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"HEY GUYS!" yelled Boss."Guess what? We just got invited to 'Dance Dance Revoloution Dance of the Year'!"

"WHAT!" cried the hams.

Boss smiled. "Heh, I knew you guys would be excited!"

"Um, sorry Boss Man! But I don't believe you!" said Stan." I mean, you couldn't possibly mean THE 'Dance Dance Revouloution Dance of the Year', where you get to dance on a dance floor in on Live T.V, and get to enter dance contests, and win awards, right? You are probaly just joking!"

"No Stan! I'm NOT! Here's the invitation to prove it!" said Boss, pulling out the invitation. Heres what i said:

Dear, Hams,

This is the manager of the 'Dance Dance Revolution Dance of the Year', and since we got many letters from your dear friends, Sandy and Stan, and we heard that they got many awards for dancing, we decided to invite them, and the rest of you hams to the big dance on Saturday! I really hope you guys can make it!

sign, the owner of 'Dance Dance Revolution' for Hamsters! ( I like to keep my name a secret)

P.S thank Sandy and Stan for the invite I sent you guys!

P.S.S In case you guys are wondering how I know, its the letters Sandy and Stan sent me, they told me all about you guys!

P.S.S.S Tell Sparkle to Call Me!

After the Hams were done reading the invitation, they all started talking at once.

"Oh my gosh! I can't wait till Saturday!"

"Sandy and Stan, I love you guys!"

"Why does the owner of 'Dance Dance Revolution' wants to keep his name a secret?"

"Who cares! We're on the show!"

" I am so excited!"

" I wonder if the owner of the game is cute, because I'm not calling a guy whos not cute!"

"No one cares Sparkle! We are on the show! HURRAY!"

" What should I wear? What should I wear?"

" I hope I don't mess up dancing on Television!"

"Hey, hey, HEY!" yelled Boss. Everyone stopped talking and turned over to Boss. Boss smiled. "Thats better! Now, as I was saying, I think we should have a 'Thank You" party for Sandy and Stan, I mean they were the ones who got the invitation to us!"

"Well, actully, thats not such a bad idea!" said Maxwell." How about it everybody?"

"Yeah!" agreed the Hams.

"Great!" said Boss. "Then lets get this party started!"


" So, girls, who are you going to the dance with?" asked Sandy.

"Well, thats easy!" said Sparkle." Anybody I want thats cute!"

All the girls sweatdropped. "No, really!" said Pashmina. " I never would of guessed."

All the girls laughed, except Sparkle who just gave Pashmina a glare. "Oh, you think thats funny, huh pinky? Well, who are you gonna ask to the dance then, huh?"

Pashmina stopped laughing and blushed." Umm... Dexter." she muttered.

Sparkle threw back her head and laughed. "That loser? You have got to be kidding me! You know, I thought you were lame before but now, your like the lamest of them all!HA!"

Pashmina hung her head, her eyes looking watery.

Penelope glared at Sparkle."Ookwee!" she yelled.

Sandy nodded. "Penelopes right! Sparkle, that was very mean!"

"Yeah!" yelled the rest of the girls, glareing at Sparkle.

"Hey! At least I was telling the truth! She is lame! That little goodie goodie!" snapped Sparkle.

Now Pashmina was crying her eyes out, and she ran straight to the bathroom to cry.

The girls gave Sparkle another glare. "What?" she asked.


"Hey, guys? Whats Pasmina babe crying about?" asked Stan.

"I don't know! But I'm gonna go check!" said Dexter, running over to the bathroom.


When Dexter got to the bathroom, he knocked on the door. "Pashmina? Can I come in?"

Dexter could hear Pashmina sniffing." S-sure." she answered." Come on in."

Dexter walked in the bathroom, closing the door behind him. "So, Pashmina, what are you crying about?"

" Oh isn't it obvious?" cried out Pashmina." I'm a total loser!"

"What! Thats not true!" sadi Dexter. "What ever gave you that idea?"

Pashmina sniffed and said, "Sparkle.", then explained the whole story to Dexter.

After she was done telling the story, Dexter gasped. "Why, I can't believe her! The nerve of that snob! Don't listen to her Pashmina, shes just a no good snob!"

"Yeah," said Pashmina." And she also called you a loser!"

Now Dexter got angry! "What! How dare she said that! Why I outta- wait, she called me a loser? But why? What did I do?"

After Dexter asked that question, Pashmina blushed and said, " I said I was gonna ask you to the dance, and then she called you that."

"W-what!" exclaimed Dexter." You were gonna ask me to the dance?"

Pashmina blushed and nodded.

Now, it was Dexters turn to blush! "I..don't know what to say! Except...of corse I'll go with you to the dance you fool!"

Pashmina grinned. "R-really? Oh, thanks Dexter!" she said, giving Dexter a great, big, hug.

Dexter blushed." Well, shall we go back to the party?" he said, holding out his hand to Pashmina.

Pashmina smiled, took Dexters hand, and said, " Of course."

And the two walked back to the party together, hand in hand.


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