Ch 32: Emma Grace

Sam slowly opened her eyes to find herself still in the infirmary. She smiled slightly, remembering why she was here. She had her daughter not too long ago. She glanced up at the clock and froze. Had she really been asleep for four hours? Sam looked around the room; she spotted Emma Grace in her baby bed, fast asleep. Sam slowly sat up and sighed.

She got off the bed and made her way over to her daughter. Reaching down, she picked up little Emma. She felt as if she was made of air. "Hey, sweetie," she said softly.

She rubbed Emma fuzz on her head and smiled. "You're so cute. You look like a little angel, especially with that bow… yes you do."

Emma Grace stirred in her sleep.

"Am I bothering you?" Sam asked, she walked over to her bed and carefully climbed on. "Well, you're just going to have to get used to me, 'cause I might be a little paranoid mom, okay?"

Emma Grace's eyes fluttered open, she yawned, squeezing her little fists tightly. She then focused her eyes on her mom; she blinked slowly, as if she was trying to stay awake.

Sam's smile grew bigger. "Hello," she said in a baby sort of tone. "Look at your beautiful eyes!"

"Sam?" a voice asked from behind her.

Sam hugged Emma Grace tighter and turned to the 'voice'. "Janet!" Sam said, staring at her friend. "Hi! I was just uhh-"

Janet smiled. She knew that as soon as Sam woke up, she'd pick up her daughter. "Isn't she precious?"

Sam looked back down. "Yeah, she is. I've never seen anything so tiny! Well, a baby, anyways. My mom said they always looked like plucked chickens."

Janet chuckled. "Well, I guess I should go let Jack know he can see you know. He mostly likely has made a hole in the hallway by now." She said walked towards the doors.

Sam chuckled. "Yeah…" she took Emma Grace's hand into hers. "Is mommy mean for waking you up?" she rubbed her head against Emma Grace's. "You're just to darn cute, how am I ever going to discipline you?"

"Sam!" Jack called as he hurried over. "Are you okay? You feel alright?" he asked so quickly Sam almost couldn't understand what he had said.

"Yeah, we're fine, both of us." Sam replied. "Janet tells me-"

"Never listen to anything Janet tells you," Jack said, glancing down at his daughter. Suddenly a pillow was shot at his head. "Hey!" He took the pillow off him and looked up at the shooter. "Oh, uh- hey doc."

Janet stood not more then ten feet from Jack; her hands were folded across her chest. She looked sternly at him. "If people didn't listen to me, they'd-"

Jack held his hands up in surrender. "Sorry! I was just- She was… sorry?"

Janet rolled her eyes and looked at the opening door, where Daniel and Teal'c emerged. "Hey guys," she said.

Sam looked up. "Hi Daniel, Teal'c." she acknowledged. She could tell by their faces that something was up. "What's goin' on?" she asked.

Daniel and Teal'c exchanged glances. "Well, the sky's up, but I don't think that's what you meant… but if you mean what's going on… well, we have a little surprise for you, okay, maybe bigger then little…" Daniel said looking back down the hallway.

"Hey!" a voice shouted defensively. "That wasn't nice!"

Sam's head shot straight up. "Dad?" she asked, she stood up, still in her hospital gown.

Jacob appeared from behind the doors, he smiled and hurried over to Sam. "Congratulations baby!" he said excitedly. "I came as soon as I could, sorry I had to miss the big moment… oh my goodness! What an angle!" he looked down at the small infant. "She's beautiful, Sam!"

"Hey! I helped!" Jack couldn't help but add.

Jacob quickly glanced at Jack before he returned his attention back to baby in Sam's arms. "What's her name?" he asked smiling.

"Emma Grace." Sam replied. "Do… do you want to hold her?"

Jacob looked up at Sam before slowly nodding. "Yeah, sure… I'd love to." He slowly and carefully took the baby into his arms. "It's been a long time since I've done this."

"Make sure to support her head…" Janet said.

Jacob stared down at his granddaughter, tears formed in his eyes. "She's so beautiful Sammie…" he said. "Your mother would have been so proud of you…"

Sam smiled fondly. "Thank you dad… that means a lot to me."

Jacob leaned over and kissed Sam on her forehead. "I know it does, and I mean it."

"So! Cake?"


Later that evening…

Sam and Jack were standing next to the baby's crib, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful, she was wrapped in a baby blanket Cassie had bought, and in one they had bought, and also in one that Teal'c had purchased. Her little hand squeezed the long skinny arm of the stuffed alien toy Teal'c had bought her.

Jack lowered his hand into the crib and stroked the baby's head. "We're going to make great parents," he said softly.

Sam looked up at him. "You remember that the first times she says she hates you, or stays out past her curfew… or gets pregnant." She glanced back down at her daughter; she wouldn't be like that would she?

Jack looked alarmed and somewhat scared. "No! That's never going to happen, I'm sure we'll be fine."

Sam smiled. "Yeah, but it still would be nice if she came with an instruction manual…"

Jack chuckled. "Yeah it would."

Emma Grace stirred, as if the noise was bothering her.

"We should probably leave her alone." Sam muttered, not really wanting to part from her daughter.

Jack nodded. "Okay," he took held onto Sam's shoulders, steered her out of the room, and shut the door behind them.

Sam yawned. "I'm tired, what time is it?"

Jack glanced down at his watch. "Seven o'clock, wanna get to bed early?"

Sam shook her head. "No, I think I'm going to take a shower first…" she yawned again and walked tiredly into the bathroom.

Jack was about to go change into his pajamas when the doorbell rang. Muttering under his breath how whoever was at the door was going to wake the baby; he answered the door to find Alice standing on his porch, holding what looked like a hot casserole in her hands.

"Hello Mr. O'Neill!" Alice said smiling. "How'd everything go? I made this for you guys, thought you might be a little to busy with the baby to cook anything… okay, so my baby sitter helped to, anyways! It should taste fine."

Jack smiled. "Thank you, Alice, that was very thoughtful of you." He said, he looked at the hot dish; he wasn't about to take it with his bare hands. "Just a minute, let me get some potholders." He began to walk away.

"No! It's fine! I can carry it, where do you want it? In the kitchen?" she walked into the house and began to walk towards the kitchen.

Jack stood still for a moment, and then quickly followed. "Thank you, honey."

Alice shoved the potholders into her jacket pockets. "Can I see the baby? I took a shower before coming here, so I'm not dirty or anything. I haven't been sick in three weeks or so, so I won't give her any germs!"

Jack smiled. She was a funny kid. "Okay, but you'll have to be quiet, okay? She's sleeping…"

"She? So, it's a girl?"

Jack nodded and began to lead the way into the baby's room.

"Aww," Alice whispered walking over to the crib. "She's so cute! Like a little dolly or something!"


"I wish my parents would have a baby, so I could be an older sister." She whispered. "Because that would be cool, to be able to baby-sit, ya know?"

"Not really." Jack said.

Alice smiled. "Well, I better be going home," she began to walk out of the room when she stopped herself. "Oh! I forgot, I bought this for her, I thought she'd like it." She handed Jack a small silky bunny rabbit.

Jack smiled. "She'll love it, thank you, Alice."

Alice nodded. "Yeah, well, see you around!" she tightened her jacket and began to walk out of the house.

"Wait!" Jack said grabbing his own jacket. "Let me walk you home."

Alice smiled. "Thank you, Mr. O'Neill. You know, you and your wife aren't normal adults…"


Sam woke to the sounds of a baby crying. Sam quickly jumped out of bed, and quickly ran out of the room. Opening the door to the baby's room, she hurried over to the crib. She reached in and picked up crying baby. "Hey, what's the matter?" she asked, a little worried. She felt her forehead, but it seemed to be fine.

Jack walked tiredly into the room and turned on the light. "I forgot about this…" he muttered walked over to Sam and the baby. "Waking up in the middle of the night… ya know, one really good things babies are good at is depriving you of sleep." He rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Charlie never went to sleep, he'd sleep during the day and be wide awake at night."

"Why is she still crying?" Sam began rocking Emma Grace in her arms. "She won't stop crying!"

Jack managed to hold back a snicker, he looked down at Emma Grace who was screaming and crying. "I think she's hungry."

Sam quickly glanced up at Jack. "Oh god! I haven't fed her all day! She's been sleeping all day, she's probably starving!" she began to panic.

"Sam, it's okay, she'll cry when she's hungry…" Jack said, a little amused with Sam's panicking.

Sam glared at Jack. "You find this funny, don't you?" she asked.

Jack shrugged. "A little I guess…"

Sam smiled slightly and shook her head. "Well, you've had experience, I've never had a baby before."

"And yet, you've had me… as a little kid, can't imagine what you had to go through." Jack said smiling.

"It was a nightmare, but it was worth it in the long run, okay, so, you may have had your moments..." She replied, she began to feed Emma Grace, and the house fell silent.

"So, when's it going to be?"

"When's what going to be?"

Jack smiled. "Well, baby's first time on an alien planet of course!"

The End.


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