Inuyasha was wide awake by the fire. Grabbing a stick he poked at the flames. When they once again burned brightly it reveled his jet black hair, and chocolate eyes. There was no moon tonight. Kagome sat next to him , with Miroku to her left and Sango to his right. Growling he threw the stick away. Shippou who had wandered off some time ago yelp in pain somewhere in the darkness, then popped up next to Kagome. "What was that for?"

"Nothin'." He growled gritting his teeth. He was always irritable on nights of the New Moon.

"Inuyasha be reasonable." Kagome said from her seat across the fire. Inuyasha just closed his eyes. Damn her, he thought, How does she make it look so easy? Shippou had found some fruit and sat munching on it next to Kagome. She laughed when she saw his face covered in juice. Inuyasha smiled a bit. That laugh healed him a little inside. With each day he felt his load lighten little by little. Then Inuyasha heard a rustle.

Kagome pulled out what appeared to be a brightly colored parchment. She opened it and read it silently.

Miroku looked at the parchment and moved closer. "Kagome what do you call this strange book?"

"A magazine. It has articles and ads for merchandise and stuff like that."

"These women are extremely attractive." Suddenly Miroku's face was in the dirt and Sango was moving next to her. Kagome sighed and she turned the page. Sango looked over her shoulder

Inuyasha opened an eye, "Why are you reading that book?"

Kagome glared at him, "That is none of your business." Inuyasha opened both of his eyes, watching her read every word of the magazine. She confuses the hell out of me, unknowingly his eyes began to wonder. They landed on her hips. Under his eyes they were flawless, as was everything else about her, from the top of her lovely black haired head to the tip of her soft toes. While he had been lost in his thoughts, Kagome saw him looking at her. She then grabbed a rock and threw it at his head. It created a larged lump in his head.

"What'd I do?"

"It is rude to stare."

Sango watched as Kagome turned the page again. "These women dress extremely odd and they're all perfect. They must be goddesses."

"No, they're real people." Kagome said with a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Sango asked. Kagome leaned over and whispered into Sango's ear. "Five pounds? Is that some kind of future currency? And if so what is so bad about gaining it? Or does that mean you are in debt to someone."

"No, Sango it's weight. You know how heavy you are. And gaining weight usually means you're getting fatter." Kagome sighed again. "I wish I looked like this."

"You look fine to me." Sango said unmoved. If there was more to the conversation Inuyasha didn't hear it. He was lost in Kagome's eyes now. Kagome looked his way and he chose to stare at the rock Kagome threw, which now lay a foot in front of him. Sighing again she turned the page. Inuyasha knew she was sad. He needed to cheer her up.

"Let me see." Kagome gave him the magazine. He examined the picture carefully. Then looked from the page to Kagome and vice versa. "Why would you wish this upon yourself. These women look starved.

"Because they're beautiful and skinny."

"I don't think being that skinny is healthy. You're fine the way you are."

Kagome blushed, "Oh, what would you know!" She moved to throw another rock at him.

"Enough to know you're better looking then those twigs you call women. Here." He said throwing the monk the magazine. Kagome froze in mid throw. After that he was silent, and Kagome put down her rock.

Later when everyone else was asleep Inuyasha gazed at Kagome with a soft look in his eyes.. Her soft hair fell in velvet folds on her gentle shoulders. He watched as the first rays of daylight began to shine over the horizon. As he transformed back into a half demon he watched the sun's rays dance across her sleeping face. Becoming human always made him a little emotional but this was ridiculous. Why can't I take my eyes off her? Suddenly Kagome stirred and looked up at him. Turning slightly red he looked away. He could feel Kagome still looking at him. Turning back slowly he looked at the confusion on her face. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, Inuyasha kissed her cheek softly. Then slowly stood and walked off, leaving Kagome in a sort of daze.


Inuyasha sat by the well impatiently a few days later. In this way he showed another dog-like trait. No sense of time. Suddenly he heard a rustle in the grass behind him, and then it pounced… "PAPA!" his attacker wrapped her arms around his neck, giggling uncontrollably.

Inuyasha growled, "What is your problem?"

It was a little girl, dressed in a red, white and green kimono. She had long black hair and large brown eyes. "Papa, you found me!" she hugged him harder.

"Twerp, I wasn't looking for you. Now scram.'

"No, it's your turn to hide now. I'll count to twenty and you run and hide." the little girl let go and sat next to him. There she began her count. Crossing his arms he closed his eyes. When the little girl finished her count she pounce again "PAPA! I found you! Next time you gotta find a better place to hide. But now you have to find me." Then the little girl let go and began to run, "No peeking!" Inuyasha's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. But he found himself counting softly. After twenty he got up and sniffed. She smelled familiar but he couldn't place it. Walking about ten feet into the woods he reached into a bush and fished around, til he found something soft, pulling it out he had the little girl by the ankle and she was giggling fiercely.

"Hey kid, you got a name?"

"Silly, Daddy. You gave it to me. It's Zara."

"What kinda name is that?"

"It means flower… or princess. I'm not sure which. Maybe it means flower princess. Don't ask me it was your idea."

"How old are you?"

"This many." she said holding up four fingers. "Papa, I can't feel my head." Softly Inuyasha put her down. He began to walk back to the well, where he sat down. His face to the well waiting impatiently once again. The little girl played in the field singing a song he'd never heard but had an all to familiar story.

Pretty priestess loves a half breed,

Though she is from a far off place,

Yet he loves another,

A corpse with super natural grace,

He and the priestess look for a mystical jewel,

That scattered all across the way,

Together they build a love,

It grows stronger everyday.

He loves her too but loves the other,

Emotions stuck behind his pride,

With the unliving one he himself dies inside,

But with the priestess his heart takes flight,

And heals with each new dawn,

What will he do when their task is done

And the priestess is gone

They meet friends,

Noble and true,

Some big and others small,

No matter what kind-soul they meet,

The priestess cares for them all,

Many look upon her and fall in love at first sight,

But of course that half-breed doesn't like it,

Putting up a envious fight-

"Could you keep it down?" Inuyasha exclaimed, then quietly he mumbled, "What's up with this kid?" Instead of being silent she merely hummed which he in fact found far more annoying. Then she pulled on his sleeve. His eyebrow twitched and turned his head to face Zara, "What?" he said in a dangerous roar. The little girl cringed in fear, whimpering, in her hands she held a circlet of flowers. Shaking she held it out to him. He blinked, Zara smiled and giggled some more, putting the wreath on his head. Then he heard a soft thud.

"I'm back!"

"Kagome!" Inuyasha stood reaching in the well to help her out. "You're late."

"Thanks. Sorry I-" Suddenly she was pounce upon.

"Sista Kagome!" The girl howled with joy grabbing her leg.

"Inuyasha, who's this little thing!" Kagome said crouching to hug her happily. Then she looked at him, "And what's on your head?"

"Never mind that, this girl's a bigger pain in the ass then you. Leave the kid and let's go. We have shards to look for." He said turning towards the village. The little girl sniffed. "You coming or not?"

"Inuyasha, apologize to her, NOW." She said straightening with her hands on her hips.

Inuyasha turned in a slump, "Fine!" He came toward the little girl and crouched so he was at eye level, "You can come and you are not half as annoying as Kagome."