome of all creatures, a weasel demon.

Sesshomaru considered weasel demons to be just about the lowest of all creatures, down there with humans and wolf demons. Weasel demons bothered him because they tried to pretend they were civilized and honorable beings when they were anything but those two things. They were truly cowardly, devious barbarians and he hated to have just one in his castle with his family. Weasel demons would just pollute his perfect home with their presence.

The demon lord glanced down at his still sleeping wife, Kikyo. He enjoyed gazing at his unbelievably, indescribably wonderful wife, especially in her sleep. Her ebony hair was done in a braid to keep it from fanning out and knotting up, but even pushed to the side, it looked like an ocean of ink. Her porcelain features were so peaceful and flawless. Gently, he ran a knuckle down her cheek.

He could not put her into words, which for him helped explain why he was married to her. Yes, he knew it was unbelievable, but they were married. She had forced him to go through with the whole human ceremony of marriage. He had quietly protested the whole event by making sure to look as displeased as possible with the whole affair until he caught sight of her in her wedding garb, which some humans in his lands had provided her. Seeing her in a kimono for the first and, apparently, last time had made the whole human ceremony worth it to him.

"You looked like you had come down from heaven," he whispered, remembering her in her kimono.

People wondered why the stoic daimyo had taken a human wife. Well, those who were aware that he was married, anyway. First off, most people did not think that he cared enough to even think about acquiring a mate. He seemed to believe he would live forever and always, which meant he would control his lands always and never require an heir. After that fact, most people thought that Sesshomaru hated humans. So, why had he taken one for a wife?

Now, the dog demon was not fond of humans, but then again, he was not fond of most people and it did not matter what they were. From what he had learned, most people, humans and demons alike, were semi-intelligent at best. They had little to no sense of responsibility. They acted on emotion and desire rather than thinking things out. In short, people were fools and he failed to see the point in bothering with fools, unless it was necessary.

Kikyo certainly was not a fool and anybody with eyes could see that. She was just breathtaking to watch, just the way that she moved. How she carried herself reminded Sesshomaru of himself. She never showed any fear and never acted like she was not in control of any situation. She was always composed and never panicked. Every now and then, she did slip up, but he could forgive her for that, especially since such slips were few and far in between.

Kikyo had been the one to teach Sesshomaru forgiveness, so she was always the first to gain his newly discovered virtue. He glanced down at the dozing woman and though she was probably the most powerful human he would ever meet. One touch of her hand and will could reduce the mightiest of demons to a smothering pile of charred remains, which he thought was rather sexy. That same hand could touch him in a manner that was so tender and passionate that if he started to think about it, then it was going to be an eventful morning before he even allowed her to consider getting out of bed. He could not let things come to that because he had to get out of bed.

Sesshomaru groaned in a very low tone as he tried to ease away from his wife, but as soon as he moved, he felt her hand flex against his side. He cast his golden eyes down on her and saw that Kikyo was awake. Well, she was slightly awake as her chocolate eyes were halfway open. He knew she was going to get up with him, even though she should sleep a little longer in his opinion. He wished that she would get it in her mind that she required much more sleep than he did and she did not need to forsake her health just to keep him company.

"Don't get up yet," Kikyo requested in a quiet voice, trying to pull him closer.

"I have to prepare for my meeting this afternoon," Sesshomaru replied. He would love for the chance to be able to just lie next to her, but he doubted it would ever happen. There was always something to do.

"That is this afternoon, not now," she pointed out while pushing herself against her husband. The Lord exhaled slowly.

"Don't tempt me. You know I won't decline," he warned her.

A ghost of a smile floated across her face. "I know."

"We don't have the time for me to not decline," he informed her.


"No," he assured her.

Kikyo was not about to argue, especially since she could hear heavy footsteps rapidly approaching them. They both knew who was coming toward them. The door to the bedroom opened loudly and they were greeted by a loud giggle before the wannabe ambush was launched. Kikyo turned her eyes from Sesshomaru to ahead of her just in time to see nothing but white. She braced herself for the weight she thought would impact her, but the weight never made it.

"Rin," Sesshomaru sighed, shaking his head slightly. He held the girl in the air with one hand, so that she could not belly flop on him and Kikyo while they were still in the bed.

"Come on, it's time to get up. There's plenty to do!" Rin declared with a cheerful smile, wiggling in his hold.

Sesshomaru only shook his head again. As hard as it was to believe, especially for him, but Rin had become more energetic since Kikyo came into their lives. He was secretly pleased that Rin was overjoyed with having Kikyo around. Apparently, the girl required some human contact. Although, Rin and Kikyo were probably the least human humans he had ever met, and he meant that as a compliment.

Kikyo enjoyed having Rin around as much as the child delighted in having Kikyo around. The priestess adored children, which Sesshomaru was aware of. The dog demon noted how his beloved treated Rin, much like a daughter, so he officially adopted the girl, leaving no questions open as to who the girl was or why she was around. She was their daughter and that was why she was there. Rin easily fell into the habit of calling both adults "mommy" and "daddy."

"Um… Daddy, are you gonna put me down?" Rin asked because he just held her in the air. It was not like he could do it all day and he had already ruined her master plan.

"If you'll leave, so we can prepare to get up," Sesshomaru answered her.

"Okay, but you have to be fast about it," Rin informed both of them, wagging her finger at them. They both nodded.

Rin grinned while Sesshomaru placed her down on the floor. The child exited the room and waited for her parents to emerge, bouncing on her heels. The couple left the room dressed in their usual garments. Kikyo continued to dress in her priestess clothing, even though she was a noble now. She was most comfortable in her priestess attire. Besides, she still packed enough spiritual energy to bring even the most vicious of demons to his knees. Her choice in clothing affected Rin.

The little girl now refused to wear a kimono or a yukata. She wore hakama now and only hakama. She tried not to wear red or white because she wanted some individuality and not to look too much like her parents. Despite how much Rin admired the adults and tried to dress similar to them, she still rejected wearing footwear, much to Kikyo's dismay. The girl did enough running around for footwear to save her many cuts and scrapes. Rin did not care about being injured, though, which Kikyo knew was the mindset of most children.


Sesshomaru had lunch with his family. He wanted to do as many things as possible to avoid thinking about the meeting that he had coming up. He stared at his two ladies and he considered how one day soon, they would have to expand their family. He knew Rin would enjoy being a big sister. He knew Kikyo would make an excellent mother.

Most might assume that Sesshomaru was against having a half human child, considering his younger brother, but he did not even think about things like that. He thought of any child between him and Kikyo as their child, simple as that. Their child would be his heir and he would be proud. They would raise the child to be able to lead and no one would dare challenge their child, half human or not, unless that person was a total fool.

The silver-haired male actually believed that one of his father's stupidest moves of all time was to die when Inuyasha was born. That woman was not strong enough to raise a born social outcast properly to make the boy rise above everyone's hatred. Sesshomaru would never let his offspring turn out like Inuyasha had. He would not allow his child to be treated as something less than perfect and he would make sure that his child knew that it was above everyone else. His child would essentially be just like him, perfection.

"Hey, look at this," Rin said, balancing an egg on her nose.

Sesshomaru groaned and gave her the "soft" version of his glare. Chuckling sheepishly, Rin dropped the egg and covered her mouth, so he could not see her laughing. Of course, he could see the mirth dancing in her eyes. It did not help that he could see amusement in Kikyo's eyes as well.

"Sorry," Rin apologized.

"You know better," he pointed out. Having a child with her around would be a challenge since Rin seemed to pride herself on being feral, unless told otherwise, and he knew their child would look up to Rin.

"Sorry," she apologized again.

"Finish your lunch, please," Kikyo gently ordered, knowing Sesshomaru was already tense. Rin's antics would not help.


After lunch and all of his musings, Sesshomaru prepared for his day to be ruined. Oh, how he loathed dealing with weasel demons. They were always scheming on something, always trying to put something over on someone. He was meeting with the ambassador to discuss building a road between their two territories to promote trade between them and strengthen the relationship (which did not exist) between the two lords.

The dog demon was not thinking of his intense dislike of the weasels, but of all of the people that lived in his province. The trade would help the people prosper. His lands were not in desperate want of much since it was much of the land was good for farming and they were located near the sea while the weasels controlled a territory that was land-locked. The weasels had very fine fabrics, which Sesshomaru was not opposed to opening his land to and they also produced some of the finest poultry, which he expected from the egg-sucking, bird-eaters.

Sesshomaru was even more wary of the weasels because he had been informed the sneaks had been making inquiries about his mate. He did not like anybody being curious about his woman. She was none of their concern, but the emissary would see his beloved Kikyo. He was gradually making her known to the people that he dealt with, just so they understood she was his, under his protection, and demanded the same respect and loyalty as he did.

Sesshomaru greeted the weasel agent upon his arrival. The weasel was like Sesshomaru in the way that he appeared rather human. He had a thin long nose and beady jet black eyes. His hair was down his back and auburn, something similar to color of weasel fur. Some rouge brightened his pale cheeks. He was short and introduced himself as Hideo, bowing to the Lord. Sesshomaru felt like he should receive an award for not sighing and managed to get on with the day. Now, if I don't kill this creature before night is upon is, perhaps I can consider it a victory for all. Unfortunately, there were more pleasantries to pretend to care about.


Sesshomaru sat down with Hideo in a plain room after they made it through all the necessary politeness. There was a long table between them for papers and other items they would surely require during the meeting. Servants offered Hideo plenty of things, which he declined on. He was probably the only weasel demon that did not take advantage of hospitality, Sesshomaru thought. When the room was clear of everyone except for Sesshomaru and Hideo, the weasel demon began to make his proposal on the deal.

Minutes into the meeting, the door behind Sesshomaru slid open and Kikyo silently entered. She sat to the right of her husband, just a bit behind him. Hideo was a bit perplexed by what he believed to be an intrusion by an upstart human female. He then noted the Lord's reaction, or lack there of. Sesshomaru remained completely focused on the task at hand without even glancing at Kikyo.

"Will you continue?" Sesshomaru asked Hideo, who seemed stuck on the fact that a woman had the nerve to just be in the room with them while they handled business matters.

Hideo nodded when he realized that the Lord had asked him a question. He continued on, despite how odd the meeting became with Kikyo's presence. It was nerve-wracking enough when he had Sesshomaru staring at him with those frozen, killer golden eyes, but now the woman was in the room and he was not sure why she was there. He was confused about what he should do as she sat there formally, watching the floor. Should he address her also, he wondered, even though the Lord seemed to be ignoring her altogether?

Once Hideo was done with his part, the meeting became stranger still to him because the dog demon did not comment at all. He was aware the Lord was a man of few words, but this was not normal. Sesshomaru considered everything he had just heard before he opened his mouth. What the Lord said then further bemused his guest.

"What's your opinion?" Sesshomaru asked and Hideo thought that the daimyo addressed him. He was about to open his mouth, but the third person in the room spoke up first.

"Doesn't it all depend on if his Lord honors the treaties? He could always use the road as a swift means to lead an army against you," Kikyo pointed out in a calm, but clear tone.

Sesshomaru nodded and fought down a smile. She was learning. He was trying to get her to see that no one in his world meant what they said. He was aware that in the peasant world, there were people that were actually kind and thoughtful, but not in his world. He wanted her to learn to assume that everybody that said something to her had some underlying plot. He told her that she should think that whenever someone extended their hand to her in friendship, they had a snake in their sleeve to bite her.

Hideo appeared rather offended by Kikyo's words. Probably because there was some truth to them, the couple figured. The ambassador felt that he would not take such abuse from a human wench. What right did she have to make such noise anyway?

"Now see here—" Hideo started in a heated tone, but he was smoothly cut off.

"You'll have to excuse her. She speaks her thoughts rather plainly," Sesshomaru replied. It was one of the things that he loved about her. She said what was on her mind without fear and with great confidence, which he thought those were very sexy qualities.

Kikyo continued to speak rather straightforwardly throughout the whole meeting. Hideo was clearly not enjoying her opinion and it showed on his face, looking like he had swallowed something sour. Sesshomaru enjoyed the conference immensely because his wife brought some spark to it. She always had that effect on gatherings.

The dog demon often had Kikyo attend meetings, but he liked to keep people guessing as to what she was doing there. He insisted she arrive at her leisure, so she always showed up late because she liked to make sure Rin was secure before she left the girl. Kikyo always came in and sat right behind Sesshomaru without saying anything. Sometimes, she did not speak through out the whole conference. She would just observe how things were handled. Other times, he requested her opinion, but he liked it best when she just offered her thoughts out of the blue. It always unsettled everyone in the room, even men who had seen her at meetings before.


Hideo sat in the doorway of his guestroom, penning a note by candlelight. The letter read: My Lord, the rumors are quite true. Lord Sesshomaru is mated to a human priestess. I do not know what sort of powers she has, but if the rumors are even truer and she is as powerful as they claim, she could prove to be a great weapon for that arrogant dog to use against any demons that he dislikes. She could even be used as a propaganda weapon to rally humans to his side should he chose to start a war. I have not gathered whether he manipulated her into being with him, but it might have something to do with him pretending to value her opinion. Unless, he honestly does hold stock in the wench's words, which would make her a weakness of his to possibly exploit. Either way, she could prove to be a useful asset to you against the damnable son of a bitch.


Next time: Sesshomaru continues to be annoyed with bad news.