ok those that hate Alexis x Chazz, i know most of you hate this pairing, but a lot of us like them together. Chazz does like Alexis even in the anime except Alexis doesn't have those feelings back but i like the couple still any ways XD. its mainly mentioned in epi 47 which should air in America at the end of march. if you want more info on gx, try Janime info its a really good site

Chapter 6

Atticus sat in his dorm room with kid Hikaru, teen Hikaru and Hikari while Amelchi was in class

"So, your here cause you need to protect me, Amelchi, Chazz and Alexis" Atticus asked confuessed

"Yes, theirs a new evil that's gonna appear here at duel academy any day now"

"So when do the others arrive"

"Their here now, but their with their past parents"

"Oh ok" Atticus picks up a photo album

"Want to see some embarrassing pics of your Auntie Alexis, i'll be filming her giving birth when its time"

"Sure, oh and you better not film her cause she gave you a black eye back in the future when you did that"

"I hope i don't have it still do i"

"No it disappeared after a week"

"Oh ok then" Atticus opened the photo album

At slifer red dorm


"Yes" A young girl with hair like Jadens but long its also the same colour

"What did you say your names where again"

"Gemma Yuki"

"Ferio Truesdale"

Ferio had blue hair and grey eyes he didn't wear glasses like his father

"What so your my son from the future, and Jaden has a daughter" Syris faints

"Yeah, but, where not born intill another four years throw" Ferio looked at Syris who was now on the floor "Ok, so do i come the new king of games then" Jaden pointed at him self with a silly smile on his face

"yeah, and your pretty much the same still in the future also" Gemma sweet dropped

Syris sat up

"So who do i marry"

"Mindy, she comes to the academy"

"oh i know her, shes the one that loves guys right" Syris sweet dropped

"Yeah" Ferio laughted

At ra yellow

"so your my son from the future. what is your name may i ask"

"The Name is Cliff" Cliff looked a lot like Bastion

At obelisk blue dorm.

"So what is your name"

"I am, Zelda Truesdale, my cousin is Ferio Truesdale"

"So me and my bro have kids here in the future, and your my daughter" Zane Questioned

"Yup, Hikari Rhodes is my best friend by the way"

"How many years will you be born" Zane Asked again

" This year, your girlfriend Hilary is actually pregnant with me in two months time"

Zelda smiled

Zelda has blue hair and blue eyes

"Have you meet Hilary yet, if not we could see her now" Zane stood up

" Sure, i would like to meet my mom in the past" Zelda jumped up

"Your sure a hyper one" Zane laughed

"Well i spend to much time with Hikari and well i pretty much turning out like her sister Hikaru"

Zane smiles at Zelda

To be continued

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