Later that night, the amazon tribe feasted the night away on various animal meats. Many gathered around small campfires either exchanging battle stories or celebrating their victory over the "male invader".

Speaking of which, Goku, after having been tranquilized, was tied up and placed in a small, cold hut. As punishment for her wandering off and nearly causing the other men to find their village, the young amazon girl, Daidai, was sent to keep guard of the hut to make sure the strange boy didn't escape, but the moaning and stomach growling from inside told her he wasn't going anywhere.

"Daidai, here," an amazon woman placed a plate of tiger meat by the young amazon, and walked off back to her campfire.

"Thanks," she muttered as she picked up her dinner and opened her mouth. She stopped, however, at the sound of the boy's stomach growling quite loudly, followed by, "Sssooo... hungrryyyy..."

Daidai looked down at her meat, and sighed. She couldn't bring herself to let him suffer. The amazons sure hated men, it was their policy or something. She was raised to be independent and a mighty warrior, and most importantly, never rely on a man to do anything for you, especially fight for you. But this boy did save her life. He didn't mean any harm. The amazons may have hated men in general, but she personally didn't have any vignette, plus she did owe this boy.

So she got up, made sure no one was watching, and entered the dark hut. The moonlight shining through the window revealed a famished Goku, weak as anything, and moaning like a sick dog. "So... hungeee..."

"Here you go," Daidai bent down to the boy and ripped apart half of her meat, raising one half up to Goku's mouth. The sight of food was enough to perk him up, grin wildly, and grab the meat with his tongue, swallowing it whole.

"Mmm! Great!" he cheered, "MORE!"

Daidai froze for a second, her half of the meat ready to go into her mouth but didn't quite make it. After a moment, she slowly handed Goku her half, and he once again managed to grab it with his tongue and swallow whole. "MORE!"

"That's... all I have," she sighed.

Goku pouted, but then smiled. "Oh well. Thank you!"

"I suppose we're even now."

"I guesso..." Goku jumped to his feet, then flexed his muscles, and in a moment, his ropes snapped and he was free.

Daidai was surprised. "Woah! You really are strong!"

Goku swung his arm around in a circle, loosening his cramped muscele. "Yep. Well, see ya!" He headed towards the window and opened it up.

"Woah, wait a minute!" Daidai called, "Where are you going?"

"I don't think these people like me very much," the boy responded, "'Sides, I gotta get training s'more. Bye!"

Daidai grabbed his shoulders, "Wait! You can't go!"

Goku knitted his eyebrows, "Why not?"

"I'm already in trouble as it is... If you're gone, who knows what Queen Yaviss will do to me!"

"Sorry, but I don't wanna stay here!"

Daidai sighed. "You're right... you shouldn't have to stay here if you don't want to. You didn't really do anything wrong, after all..."

"Good!" Goku started climbing out the window.


Goku was getting annoyed, "What now?"

"I don't want to get in trouble," Daidai looked to her feet, "You don't think I can come with you, can I?"

"Hm... I don't know..."

"It won't be long, and I can help you escape. Then I can come back, and at least say I tried to catch you."

Goku pondered it over some more, "Well... if you were really bad, you wouldn't have fed me. And it's not like I can't get away on my own anyway." He shrugged, "Okay, you can come."

Daidai sighed a breath of relief. "Whew... thanks!"

Looking out the window, Daidai made sure there were no other amazons nearby, and climbed out the window. She held her arms up to help Goku out, but he had already effortlessly jumped out in a single leap. She blinked in surprise, then shook it off, made sure the coast was clear, and led the way out without being seen.


It was around this time when an amazon walked by, and noticed that the young amazon girl was not at her post. "Daidai?" she called as she approached the quiet hut, "Where are you? You didn't wander off again, did you? You know Yaviss will have your head if you get into trouble again."

She opened the door and peered in, only to find it empty. Daidai wasn't there... but wait, neither was the boy prisoner!

"Queen Yaviss!" the amazon warrior raced out and towards the throne, "The boy! He's gone! And so is Daidai!"

"He's escaped?" Yaviss jumped to her feet, "And the young one has disappeared too? Wonderful..." She cupped her hands to her mouth and shouted, "AMAZONS! TO ME!"

It didn't take long before the entire tribe gathered around the queen. "Listen up! The boy is gone! We don't know if he's with the Colonial Men or not, but we cannot afford to take that risk! Our land is in danger of being taken over! We must spread out and search for him, as well as Daidai. Go forth!"

The amazons gave a tribal shout and turned to carry out the order, but they didn't get very far when they became suddenly attacked and outnumbered.


"How long do you plan on following me?" Goku called back to the young amazon racing behind him.

"Long enough to convince the others that I gave some sort of a chase."

Goku began slowing down, "But we've almost covered 10 acres..." He then stopped and turned around to face her. "Are you running away or something?"

Daidai stopped besides him. "Of course not! I'm proud to be apart of the amazon tribe!" She was quiet for a moment, then face faulted, "I'm just afraid of facing them... Because I'm young, most of them think of me as a failure and incapable of being a warrior."

"But you are a warrior," said Goku, "Even if you are a girl! I saw you fight some of those guys. You aren't that bad. Why let someone else tell you if you're good or not? You're the only person who can decide that."

Daidai looked down at the boy. When he wasn't dumb, he was actually kind of smart. She smiled, "Thanks, Goku..."

The tender moment was rudely interrupted by the obnoxious laughter nearby in the shrubs. Curiosity got to the duo and they decided to peer through to see what the commotion was. There, they saw three men who had that familiar ruggish look from earlier, lying of the ground and swinging wine bottle around in the air.

"Hm... just a bunch of drunk guys," Goku shrugged.

Daidai's face tightened. "It's the Colonial Men!"

"The what..?"

"From the group we were fighting earlier! These are the guys who want to usurp our land!"

"They wanna drink it...?"

"No, stupid!" Daidai shouted, "Usurp means take over! They wanna take over our land!"

"Oh..." Goku then scowled, "That's bad!"

One of the men looked over after hearing voices. "Er..?" he struggled to sit up, "Lookit... it's one o' 'dem girlie girls from that chick tribe..."

Daidai's face got tighter, "You creeps!" she shouted, "Get out of here! You're not taking over our land! You may have gotten me earlier, but I'm sure I'll have no trouble taking care of three drunks!"

One of the other men burst out into laughter, "Sure, if ya say so! You may take us, but y'can't take ALL of us..." he snickered, "Yer little girlie tribe can't even take all o' us..."

Daidai raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"He means when we all attack at once, that land o' yers will be good as ours," the third man spoke, "O' course, we celebrated alil' too soon, but yer just a little girl, I bet we can take you even smashed..."

The amazon shot forward and grabbed the man by his collar. "Where are your men?" she snarled, "Where are they now?"

The other two men got to their feet, but Goku knocked them both down with a kick to each their backs. Once they hit the ground, out cold, he glared up at the third man. "You better answer her, or else I'll deal with you even harder!"

The man swallowed, but then snickered, "Yer too late... they left 'while ago. They're prol'ly at the land right now. many girls ya got? Twenty? We've fifty... and girls can't fight! Nyahahaha!"

Daidai slapped the man's face into unconsciousness, then turned to Goku. "These guys really are strong, even if they're a little drunk," she said, "We have to get back to the village and help the others!"

Goku nodded, "Right! Get on my back!" he said as he turned around and pointed to his backside, "I can get us there in double-time!"

Daidai blinked at the offer, but then decided to take it up. This was no time to ponder the kid's ability to carry someone who was about four heads taller than him. "Okay," she said as she climbed on his back and he gripped onto her tightly, "... And thank you."

Goku smiled in response, then turned tail and dashed off towards the direction of the amazon tribal village.


The Colonial Men, after taking down every amazon in sight and tying them up, gobbled down the tiger meat that the women had originally caught and poured wine down their throats.

"That almost seemed easy!" one of them gloated, "A surprise attack all at once! Keep a few of us back to throw 'em off, and knock 'em all out here!"

"So much for 'girl power', huh?" another man boasted, and the men were in an uproar of laughter.

"This is our land!" Yaviss shouted from behind, "How dare you trespass and take over! You men sicken me!"

"Shaddap!" a big buff male warrior slammed his fist against her face, "Sheesh, this one don't like to stay down. I can see why they made 'dis toughie the queenie!"

"Well, she's annoyin' the hell outta all of us!" shouted another guy, "Put 'er outta 'er misery or somethin'"

The buff warrior smirked evilly at the queen. "Yer 'da owner of 'dis land, eh? Well, once we take you out once and fer all, this land'll be all ours for 'de takin'!" He grabbed the handle of her sword, which she had replaced earlier after her fight with the little boy and pulled it out while tossing her flat on her stomach.

"STOP!" an amazon warrior shouted, "Leave her alone! Don't kill Yaviss!"

The man obviously ignored her and raised the sword high in the air, aiming carefully at her neck. Yaviss clamped her eyes shut and waited for the killing strike. As the man swung the sword over his shoulder and at the queen's neck...


"EYARGH!" the man grabbed his hand which was struck by an arrow and the sword clanged to the ground next to Yaviss. The surprised queen looked over. "Daidai!"

The men scrambled to their feet and glared over at the intruders. There was one last amazon they apparently forgot to take care of, as well as a small boy who looked like he couldn't do much damage.

"Annoying punks!" one of the men shouted, "Git outta here!"

"Leave our land!" Daidai shouted back, "This land belongs to the amazons, not to you creeps!"

"Get 'em!" the 50 men charged towards the two young warriors. Daidai rose her bo and began shooting more arrows at the men. Goku charged forward himself, ramming into a large group and knocking them over like bowling pins as he headed towards Yaviss and the buff man. The man picked up Yaviss' sword with his good hand and swung it at Goku, but the boy had quickly pulled out his nyoi-bo and met the sword with his pole. The man pulled back and swung again, but Goku once again blocked, but this time, he twisted the pole around, which in turn twisted the sword out of the man's hands and fell to the floor. As the man quickly bent over to pick it back up, Goku took the opportunity to slam the end of the nyoi-bo into his chin and knocking the bigger opponent flat on his back. Behind him, Goku could hear more men charging towards him, and so he turned around and held his pole out. "Nyoi-bo, extend!" he shouted as the pole stretched out and he swung it over to knock it into the group of charging men before they could get any closer, and used the momentum to bat them over the horizon.

Goku then turned to Yaviss, knelt by her, and began undoing her ropes. "What are you doing?" she hissed.

"Helping you!" Goku responded.

"How dare you treat me like a damsel in distress!" Yaviss shouted.

"You're not doing a good job helping yourself," Goku grumbled as he threw the ropes aside, "Now go free the others! I'll keep taking on those guys!"

Yaviss would have made an attempt to kill Goku then and there, but the boy had already turned tail and charge towards more of the men. Goku would have to wait. The Colonial Men were the biggest threat. So she grabbed her sword and went to free the closest amazon in need.

Meanwhile Daidai was holding her own, shooting arrows at men while ducking punches and kicking or punching any whom came too near to her. Of course, this was a tad too overwhelming for the young amazon, and before she could shoot her final arrow, one of the men snuck up from behind and grabbed a hold of her tightly, causing her to drop her bow. The man held her up as another man ran at her with a pocketknife pointed at her. Just before he could stab her, the man was struck in the head by a spear. The man holding Daidai looked over in shocked as the amazons charged towards the man, screaming their tribal cry. Then, he got kicked in the side of the head by Goku.

The men fought back, but after losing most of their men already, the amazons, with the assistance of Son Goku, had the upper hand killing them off. Those who survived or weren't unconscious had run off. Yaviss grabbed the collar of one man and yanked him back, hissing in his ear, "Tell your men if any one of you are sighted, we'll deal a greater blow than this..." She shoved him off and he went scrambling after his friends.

The amazons cheered, celebrating their victory. The Colonial Men were defeated and many killed off. This attack will surely scare them away for good. And if it doesn't, they will definitely prepare just incase.

Goku and Daidai were among those celebrating. The amazon girl clapped her hand on Goku's shoulder, smiling brightly at him. Goku grinned back. It looked very adorable on him.

However... "DAIDAI!"

The celebration was cut dramatically. The two turned around nervously as the rest of the tribe stared daggers down at the two. Yaviss stepped forward. "Daidai... explain yourself! Where have you gone? And what is that boy doing untied and 'saving' us?"

Goku blinked, confused, while Daidai sweated beads. "I... I can explain!" she said. She looked down at Goku and frowned, "The boy got away." Goku glanced up at her, surprised. "I know I usually get in trouble a lot," the girl responded, "But I wanted to prove myself by capturing him and bringing him back myself! I wanted to show you all that I am capable of being a real amazon warrior, and now that I did bring him back, I can safely say myself that I am a warrior!"

Yaviss stared coldly at Daidai for a moment, but then her face softened and she smiled. "Anybody who can assist in a winning battle is truly an amazon warrior. Nobody is perfect. As long as you continue your training and are dedicated to the tribe, you will always be considered a warrior of my tribe. And besides, you DID bring him back, and he was the strong point of our victory. Daidai, you are a hero today." The tribe applauded loudly for her. Daidai smiled widely as her eyes glazed. She had finally won the respect of her fellow amazons.

"Um... excuse me...?"

The amazons snapped their heads and scowled at Goku, who stepped back and sweated. "Um... What about me...?"

"Yes... what will we do about you?" Yaviss snarled, "For trespassing on our land, and even worse... saving us like we were helpless little girls!"

Goku scowled, "But I did it to help you!"

"Typical for a man to think he needs to help a woman no matter the situation."

"Sheesh," Goku pouted, "You sure are a stickler."

"Insulting will only add more injury!" Yaviss drew her sword, "Hold him down, amazons, while I..."


Everyone looked over to Daidai suspiciously. She swallowed hard, but then knitted her eyebrows. "Queen Yaviss, since I saved the day, would it be too much if I decided the punishment?"

Goku looked to the girl, shocked. "Daidai!"

Yaviss sighed. "I suppose so. Go ahead."

Daidai cleared her throat, then pointed at the small boy. "Son Goku! You are hereby banned from ever entering our territory! You are not to be seen anywhere near our land! If you violate this order, you will be severely punished!"

Goku just stared, stunned at the betrayal of who he thought was a friend. Daidai stared back at him, her eyes glazed in tears. Goku frowned, but then his face glowered. "Okay, if that's what you want... I need to get going anyway." He turned and began off.

Daidai watched him go, disquieted. "Daidai," Yaviss approached the girl, "That punishment seemed to be a little light. Why did you let him get off easy? You're not going soft already, are you?"

The girl dipped her head. "No, Queen," she responded, "Think what you will. I'll have plenty of time to prove myself once and for all."


Goku continued on the path to what he hoped was a little closer to Papaya Island. He hoped he could get some sort of training done along the way, or find something to eat. Anything to get his mind off today's events. She seemed like a good person. How could she turn around and stab him in the back like that? I guess not every friend that he makes is going to be a good one.

"Goookuuuu!" he heard somebody behind him running towards his way. He fumed and continued walking on, trying to ignore the familiar voice heading for him. The voice didn't stop shouting for him, and eventually, an exhausted amazon girl finally caught up to Goku, and collapsed to her knees in front of him, completely out of breath. "Sheesh... I had to run with all my might just to keep up with you walking!"

"What do you want?" Goku responded coldly.

Daidai looked up at Goku, her eyes still glazed with tears. "Goku... please forgive me for what I did. I didn't want to put you out as the bad guy. But you have to understand just how harsh the amazons are. I can get in big trouble just by leaving the village and being seen with you. Imagine what they could have done to you just for being a guy."

Goku looked to the ground. "These amazons sure are sticklers... How can you stay with them?"

"They may be rough, but I've grown up with them all my life, and I want to be the best amazon I can be. It's kinda like you with wanting to be the strongest warrior ever!"

Goku put his hands behind his head and chuckled. "Hehheh... I guesso, huh?"

Daidai took his hand. "Listen, you may not be allowed near our land, but I still plan on 'sneaking out' every now and then. I hope you and I can still be friends. Please?"

Goku looked up at the girl. At first glance she did look like she was a nice person, but looking into her eyes proved to Goku that she was indeed a good person, and a good friend. He smiled brightly. "Sure!"

Daidai smiled back. "Thank you!" she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, "And thank you for helping us. You truly are the real hero today." She winked, "But let's not let the tribe know that."

Goku laughed. "Okay!"


Goku seems to have a knack for making new friends, regardless of whether they appeared to be good or bad. His adventures carry him throughout the world and his experience makes him a better and stronger person.

But will it be enough come the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai?

Hurry, Goku!


A/N: Well, I hope it didn't such too badly. XD I'm happy with the first chapter, but then I hit a snag and couldn't figure out what to write next. Then it came to me last night, and since I was so much on a roll, I figured I'd finish it up all tonight and be over with! Now I can concentrate on my pending fanfics! Look for them in about six years! ;)