Black Stockings

Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine.

'An angel in black widows clothing, my Edward,' thought Faye. Her hair is a brown halo that crowns her. Her skin is dark like caramel, smooth and warm, pierced by large doe eyes and ruby lips. How Faye loves to dress her in black, in the harsh, stark color of the night. The color that accentuates and amplifies and hints at things unspoken. Ed is before her now. A negligee to hold her body tight, sheer gloves encasing her arms, and a garter to hold her stockings in place. 'I like the stockings most.' thinks Faye.
Ed's wrists are fastened to the chain which is attached to the collar at her delicate neck. Another runs from the back of her collar and holds her leg up behind her, leaving her to perch on one foot. This is a tricky balancing act on the point of her high heel. She does not complain, but Faye knows she is uncomfortable.
When she lets Ed down, Ed asks "Faye-Faye, can Ed remain in chains?" Faye is only too happy to allow her to and watches as she squirms, working the top of her negligee down so that her small, supple breasts are exposed, something she knows will make Faye even more aroused.
Ed's dark skin beckons her closer, she wants to see more and so she removes all of Ed's clothing but the gloves and stockings. Faye hears her ask for more chains, to punish her. Faye draws them around her waist and under her crotch, and between her breasts. "Tightly," Ed whispers.
On her knees with her arms pulled up high behind her, she luxuriates in her helplessness before Faye. Surrender to another is an intoxicant to her.
As Faye moves around her, Ed moves as best she can, rising up, spreading her legs, and then finally bowing down her head once more to the carpet. She means for Faye to take her anyway she chooses. And she shall...