"Amazonian Goku"

written by: Toni the Mink (aka Minkgirl)

All Dragonball and related indica are copyrighted (c) to Akira Toriyama and TOEI.

The character Daidai belongs to me, Minkgirl

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For his next bout of training, Goku was to travel by himself to Papaya Island by any means necessary, excluding his Kinto'un. While on the way, he faced many different challenges, whether it be saving villages, destroying evil monarchs, and even meeting new friends. As he ventured through these many quests, he took the opportunity to train himself more for the next tournament. It was less than 3 years away now, so he had to hurry, but that's okay, because he was anxious to get stronger.

The next adventure would prove to be no different.


"One... two... three... four! One... two... three... four!" Goku chanted to himself as he jogged up the tall hill, while bouncing from his forehead a 500-lb boulder. He had seen some children from a nearby village doing the same thing with a small rubber ball, but obviously a small rubber ball wouldn't make him stronger, so the young boy decided on a huge rock in order to toughen up his already hard head. Of course, he wished he could have found a 1000-lb boulder so he could have had a real challenge.

His personal training, however, was cut short once he heard the shriek of a girl nearby. Surprised, he turned his head to the direction of the voice, only to have the boulder crash on his distracted head, and roll off down the hill. Goku rubbed the newly formed bump on his head and raced over to the source of the trouble in order to investigate. He peeped through some bushes, and saw a group of ruggish-looking warrior-typed men circled around a young person, who was rubbing her arm which was beginning to bleed. Goku was pretty experienced enough to figure out that the young person was a girl just by looking, and scrunched his face in anger at the thought of a bunch of men wanting to hurt a girl like this.

"Get out of here!" the girl shouted as she rubbed her injured arm.

One of the men scoffed. "Give up!" he sneered, "You can't possibly fight us off! You're just a weak, pathetic little girl!"

"You're land belongs to us!" shouted another man as he lunged forward with a pocketknife pointed out, aimed at her. Goku prepared to jump out and save the girl, but stopped short when he saw the girl duck his attack, stick her leg out, and trip the man, sending him face first hard into the dirt. Another man dashed at her with his fist extended, but the girl effortlessly frog-leaped over his shoulders and used the momentum to severely kick his spine, thus knocking him out cold and crashing into the ground below. Goku blinked in surprise. "Woah!" he cried, "I didn't know girls could be that strong!"

The girl rubbed her forehead, exhausted. Obviously, she wasn't used to this sort of challenge, and this short moment off guard was costly. A third member of the gang had snuck up from behind and struck her on the side of her head with his rock-like fist and sent her to the ground. Goku gasped as the man cracked his knuckles loudly and then rose his other fist, ready for a final blow. However, it was never dealt, as Goku jumped in and took the man out with a single punch to the face.

The others did a double take at this sudden intervention. "What's this?" mocked another man, "The 'strong toughie' amazon girl actually has a knight in shining armor to protect her?"

The girl's face turned to disgust. "Don't be stupid!" she shouted, "I don't know who he is!"

The man charged at Goku, ready to attack, but the seemingly small fragile boy was able to take out the extremely heavy built muscled man with a single punch to the gut. He fell over, doubled in pain, and passed out from lack of air.

The final three of the group turned their attention from the girl to Goku as they all raced at him from every corner with various sharp weapons in their hands. Once they approached him, Goku leaped straight into the air as the men crashed right into each other. As they backed away, rubbing their injured faces, Goku had fallen back down, and spun-kicked all three of them in one shot, knocking them out of the fight. Goku landed on a knee, and brushed his hands together. "That's all of them, I think..."

"Look out!"

Goku looked over his shoulder to see the first man loomed over the boy with his pocketknife held straight over the boy's head. He was about to take out this man, but didn't get the chance as an arrow was shot through his head and he fell over, dead. Goku quickly jumped out of the way before the giant corpse could land on him, and looked over to see the girl holding up a bow which had shot the arrow.

Goku was stunned. "You killed him?"

"Had no choice," the girl placed the bow on her strap attached to her back, "He was going to kill you. And besides, these men are evil and heartless."

"Yeah, but I could've--"

The conversation was cut short as the sound of a tribal cry rang through the air. "Ayiyiyiyiyiyi!"

The girl seemed shocked. "The tribe!"

Goku covered his ears, disgruntled. "Sheesh... what an annoying sound!"

Suddenly, dozens of women jumped from shrubs and from trees, and circled around Goku and the girl. One woman grabbed the girl's arm and yanked her out as the rest pulled out spears. Goku looked around to see himself surrounded by girls who were dressed as warriors, had spears pointed straight at him, and neither one of them looked very happy with him. "... Hi!" he waved.

"Who are you?" one of the women shouted.

The boy casually placed his hands behind his head. "I'm Son Goku."

"Are you one of them!" another women hissed.

"One of... who?"

"Those..." the woman's face went sour with disgust, "...men?"

Goku thought for a second. "Well... I guesso. I do have a wiener." Everyone around him fell flat on their faces.

"Take him to the queen!" another woman ordered, as everyone collected themselves.

"Who's 'the queen'?" Goku asked, "Is he a super strong guy?"

"Yes, she is!" the woman responded as they grabbed Goku and led him along.

"ANOTHER strong girl?" Goku gasped, "Wow... but my grampa told me I shouldn't hit girls..."

"Wait!" the girl cried to the women, "Don't take him in!"

"Quiet, Daidai!" another amazon shouted, "You're in enough hot water as it is!"


The warrior-women took Goku to what looked like a tribal village. As they took him to the heart of the village, they forced him to his knees as the group around him stepped to the side to reveal a much taller and stronger looking woman. She had a sword strapped to her back and looked like she had feathers growing out of her head.

"Hrm..." Goku tilted his head, "Are you that 'queen' girl everyone was talking about?"

The tall woman sneered. "For your information, yes. I am Yaviss."

"You've got a lot of feathers on your head. Are you some kind of bird-lady?"

"It's my CROWN, thank you very much!" Yaviss responded, horribly offended, "But that should be the least of your worries. State your business!"

"But I don't need to pee right now."

"I MEAN tell me what you're doing here!"

"Oh. Well, I'm here to fight you. That is, if you're a super strong guy."

The amazons immediately stood on their guard and pointed their spears, but Yaviss calmly waved her hand at them. "Stand down..." The amazons did as told, and the queen looked to Goku. "I happen to be quite strong. In fact, the strongest amazon of them all, hence why I am the queen. If you wish to fight me..." She drew her large sword, "Give it your best shot!"

"All right! Here I go!" Goku chimed as he jumped at Yaviss. The queen swung her sword at the boy, but Goku easily caught the blade and effortlessly snapped it in half. Yaviss didn't have any time to react to this as Goku sucker-punched her in the face, sending her sprawled on her back. "Oh, that was boring!" Goku complained as he landed back on his feet, "You aren't very strong at all. I'm out of here."

He turned to leave, but was blocked by a horde of amazons, pointing their spears at him. Goku scowled. "Move it, I'm leaving!" The amazons jabbed their spears forward, but Goku leaped high over their heads.

"Don't let him get away!" Yaviss shouted. The amazons flung their spears at the still airborne Goku, who turned to see the assault approaching. He yanked out his nyoi-bo and spun it quickly, as it deflected all the incoming spears. Goku hit the ground and raced off, but didn't get far as another group of amazons blocked his path. One of the amazons tried to leg sweep him, but he jumped into the air and kicked her over, then raced off in the opposite direction, only to have Yaviss suddenly block his path and shoot a dart from a blowpipe, striking him in the cheek.

"OW!" he cried, "That hurt!" He yanked it out of his cheek, but suddenly got shot from behind with dozens of other darts from the other amazons. "Owowowowowowow!" he wailed, "That hurts even more!" He started yanking what he could out, but shortly became dizzy and ill, "Oooo... I suddenly don't feel very good..." And with that, he passed out.

The amazons approached the unconscious boy. "It doesn't even take half of that many tranquilizers to take out an entire elephant," spoke one, "What kind of boy is he?"

"I don't know," said Yaviss, "But I'm not taking any chances. Tie him up!" She smirked devilishly at the sound sleeping Goku, "He won't be going anywhere for a while..."


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