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The Cold Room


"You must believe me! I didn't do it…" Sirius looked at his friend; the Werewolf didn't know exactly what to think, but his senses told him that Sirius was still a friend and that Sirius really didn't betray Prongs, Lily and Pronglet to Voldemort. Sirius was te4lling the truth! However, the Ministry of Magic would not take his word, nor Sirius'. They tend to do what they thought was right for their egotistical views of the wizarding world.

"I believe you Padfoot – but how did you escape from the Auror's so quickly?" Remus asked.

"I lent my bike to Hagrid, and then I apparated…I….I know that it was Wormtail – Peter – Pettigrew!" Sirius almost yelled. Remus made him sit down at the table.

"I am so sorry, I shouldn't have suggested that we switch," Sirius muttered.

"It was a good plan, honest, but….no one counted on Pettigrew betraying James and Lily; it wasn't you're fault," Remus soothed.

"Then why do I feel so guilty?"

"It's part of the grieving process,"

Harry awoke Christmas morning to snow falling outside his window of the room Remus had given him. At the foot of his bed were loads of presents, Harry didn't even count them! He was determined to not become his cousin, and so, without knowing the number of how much he had, he dived in!

There were some chocolate from Hermione (she and Ron would be getting their presents in owl post that day) Ron had given him a nifty wizards watch, there was a note attached to it –


It'll be boring without you around for Christmas! But I just want you t know that this is a good thing; you going with Prof. Lupin and everything. I don't know much, but my Dad said something about getting papers for Prof. Lupin from some Muggle he met London.

I know my gift isn't all that good, but I've been saving up for years! And this was the only thing I could afford, I hope you like it! Just have Prof. Lupin charm pictures of you're friends/family to the watches signal hands. You've sent he clock my Mum has? This watch will work the same way!


Harry smiled, he knew exactly who he'd put on this watch! Next there were some presents that did not have tags on them. Harry got some woolen socks, new shoes, a nice jacket and some books. Except these were no ordinary books! These books were Defense books, and they had belonged to his father.

Harry quickly got dressed and he raced down the hall and took the stairs three at a time; once at the bottom he went to the kitchen where Lupin and Black were. Breakfast was all ready and the adults were talking about the presents they had gotten.

"A brand new red muffler! I can't remember the last time I had something new," Lupin was saying.

"The pendant is perfect! It can even protect me against Animagus revealing spells," Black said.

"I'm glad you like it," Harry said.

"The books belonged to you're Dad, he was brilliant at Defense and Transfiguration," Remus Lupin smiled.

"He was also brilliant at flying too – which reminds me!"

Sirius went into the living room, a huge grin on his face.

Dear Padfoot,

I shant ask about Azkaban; I know what the story's say and I can tell that you wouldn't do well in that hell-hole. I am so sorry that this had to happen. But, there wasn't anything we could have done differently. We did what we thought was right and that is all anyone can expect of us.

Dumbledore has Harry living with Muggle relatives of Lily's. I remember meeting Petunia once, she wasn't so bad but I'm not sure about the Vernon bloke. I believe Petunia got married before Lily; their son (Dudley) is only about a month older than Harry.

I am talking to a Wizard/Muggle lawyer – he says that I won't be able to get custody of Harry at all because of the restrictions Dumbledore has placed as Harry's Regent. However, Mr. Nathanael Monroe has drawn up the legal papers. If we ever get a chance we should fill them out as soon as possible, then, Harry wouldn't have to stay with those horrid MUGGLES!

Minerva has told me all about them – I don't want to think about what Harry is going through!

Please, don't do anything stupid, we'll figure this out!

Courtesy of Mr. Moony


Don't worry, I won't do anything that we'll regret! I've all ready done that and I am stuck with these unsocial phantoms because of it! I've figured out a way to keep my sanity, I am all right! Don't worry about me!

We'll put those papers to good use once we have Harry and Dumbledore can't do anything about it. As Godfather, I've the right to do this, thought, I believe that we should wait till Harry is old enough to understand what we want to do.

Sorry this note is so short…there really isn't anything going on here. However, I love you're long letters.

Courtesy of Mr. Padfoot

"Harry, we have a few things we need to talk about, but…open this first," Sirius said, he had a long parcel in his hands. Harry gently took it and ripped off the brown packing. His jaw dropped at the site of the Firebolt in his hands. It was the fasted racing broom around and it would give him quite the advantage over the other seekers.

"You'll be able to rid it for the HufflePuff verses Gryffindor game," Sirius said.

"Oh, wow! You really didn't have too…"

"I'm you're Godfather, and I have missed thirteen years of you're life! Let me do something in order to make it up," Sirius laughed.

"Black – Er – I mean, Sirius…thank you," Harry grinned.

"There is one more thing," Remus reminded them.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Years ago, when you were still a baby and after I had gone to Azkaban, Remus had tried to get custody of you; He thought that you living with those muggles would turn out worst, he didn't want you there. However, the Werewolf laws won't let him have a family…"

"But, I was able to get adoption papers for Sirius," Remus cut in.

"You mean…?"

"Yes, I want to make you a Black, you'll still have Potter! Don't worry about that, but if I formally adopt you, you would technically be my son," Sirius grinned.

"But, you're on the run! How will that work?" Harry asked.

"Legal Guardian laws says that I can have anyone as temporary guardian, and of course, that would be Moony," Sirius explained.

"So, you do want me?" Harry asked, looking down at his feet.

"Yes! You're my Godson! I wanted to take you away from Hagrid, but the man wouldn't think nothing of it…I love you, and so does Moony, and so did you're Mum and Dad…"

"Yes!" as he looked up, those eyes that were so much like Lily's had tears in them. Sirius hugged Harry close and then they both began to cry. Moony smiled and took the papers out of his ragged robes.

"What do we need to do?" Harry asked.

"We just sign our names and put a drop of blood beside the signatures, Padfoot, you have use you're real, full name," Remus gave a mock glare.

"I will!" Sirius laughed.

The papers were old, but they had been precious to Remus J. Lupin; at the bottom there were three lines that they had to sign, one for Harry that made him son, one for Sirius that made him Father, and one for Remus that made him Uncle for real. These papers would make sure that the Ministry could not take Harry away from the Werewolf.

They signed their names, then they pricked their fingers and a drop of blood fell beside their signatures. There was a bright light! And when Harry could see again, he saw that his name was now Harry James Potter-Black.


"Indeed," Remus agreed.

"Why don't we eat and then go try out you're broom, Kiddo?" Sirius asked. That was a great plan to Harry.

Sirius, James, Remus and Peter couldn't help but sneak into the teacher's lounge where the entire faculty was having a heated debate. Basically, the debate was about the Cornish pixies that had been let lose on the school that afternoon at luncheon.

"I can not believe those…idiots!" Sinistra said.

"Indeed! Cornish pixies!" McGonagall sighed heavily.

"At least the pixies didn't hurt anyone," Slughorn put in.

"Must have been charmed not too, it isn't in their nature to not be less than violent," McGonagall said

"Now, now, I am sure that whoever it was just wanted to have some fun," Dumbledore put in.

"Malfoy's hair is practically ripped out and you say it was all a bit of fun? How can that be fun?" Slughorn scowled.

"I am sure that particular incident was not in the plan, as far as the Marauder's are concerned,"

"Those blasted Marauder's won't see the light of day when I get through with them!" Slughorn traipsed out of the room.

As for themselves, the Marauder's left the lounge; they had heard all that they needed and they knew that now they were in a bit of trouble, this incident must not be talked about between them in anyone's (but each others) company.

Harry had fun writing a letter to his friends, telling them what had happened and how he had gotten a father of his own; Sirius was truly the best man for the job, he was fun and loving and protective! Remus was the perfect Uncle! He and Harry had gone over some things that the young boy did not understand and both Remus and Sirius took it as their own responsibility to teach Harry everything about being a Marauder.

In short, Harry was happy to have a family that did not hate him, but who loved him for what he was and how he was; who would love him no matter what he did!

And that was all Harry had ever wanted.


A/N – All right, there it is! The last and final part to this story! I guess this is what you would call a Sirius-and-Remus-adopt-Harry fic. I'm adopted myself and I think that is why this story was and is so special to me! It is wonderful to have a family that takes you for what you are and loves you no matter what! I hope that I have gotten then through in this last chapter.

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