- Ñëò journey -

- Neojourney -
Fallin' In and Out

"Keep it up homegirl don't u quit
U know the way you scream is the ultimate."
--Every Other Time-- by LFO


A gentle warm breeze drew its fingers softly over my face and my bare arms. I siged, then froze when I felt a pressure on my chest. Opening my eyes, I could see lilac colored fur almost blocking my sight. The black outline of closed almond shaped eyes flitted and the button-small nose twitched in sleep. The sight of Mystique's face so close to mine had me giggling; she was so cute looking, it was hard to not laugh.

Her ears twitched and her eyes opened, the confused look that clouded her eyes cleared when she saw me smiling. She stood up and yipped, a sound of joy. Her rabbit long ears twitched back, listening to something....something that turned out to be someone. My parents had just stepped into the room, and the sight of Mystique standing on me had my mom calling out to her.

"Get down, you little creature! Honestly, I don't know if it's a cat or a rabbit..." Her voice trailed off when Mystique lept to the floor, revealing me wide awake.

"You know," I cleared my throat, "She's an evolved Eevee and..."

Set asunder by overjoyed parents, I could do nothing but wait until the hugging and crying stopped. I think we all did our share of each. A few minutes later, my parents sat back, my mom on the bedside chair and my dad at the foot of my bed. It seemed that I was completely healed; I didn't have even a scratch on me.

"We're not really sure what happened," Dad said, looking uncomfortable, "Seeing as how this is a totally different world, I'm sure that things can be very different than our world."

"..But?" I prompted him.

"But...well, your mother and I just aren't sure it's for us." He held up a hand at my protest. "Now Cirrus, don't get upset. We know that you may have had a crush on that young man..."

"Oh, Gerald, just spit it out!" Mom rolled her eyes, "Cirrus we're going back. You have two days to say your goodbyes and that's it."

I wasn't sure if I could get any paler or my eyes any wider. My heart skipped several beats and I heard Mystique whimper. "..I...Y..you...can't be serious!" I finally sputtered out.

Mom snorted, "We are totally serious, young lady. You're life was in danger at least twice...God only knows how many more times that you aren't teling us about..."

I flushed, thinking back to the war and that infamous battle between me and that darned Weedle.

She shook her head, "See, that's what I mean. You always blush when you're lying." Her expression softened. "Oh hon, I...we do love you and we just want what's best for you. We'd like to keep you alive!"

"I know," I smiled slowly, a smile I was sure didn't reach my eyes, "It's just that...I thought I'd found my place, y'know? I'm happy here...Training Pokémon and...stuff." I cursed my suddenly blushing face.

Dad smiled, a knowing smile shared with Mom. "I'm sure that stuff has to do with a certain young Trainer, right?"

"...Uh, yeah..."

"Cirrus, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to leave him." Mom frowned, "It's just too dangerous here."

"But it's dangerous at home, too!" I glared at her. "Are you going to shelter me there, too?"

"Cirrus..." Dad warned, "It's only for the best."

"I'm so sure." I bit at my lower lip. "Two days, huh?"


"Aiight then, I guess that's it then." I yawned, and lay back down on the fluffy pillow. "I think I need a bit more sleep, okay?"

My parents Looked at each other, then nodded and got up. They both hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"We'll make sure you can be released later today," Dad said. "The doctor was going to release you this morning, but you were sleeping so soundly."

"That young man was here too, but we didn't let him in," Mom shook her head, "It would be better to make this a clean break."

Without a look back, they left, closing the door gently behind them. Only then, when the door was firmly closed behind them, did I let the tears well up, and fall hotly down my face. I cried softly, not moving, letting the tears fall unchecked, and it was only when Mystique lept up and started pawing at my shoulders, that I moved. I grabbed her in a bear hug and cried into her soft fur.

She let me cry out my emotions, and then nuzzled my neck. I stopped crying and wiped at my eyes and cheeks with the edge of the bed-sheet. Then I dabbed at her tear dampened fur, sniffling out a giggle. "I think we're both lucky you aren't a Fire or Rock type. I could've K.O.'d you."

Mystique purred, batting at a lock of my hair. I think I was lucky she was only the size of a cat or small dog. A thought occured to me as I looked over at the open window. It looked like it was mid-day and the area outside was moderately busy. I had to be in a Pokémon Center because it didn't look a thing like the hospital I'd been in before. Heh, it was probably cheaper, too.

Looking down at Mystique, I asked her, "Do you think you could find Gary and bring him here?"

She nodded and yapped. I could imagine her saying, Duh, you idiot!

"Good...go get him!" I grinned, pointing at the window.

Mystique kind of snorted a laugh, then lept off the bed...completely opposite of my pointing finger. My mouth dropped open as she ran towards, then through, the closed door.

He must have been staying somewhere close, because only a few minutes passed before Mystique ran back through the closed door. She was leaping up on the bed when the door opened, revealing Gary, dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans. His sneakers sqeaked on the white tiled floor as he darted over, the door closing gently behind him.

I sat up, my heart thudding in anticipation and I wasn't sure my face could handle the huge grin spreading across my face. He cupped my face in his hands and I grasped his arms.

"I thought I'd never see you again.." He murmered, "I thought you were gone from me, and Mew..."

"Forget about Mew," I said as I dragged him down towards me, "You are all that matters to me."

Gary lowered his head, his lips nearly meeting mine, then hesitated. The sound of his breath catching, releasing, sent shivers through me. "I nearly lost you," he said softly.

Forcing thoughts of what I was going to do in a month from my mind, I lied, "Never again...I promise."

And he brushed his lips, a fluttering of motion, once...twice over mine. The emmense feeling of love that I had for him had my body buzzing with emotions.

Suddenly, we were forced apart, and the shocked sounding mind-voice that screeched, "CHILDREN!" had us both clutching at our ears. I pried open one eye to see that Gary and I were both outlined in a blue glow. A glow that could belong to only one rare and extremely annoying creature.

"MEW!!" We both cried out, glancing around at the air.

"Where are you," Gary glared at the air around him, "You annoying excuse for a pink-coated Tinkerbell."

Mew glimmered into existance, a shower of silver glitter falling around her. Her blue eyes were wide with innocence. "I have done absolutely nothing wrong. You two, on the other paw, were about to..."

"Well that was the general plan," Gary snorted. "But you had to..."

I burst out laughing, the sight of Gary glaring at Mew was just too funny. The sound of my laughing froze them; Mew hovering upside down and Gary wagging his index finger at her.

Brock... The though froze me and I shivered. Gary and Mew were instantly at my bedside.

"Are you cold?" He asked, holding an extra blanket around my shoulders.

"Bad thoughts?" Mew asked, bouncing on a psy-bubble, as she looked pointedly at Gary.

I blinked, "No...I...it's something else." I turned to Gary, "They want to leave. My parents want to leave this world."

Stunned, Gary sat on the chair, slouching back in it. We sat there for a while, thinking, as Mew and Mystique played on psy-bubbles. Minutes passed before Gary suddenly sat up, snapping his fingers. "I got it!"

Mew clasped her paws together, her eyes shining in an anime fashion, "Oh joyous day! He finally realized he has a brain!"

Shooting a seething look at Mew, he sighed, "No, I finally found a way to rid the world of you."

Mew fluttered a feathered fan, "Behold! I tremble," she retorted mockingly.

"Kids..." I warned them, "Play nice or no ice cream."

Mystique yipped and I nodded, "Yes, by golly by gosh, it is Hagan-Daas."

Mew and Gary looked at each other with deadpan expressions. "You dork," he said to me.





I nodded, "Good, I won this round. Remember it always."

Mew sketched a silvered 2 and 0 in the air, and I shook my head. "No, Mew, I think I beat him more than twice."

She shrugged. "Whatever. I believe Mr. Genius here had something to say."

Gary's expression sobered, "I think Mew could help us."

"Go on."


It was later that night, about seven thirty, when I was walking out of the Pokemon Center with my parents and Matt. Dad had a small bag with some of my stuff in it, including some pills for the headaches Nurse Joy warned I might get. I wasn't looking forward to those.

The night air was cool and humidity free, the scents of baking foods filled it along with the sounds of people walking to and from clubs and stores. It never failed to amaze me how busy this dimension was. So energy filled.

Right. Gary's Plan. He told the three of us his ingenius plan, detail by detail, and it touched me of how hard he had thought of it. According to said plan, Mew could influence Nurse Joy and have her tell my parents that it would be unsafe for me to have go back with them to the 'real' world so soon after my waking. She would tell them that I could travel after a month.

The other part of his plan dealt with my brother. After the Telling of the plan, Matt had come into my hospital room. He hadn't been thrilled at all by seeing Gary or Mew. Heck, he barely tolerated Mystique or any of my other Pokemon, much less one of the rarest or my boyfriend. Heh, boyfriend...grrr, baby..very grrrr.

Gary had been filled in by Mew of what I was going to do with Brock and Vulpix. Nothing bad, baka you! Sheesh, mind out of gutter! Aiight, so I at least remembered that Gary could be the only one to truely know what I would be doing in helping Brock stay alive. As for the whole body-switching deal....that was something Matt could positively not know.

Right, Matt. He knew that Mom and Dad wanted to go back home. I decided to take a chance and tell Matt that I was needed here for a month more. It turns out that he wanted to stay as well, to be my bodyguard. His intentions had absolutely nothing to do with a certain Trainer by the name of Celerity. Sure, brother dear.

What do you mean, 'I at least remembered,' you might be saying. Well, it seems that a whole block of my memory seems to be, uh, blocked from me. I remember Cell, and the Xena and Rose playing pool thing, but the time from me falling unconscious in the clouds, to waking and seeing Mystique has been totally blocked. I know something happened, but everytime I try to remember, my head really hurts. I asked Mew, but she just looked at me with this sad, yet knowing, look and shook her head. She could, but wouldn't try to un-block it. I'm so mad at her, but she says it's for the best.

As if.

So, what would Matt know of with this whole thing? Only that our parents would be going to the 'real' world and that we would join them at a later time. After I was well enough to travel. See, it was all good.

It was a ten minute walk home. Seems that we were safely in Viridian City, though I also have no memory of what happened in between being the Dark Charizard and the Master Ball. I shuddered and felt relief when the lights of home winked at us. The two story house was neat and tidy. The white picket fence that surrounded it had a full, tended garden enclosed within it; a small fountain gurgled as a pair of Pidgey that had been drinking from it, fluttered into the air.

The front door opened and the scent of baking bread wafted out. Matt guided me in, gently taking me by the arm. Mom's Mr. Mime grinned its fools grin at us and I smiled back.

I was home and it felt so good. There was no way I could possibly leave here.