by Warringer



McKay stared at the screen of the laptop and crossed his fingers. It just had to work. If it didn't the Mega-Taifun would destroy Atlantis and kill him, Weir, Sheppard and...

He didn't want to continue this thought.

"Yes," he finally siad as the first lightnings hit the lighting conductors all over the city.

Unable to get away from Atlantis the flew through the superconducting corridors of the Ancient city and towards the shielding generators.

"McKay," he heard and turned to Weir who pointed behind him.

Behind him the main screen suddenly lit up, showing symbols that seemed to be like the chevrons of the Stargate. The chevrons flickered over the screen un til they stopped at a random position. The floating city shook for a moment and a beam of white light suddenly speed part the tower and into the sky.

"What the hell..."


The beam of energy shot into the sky and a part of it seemed to phase out. It hit one of the last LaGrange sattelites in the system, some special systems bouncing the beam back towards the planet.

The beam continued to speed towards the planet and to the single continent, hitting the ground only a few kilometers distant to the single, at the moment abandoned, town of the planet. Where it had stuck a giant rectangular object of white light formed in a few moments, 30 kilometers long, 20 kilometers wide and 7.5 kilometers high.

Like on Atlantis would change greatly in the future.