- Ñëò journey -
- Ñëò journey -
when the cherry blossoms starts to bloom

"All the misery we knew before,
Stays away when you are at my door,
My heart will sing at every tender touch,
And, oh, you'll want me twice as much."

--New Dimesion of Love-- from Tenchi Muyo


"And now we're going on a journey together through Johto." I sat back, sipping a sweet mocha latte. "Ah! Now that hits the spot!"

It was spring in Celadon City and I was enjoying a nice caffine fix with one of my new Kanto friends. She lived in Celadon and I was visiting her before my little trip to the Neo world of this strange dimension I now lived in.

Sparky looked confused. "Tell me again how Gary remembered."

Okay, so Sparky isn't her real name, it's a nickname that she got from her kick-ass Jolteon Team. Hey, you didn't think I'd tell you her real name, did you?

I sighed and sat back, shaded from the bright noon sun by the umbrella our table had. "Well, it all started about a month ago..."

Cue flashback sequence...

"I had been in Lavendar Town shopping with my brother."

"Yeah, I remember that part. Your brother told you to forget about Gary."

"That's right. So the next day, we were back in Viridian, thanks to a Pidgeot my brother swapped for, when I saw him again!"

Walking was very boring. At least, when I'd been a Mew/Raichu/Pikachu-combo, I could fly and that was just one of the good things about it. Electrically shocking people was another useful, though easily immaturelly used, talent. So, we were walking, walking, walking some more, through the bustling streets of Viridian City. Viridian City. It brought back many memories, most of them pleasant and some not so pleasant.

I started humming to myself, "We're on the road to Viridian Ciiiitaay. Meet my friends alooong the-uh way. I'm on the road to Vir-id-ian City...la la la and da da da...Gonna get there, I'm on the way. Gonna get there..."

Matt spun around, his blue eyes blazing. "Please. It is so vital to your continuing existance that you not sing that song any more."

I smiled sweetly, "K. Uh, does that mean you're taking requests?"

"Yah, I request you don't sing anymore. Mariah Carey you're not."

"Mr. Congeniality you're not."

"Would you stop being a brat? You're gonna cause a scene."

"Am not."

"Are too."






"NOT! I said you're not so shut up!"

I smiled as Matt blinked, a look of utter confusion on his face. "Score one for the 'toon watching gal. Thank you, Bugs Bunny School of Insanity."

Matt rolled his eyes. "Listen, I'm going to get some stuff for Kosmo. I'm sure you know the way home."

"K!" I said, cheerfully, purposely pouring on the cheerleaderly cheerfull-ness. "Ciao!"

"Ciao means Hello," Matt scowled at me. "You're such a moron."

"I love you too, Big Brother!"

I heard him mutter, "Brat," as he left me standing in the middle of the throng of people. I grinned after him, thinking of the many retorts I could come up with when I got home, when I suddenly saw him.

Gary Oak was standing not ten feet from me, smirking, his arms crossed across his chest.

People continued to walk around us, but I didn't see them. I walked to Gary, every step making my heart race, the song of Viridian City, long forgotten. I stopped in front of him and waited. For a question, a demand, yelling? I didn't know what I was waiting for.

When he didn't say anything, I timidly said, "Um, hi?"

That seemed to break the ice. He stopped smirking and his gaze turned a bit frosty. "Why?"

A question. A question he seemed to have asked me a million times before, and a question I still wasn't sure I had the answer to. "Can we talk somewhere? I assume you remember something."

"I remember everything."

Ooohkay. He let me lead him to a bench not far from the main strip of Viridian. Ironically, it was near the big fountain I'd first landed by, close enough to smell the chlorine from the glittering water spray.

"Tell me what you think you remember." I demanded it from him, a bit hesitant inside. I didn't want to sound too condensending, but he told me and yes, he did remember everything. I'd have to get in touch with Mew or Mewtwo. Somehow.

"Why did you leave, Cirrus, only to come back and live here?" He'd leaned forward, clasping one of my hands in both of his. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I didn't pull away.

"Good economy?"

"Get real."

"Okay, okay. I...I didn't want to be away from you. I know that both Mews had wiped everyone's memory, including yours, just so everyone could be sane. It was imperitive that things be back to normal." It felt right, holding his hands.

"Imperitive? It was imperitive that I go back to being an insensitive, uncaring jerk? I knew a lot of stuff, Cirrus, even before I knew you, but it was just stuff that anyone could learn, given the time. You taught me what it was to be a good person, not just a smart, arrogant person." He reached over and tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. "I was searching for something that was missing inside of me. You complete me."

"Show me the money," I murmered. "You're something else, you know that?"

Gary sat back, hands behind his head. "Yeah, I know."

I shoved him, "Jerk."

"I know."

end marvelous flashback sequence y'all love and cherish

"That's it?" Sparky sipped her Persian! and crunched an ice cube.

"Yup. Well, no, there was more. I lied." I took a quick sip of my latte. "I introduced him to Mom and Dad, oh and of course to Matt. I had a guy in my life and finally things seemed to be going great. We went out, saw movies, went to the beach. He even gave me a Ponyta for my birthday last week."

"Oh, that's cool! Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you!" I knew I was beaming, but I couldn't help it. Love does that to people. "Of course, it was a bit difficult explaining to my parents that my Ponyta could sleep in a Pokéball and not need the garage."

"Why would it sleep in a garage?"

"Don't worry about it." I didn't know what to say to that. Maybe there were garages in the Pokemon world and maybe there weren't. Maybe they were called something else. "At any rate, I'm leaving tomorrow to journey through Johto with Gary. I hope to catch a new Pokemon, maybe a Chikorita."

"Good luck." Sparky looked thoughtful. "Hey, if you think about it, could you get me a fast ball? Or a Ditto? I'd love one of the two."

"Fast balls are mad by Kurt in Azalea, right?" I shrugged, "Sure, though I was gonna get you a t-shirt."


"Yeah! A 'My friend won the Johto League Competition and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' kind of shirt." I ducked a suddenly flying ice cube.

"Dream on, Cirrus!"

Uh-oh. Well, you can't say I didn't warn you. Let's see. This story might make eight chapters, it depends where Cirrus and Gary go, and on how many people like this series!
Wait..what's that? You're asking, "Where's the plot?" Like I used a plot! Oops, I guess you saw that. Okay I guess you want a teaser, huh? Okay.

Cirrus and Gary begin their Journey through Johto and they meet many mysterious people along the way! Okay, so really it's just a trip to pick up a few Pokemon Gary dropped off at that Center on Route 34 and the G/S ball from Kurt...in Azalea. Sounds like fun, right?!