RuroKen and the Philosopher's Stone

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Chapter One

The Mysterious Letter

Magic exists all around us. It is in the air we breathe, in every star that shines, in every life that lives its course. Though some of us will never truly realise the extent of magic in the world, there is a world that is under our very noses that knows exactly what magic can do. Soon more will discover the true meaning of magic, one such person being Ten year old Himura Kenshin.

"Baka Deshi"

Kenshin sighed softly. Despite what some people may think, Himura Kenshin was by no means ignorant or stupid. Even though he had lived with his Shishou in the secluded mountains close to Kyoto and nowhere near any public school, Kenshin had been taught not only the Kenjutsu style, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu, by his master, but had also been taught academics as well. In fact, Himura Kenshin could speak in Japanese, Spanish, French and English, could do complicated sums and had good writing skills as well. Even so, it seemed to him that his Shishou was still determined to show him up as an idiot.

Kenshin glanced up at his master. Hiko Seijuro was a giant of a man – almost seven feet tall compared to Kenshin's four foot – with a thick mass of onyx coloured hair and wore an impressive looking white mantle draped over his muscular shoulders. Despite being around forty years of age, Hiko had the physique of a fit man of late twenties. He had just walked out of his cabin and had one hand resting against the open fushuma, revealing a katana tucked into his hakama.

"Hai, Shishou?"

Hiko smirked slightly. "How long have you been training under me now?"

Despite the fact that Kenshin knew he already knew the answer, he was more concerned by the smirk on his master's face. Wherever this conversation would be going, it wasn't going to lead anywhere good. "Um… almost four years now."

"Well, I think it's about time that I see how much you have learned from me, Baka Deshi."

Kenshin's heart sank. "In… academics…?" he asked hopefully, but Hiko's smirk just grew larger. Oh no, he thought in horror, not another spar! Scratch leading nowhere good. Kenshin had just taken the train to Doomsville. The last time he had 'spared' with the master of the Hiten Mitsurugi ryu, Kenshin had come out black and blue, with several broken ribs, while Hiko didn't even have a scratch on him.

"What a wonderful idea. Well, if you want one so badly, we can have a test later – after a spar"

Oh Kami, the dreaded word. But as soon as he looked at his master's arrogant eyes, Kenshin's stubbornness kicked in. Like hell he'd look a chicken in front of Hiko! With a frustrated sigh, Kenshin picked up the katana he had been using to practise with only moments before and approached his master, while Hiko drew out his own from within his cloak. Kenshin was glad that Hiko had such a hermit-like nature. At least he wouldn't have to humiliate himself in front of a load of other people as well. Dealing with just Hiko was enough to bruise his ten-year-old pride.

Still, it didn't mean he wouldn't try his best to avoid a pummelling - he didn't find having his body rearranged into something most commonly found in orange juice a very desirable option. "But you asked me to go to town after I finished practice, Shishou" he said, hoping Hiko would at least make him do that first. Then he could slooooowly walk down and, conveniently get lost, then 'unintentionally' get drawn into convocation, before slooooowly making his way back. Hopefully, Hiko would have forgotten by then.

"Then you can do it after practice. A spar is part of the practice" answered an amused Hiko.


Kenshin sighed. Well, it was worth the try. Quickly, he moved into stance, inwardly wincing at the prospect of going to town with whatever Hiko threw at him. Maybe he could get him done for child abuse…

"I'm ready," he said resignedly.

Hiko became serious. "You should always be ready."

Like lightning, Hiko darted forward. For such a big man, Hiko was surprisingly fast. Even Kenshin, who knew from first hand experience just how fast his Shishou was, was always taken by surprise by his god-like speed. To the untrained eye, Hiko would have disappeared altogether, but Kenshin saw the blur. Before Kenshin could even blink, Hiko had got behind him; ready to swing his katana at Kenshin's exposed back. Kenshin spun around and brought up his own blade, just in time to parry Hiko's sword. The force behind the attack was enough to push the boy back several yards, vibrating through his arms even though Hiko was only using his left. Not faltering a bit, Hiko brought his sword around and swung downwards aiming for Kenshin's neck. Kenshin jumped to the side, bringing his blade vertically across his body just in time to block Hiko's blindingly fast counterstroke. Once again Kenshin was reminded of his master's amazing strength. Even when he was holding back, a one-handed swing was enough to jar all of Kenshin's bones in both of his arms. Hiko disappeared again. Even Kenshin was unsure where he went this time. He heard a sword hissing as it cut air and glanced up just in time to see Hiko use the Ryutsuisen. Kenshin vaulted himself to the side just as the katana struck exactly where his head had been. Scrambling to his feet, he turned just in time to avoid the lightning-fast upstroke. Kenshin spotted an opening and brought his blade round to strike his ribs, but Hiko's blade met it mid-stroke, jarring his arms once again, causing Kenshin to stumble backwards.

He has the right to be every bit as arrogant as he is, thought Kenshin as he regained his balance to avoid another strike. But Kenshin would never tell that to his master. Shishou is like a father to me, but he is so arroga...!

Kenshin gasped as darted out of the way of a Doryusen, only to feel a burst of pain in his side.

"You were daydreaming again, Baka Deshi," said Hiko as he lowered his foot. "You would have seen that kick coming had you been paying any attention whatsoever to our spar." He smirked as the boy righted himself and glared at him with amethyst eyes, his short-ish, ruby-red hair all over his face, his hand clutching his side. "How about I use the sword next time?"

Kenshin muttered a long list of intelligible things, but Hiko picked up the words "slave driver" "stupid" and something about child abuse. However, all this did was make the larger man's eyes sparkle with amusement.

"You deserved it, Baka Deshi, especially since you threw away half my pottery collection the last year," Hiko replied with a knowing look in his eyes.

Does he never forget? An exasperated Kenshin thought. "But it wasn't me, shishou! I didn't go near your pottery! I swear, they just disappeared," said Kenshin desperately. He glared up at him again. "What are you doing making pottery anyway?" He grumbled.

"True genius shows itself in many forms. Besides, how else are we going to get money," replied Hiko in a defensive and equally low voice. "Now, about going to town" Hiko said. He threw his wallet to the boy, who caught it "Remember to get some good Sake too"

Kenshin grumbled under his breath, but sheathed his Katana and propped it in its usual spot against the wall of the cabin and turned towards the town. Only when he had turned his back did he allow himself to wince and rub his bruised ribs.

Hiko chuckled softly as he watched the boy make his way towards the town. Despite reminding Kenshin at every opportunity how much of a Baka he was, Hiko still felt a fatherly pride towards his apprentice. It wasn't that Hiko didn't care for the boy. In fact, he had grown quite attached to Kenshin over the years. It was just that he wasn't going to show the troublemaker he had a soft spot. When he had first met Kenshin, that tiny child all alone beside hand-dug graves, he had been unsure whether it would be a good idea to take him on as his apprentice at all. The boy was so small, he thought that it would kill him. However, Kenshin's stubborn determination saw him through. He had progressed so much from that time he had first handled a blade at all. Hiko smiled as he looked at the small scratch across his arm. Yes, he had to say his Baka Deshi was certainly improving. There were very few who could mark Hiko.

As Hiko was about to turn to go back into his cabin, a very strange sight greeted him. There, sitting on a log close to the fire was a large tawny owl. It stared at Hiko with unblinking, amber eyes, which sparkled with an unknown intelligence. As Hiko watched with raised eyebrow, the owl stuck out its leg to reveal a letter bound by a silver band. Curious, Hiko unbound the letter and unrolled it. As he glanced at the front of it, he saw the writing was in English – 'Mr. S. Hiko' – in emerald ink.

Hiko frowned sceptically. Who would be using an owl to write a letter to him? Sitting on the log, he turned the envelope and broke the violet-coloured seal, noting the curious symbol of a lion, snake, badger and eagle all surrounding a letter 'H', before pulling out the letter inside. Unfolding it, he read:



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc, Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr Hiko,

We are proud to inform you that the young boy you adopted nearly four years ago is a wizard. Unfortunately, witches and wizards from Japan are to attend Japanese magic schools within a few years of their birth, which for some reason the boy in question, Shinta Himura, was unable to do. But this also creates a rather dangerous situation. If a child with magic, especially one with as strong magical abilities as Shinta, is left to his or her own devises, that magical talent will not just disappear, but will continue to grow more powerful. Without the appropriate training, Shinta will have no control over his powers and probably cause a lot of trouble for himself, you and surrounding muggles.

However, we are pleased to inform you that Shinta has a chance to study magic at Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry. At Hogwarts, children from the age of eleven years will learn how to use and control their powers with responsibility. If you are interested in letting your child come to Hogwarts, please return a reply as soon as possible with the owl provided.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Yours Sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore


Hiko stared sceptically at the parchment in his hands. 'Hogwarts school for Witchcraft and wizardry?' What the Hell? There was no such thing as magic. Was this someone playing a prank or something? If it was, then how did they manage to get such information about him, like where he lived, for example, or that he had 'adopted' a child at all? Hiko glanced at the letter again.

The boy in question, Shinta Himura…

Shinta. Hiko remembered that name from the first time Hiko saw Kenshin, when he agreed to train Kenshin almost four years ago…

"…What's your name, kid?"

"Shinta, sir"

"Shinta? That's much too soft for sword arts. From now on, your name will be Kenshin."

But everyone was thought dead, Hiko thought. It had said in the newspaper. After I found Kenshin, it had been reported that the orphanage group that was killed by gangsters were all dead – including 'Shinta', but how did anyone know he was still alive? Unless it was Kenshin playing a prank (It wouldn't have been the first time, he reminded himself), but he immediately dismissed the Idea. Even Kenshin wasn't dumb enough to pull such an obvious prank.

He re-read the letter until he came upon the word 'Muggle'. Muggle? What the hell was a muggle? And what did it mean 'cause trouble for himself, you and other "Muggles"?' It was absurd, but Hiko still couldn't risk it by not answering. Besides, he thought, as if to excuse his next actions, he really, really, didn't want his solitary life ruined. But before he could do anything, the owl pecked him.

Hiko glared at the owl. 'Do that again and I'll use my sword' he said in English. The bird cringed and stopped. Using a spare biro he had in tucked away in his mantle, Hiko wrote:

If you can show me proof that Magic is real; I shall consider the offer of sending my apprentice to your school.

Yours Sincerely,

Seijuro Hiko

Hiko turned back to the owl and attacked the letter on its leg. As if frightened Hiko would keep his promise about using his katana, the owl immediately flew off. Hiko watched it as it sped off into the distance, his mind troubled with strange thoughts.

Meanwhile, Kenshin made his way back towards Hiko's cabin on the solitary path, his arms filled with groceries and a large bottle of Sake for his master. The pain from Hiko's kick was fading now and he could move easily again. However, he wasn't going to go back to the Cabin yet – there was one more place he needed to visit.

As he turned the corner, he came across a line of graves. Placing down the groceries, he drew forth some flowers and approached.

The gravestones were new compared to the makeshift ones he had made on the day his 'family' was killed. Kenshin smiled sadly and separated the bunch of flowers into three, pacing them on the nearest graves. He glanced at the names on the graves: 'Sakura', 'Akane' and 'Kasumi'. If it hadn't been for them, he too, would be dead right now…


A 6-year-old boy with short, scarlet hair was riding in the backseat of a mini-van that was trundling along a secluded road on the way back from Kyoto's zoo. All the orphans, big and small had had a wonderful time and the atmosphere was upbeat and quite noisy. Out of all of the orphans in the van, however, he was without doubt the youngest one there.

"Hey Shinta-chan!" called a young teenage girl from the front, her bright, light-brown eyes sparkling. "Did you like your first trip to the zoo with us?"

"H-hai, Kasumi-dono," replied Shinta nervously, looking away from the trees bordering the empty road they were on speeding by.

"You don't have to be so nervous here, Shinta-chan," a smiling girl a little bit older than the one up front said with a giggle "You've known us for 2 years already."

"O-Okay Akane-san," Shinta replied, still as nervous as before.

"Oh, leave him alone, Aki," a slim girl with pretty pigtails sitting next to him said, cuddling the little boy in her arms. "He's only six"

Akane giggled. "Sakura-kun, you're still too..."

Suddenly, the van screeched to a halt, causing all of the orphans to jerk forward restrained only by their seat belts. A few of the younger orphans squealed in protest.

"What's going on!" one of the older boys asked Hitomi-san, the woman who was driving. Getting up, he walked hunched over to the driver's seat. "Why did..." the words died on his lips when he looked up at the windshield, his mouth open in horror.

Getting on the tips of his toes while standing on the seat, Shinta peeped over the headrest in front of him, over the heads of suddenly terrified orphans. When he saw what was outside too, his eyes widened. A few feet in front of the van stood at least dozen-ragged men before a roadblock. By the looks of them, they looked like down-and-out Yakuza. What made things even worse was the fact that each man had a small handgun, with the exception of one holding what looked like a rifle - all pointed at the van.

"Get out!" Snarled the man closest to them. He had a rough face covered in stubble with wild eyes and was obviously the leader of this gang. "Get out of the van!"

Shinta saw the van driver, a old-ish woman with greying flyaway hair named Hitomi-san, nod slowly with her hands up, opened the door, and get out of the van.

"Everyone!" yelled the Yakuza viciously, his lip curled like a snarling wolf.

Hitomi-san flinched at the tone before turning fearfully towards the van again. Shinta could see the barely controlled fear dance in her dark eyes as told all the orphans in a low voice to go out side and not panic.

Shinta, being at the back of the van, was the last one out the side door so he was in the back and safest from the criminals. He noticed Sakura stand protectively in front of him, holding his tiny hand tightly.

"Now," the man said in an impatient voice. "We want everything that's worth anything. Hand it all over."

Cautiously, her voice trebling slightly, Hitomi-san said, "B-but Otoko-san, we are from an orphanage. We don't have anything that could..."

BANG! The man pulled the trigger and the woman's body fell forward bonelessly. A bunch of the orphans screamed in terror as blood began to puddle around the dead woman's corpse. Shinta couldn't scream – he couldn't even move. His wide eyes could only stare in horror at the body. By that point, everything seemed surreal to him, as if it was some awful dream that he would wake from. He could not believe what was happening. His mind couldn't seem to grasp what his eyes were seeing. People don't just come out of nowhere and shoot people. People don't just shoot someone as nice and kind as Hitomi-san, just because she told the truth, he thought.

"Who is the oldest?" Growled the leader, while the others pointed their guns at the menacingly. Shinta could hear some of the younger ones sobbing hysterically.

One of the boys named Akio– a tall lad with curly black hair and wide, dark brown eyes – answered, "I-I am."

"Okay, if we don't get anything in the next 30 seconds than all of you die," someone screamed, but the man's eyes were merciless. All the orphans desperately looked around for something of any value.

"W-Would you like some gr-groceries?" Squeaked Kasumi fearfully. The man's eyes narrowed while some of the other bandits laughed outright.

"No," he replied harshly. "We need something worth a lot of money."

"B-but Otoko-san, we just don't have anything valuable," Akio said, flinching as all of the guns were raised at him.

"Then, you are of no use to us," And then, gunshots were everywhere. The people that Shinta had known ever since he became an orphan fell like rag-dolls around him, blood splattered the van and road, and screams raised like a blood-curdling anthem. He saw one of the guns raised at him. Shinta did not move, his legs frozen with fright. He knew he was going to die, but he could not move. However, just as the shot was fired, a shadow blocked the path. Shinta stared in horror as Kasumi fell, something wet and warm splattering his face. She had taken the bullets meant for him - taken his death.

"Shinta, you gotta live," Kasumi gasped. "D-Don't give up." And with those words and one final smile, Kasumi fell still. Shinta's eyes widened. Kasumi couldn't die. She was Kasumi. She was supposed to always be there, teasing him, smiling at him. She couldn't die.

"No!" someone cried out. And then, Akane was the one in front of him. "Shinta, run," Akane said softly. She coughed blood, and just like Kasumi, she fell to the ground, never to get up again. He couldn't believe it. How had this happened? This was his first trip to the zoo. Bad things weren't supposed to happen today. Today was an exciting day. When had it become like this? How had it changed so much?

Looking around, Shinta saw he was one of the only three left alive. BANG! He was one of the only two left alive. Suddenly, Sakura threw herself at the men's knees, crystal tears falling down her smooth, tan cheeks.

"Please!" She begged "Please, don't kill Shinta-chan. He's only a child! Please, spare him"

"Get off me, bitch!" screamed the man and kicked out at her, but she hung on tightly to his legs, refusing to let go.

"You can kill me, but please, not Shinta! Take me instead, but let him go! Please! Plea-" But the man shot her and she fell, tears mixing with dark blood. Guns pointed to Shinta. He was going to die. He screwed up his eyes, a lone tear trickled out of the corner of his eyes.


Shinta's eyes snapped open to the cry of pain. There, in the middle of the bandits was a newcomer. He was huge, easily three times as tall as Shinta. He was holding a sword, covered in the blood of the first bandit. Then he vanished like a summer mirage, only to reappear five feet away cutting through another bandit with his katana. This went on for 10 seconds at most. The bandits were helpless. They screamed and begged, but the man was as deaf as they had been to Sakura's screams. Soon they were all dead, their corpses littering the road. The man turned to Shinta, who flinched slightly.

"You were lucky, boy," the swordsman told the stunned Shinta. "I've avenged you're family's death for you." Shinta was still too numb from the shock to reply. The giant-man sighed. "There is a small village over there," He pointed toward the trees to the left of the blood-splattered van. "Just walk straight that way and tell them that I sent you there. They will give you shelter and food." The man turned and departed the way he pointed.

Shinta didn't move for what seemed like hours. And then, as if the sunset was some kind of signal Shinta started to work. He worked long and hard. He needed to give each of the bodies a proper burial in the forest. The road floor was much too hard to penetrate. Bodies were just bodies; corpses were just corpses.

He had no crosses or gravestones to mark the makeshift graves, so he had to make some himself. Using his hands, Kenshin broke some fallen branches into small sticks, and found string and tape in the van to tie them together. He worked through the night. It seemed that he had no other purpose than to bury the bodies. Even hunger didn't stop him. All he could think of was to lay the bodies to rest. And then he came upon Kasumi, Akane and Sakura's bodies. He knew that they deserve something better than just a shabby homemade cross. He put extra effort into making their crosses and then tried to find flowers in the forest. He searched from dawn until noon and could find nothing better than a pair of dandelions and a bluebell. Having nothing else, he had to settle for that.

Once Shinta was done, he had no idea what else to do. He just stood there for an hour, looking at the graves, numb. And then, when he was looking at the sunset, his hands wrapped round his knees, drawn up to his chin, he heard a gasp behind him. Looking back, he saw the swordsman from before standing there with a bottle of sake. His dark eyes wide.

"You made graves for both your family and the bandits?" he asked in admiration, walking up beside Shinta. He should have been frightened. He had seen this man move with the speed of a god, seen him kill dozens of bandits in seconds. And yet…

"They weren't my real family. They died over 2 years ago. They were my family at the orphanage, though. And it doesn't matter if they're bandits or family or anyone else, when there is no life in it, its just a shell," Shinta whispered.

"And who are these?" The man nodded towards the three graves

Shinta looked too. "Kasumi… Akane… and Sakura" he pointed to each grave in turn. "They saved me, and now they... I wanted to give them something special, but all I could do was make better crosses and give them a flower."

The swordsman poured his sake over the graves. "It is a shame to not know good sake. I am giving what I can."

"Um…" Shinta said in a surprised voice.

The swordsman grunted in acknowledgement. After a moment of silence, he said, "I'm Hiko Seijuro, one of the few remaining swordsman of this age, master of the Hiten Mitsurugi style. What's your name, kid?"

"Shinta, sir"

"Shinta?" Hiko repeated. "That's much too soft for sword arts. From now on, your name will be Kenshin."


-End Flashback-

If it hadn't been for them, he would never have survived to see Hiko, or be saved by him. Sure, he could be an annoyingly arrogant, pompous ass of a jerk with an ego the size of Alaska, but Hiko Seijuro was the best father he could ask for, under the circumstances. Kenshin bowed respectfully and picked up his groceries again. He looked back at the graves. "I'll see you soon, 'kay?"

As he turned back up towards the mountain, little did he know an owl was watching him, Hiko's letter attached to its leg. With a flutter of silent wings, the owl took off into the evening sky.

To be continued…

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